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Mercy comes in proportion to our service attitude…

When we chant the names of the Lord, we are invoking the divine presence of the Lord. In fact, Kåñëa says in Gétä…… ye yathä mäà prapadyante täàs tathaiva bhajämy aham….. “that according to how you approach me, that is how I reveal Myself to you.” So not only do we try to chant the names of the Lord, but we try to chant in a service attitude that will please the Lord. That service attitude attracts Kåñëa to actually reveal himself through His holy names. Rüpa Gosvämé describes what happens when we taste even a drop of the nectar of the sweetness of the holy name. He states, “when the holy name of Kåñëa dances upon my tongue, I desire many, many, many tongues; and when that name enters into my ears, it is so sweet, it is so beautiful that I desire millions and millions and millions, unlimited ears; and when that name enters into my heart, my conscious is conquered by the beauty and sweetness of Kåñëa.” We are not speaking about the aspect of God in his wrath and his punishment upon sinners. We are speaking about the essential glory of the Lord in the spiritual world, who is all-attractive. When He enters our hearts, He is Hari, He steals our love…. steals our love by His unlimited beauty, sweetness, and His own love. That is the ultimate experience, but there is only one way to achieve that love and that is by the mercy of the Lord which comes in proportion to our service attitude, our desire to give to God and to give to others without selfishness, without egotism.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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