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Systematic process of miseries of life ……

"G u r u m u k h p a d m a v a k y a"

Systematic process of miseries of life ………………………Nectarean Mellows

Lord Kapiladeva is explaining in great detail, the systematic process of the miseries of every stage of life, this is Sankhya philosophy, from the time of conception to the time of death and in between birth and death. He describes that too, when the Yamadhutas grab you and start dragging you through these deserts like areas and dogs are eating your flesh and vultures are biting you and you are screaming in pain and saying get me to the destination. We think it is miserable; when we riding on Indian trains third class very crowded compartment, we are thinking when will I get there, it is so hot and people are crushing against me and it doesn’t smell nice; everything else is miserable it is hellish when will I reach the destination, if you are a materialistic person and after you die; first you are taken on your journey, it is really a hellish destination, being dragged, being bitten, being blasphemed by Yamadutas, they have fiery eyes, they are beating you, they are blaspheming you, they have vultures and dogs bitting you, they are dragging you, there is no food, there is no water, you just say - get me to my destination. And then you get to your destination and you wish you could go back to the travelling. Destination is where Yamaraj sentences you and then you are taken to a particular hellish planet according to your sins. Sometimes you are forced to drink burning hot red like substance, molten; you know what is like? when you are drinking some herbal tea & its too hot, it burns your mouth, Hare Krsna. Well this is a different situation - red hot molten liquids, thick liquids pour down your throat, it is burning your whole body and it just goes on for millions of years, Hare Krsna.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

guru-mukha-padma- väkya, cittete koriyä aikya, är nä koriho mane äsä

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