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Nirjala Ekadasi!!!

Eternal words by Srila Prabhupada on this occasion:

1969.05.23 SB – New Vrndavana

so, paravare brahmani dharmato vrataih. so one should execute krsna consciousness, dharmatah, in right path, and vrataih. bhajante mam drdha-vratah. just like today, ekadasi-vrata. vrataih. this ekadasi-vrata is required. just see. here it is that “you have performed all the vratas.” the purpose of ekadasi-vrata is that today we should not eat much usual food, grains. the actual prescription is fasting. nirjala-ekadasi. nirjala means there are many devotees who do not take even water. water, drinking water, according to sastra, it is taking food… it is drinking of food or no food. we can take both ways. so sometimes drinking of water is excused as upavasa also. but there are many devotees who don’t drink even a drop of water. whole day and night they fast and observe ekadasi-vrata. and the night is called harivasara. harivasara means the whole night they would chant hare krsna, hare krsna, krsna krsna, hare hare. hare rama, hare rama… this is called vrata. drdha-vrata. drdha-vrata. drdha means very firm, steady.

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