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Japa begins at night***

Below is the summary of Sudama Pr’s session:

Japa begins at night – The Intro

Ø Spiritual advancement depends on hearing & chanting

o 99% of our spiritual advancement depends on hearing & chanting & 1% depends on service. But for this 1% seva to be perfect in its execution we have to give our best in the 99% composition pertaining to hearing & chanting.

Ø Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakura: 3 most important things for a Vaisnava: Naam-ruchi, Jiva daya, Vaisnava seva.

o Most important: Naam-ruchi

§ Ex. Srila Prabhupada; Unflinching faith in the Holy Name & the instructions of his spiritual master.

Ø Naam-ruchi won’t come on its own. We have to pay a price. What is the price? Begging!

o We have to beg for it, plead for it, yearn for it, should be willing to do whatever is required for getting Naam-ruchi.

o We have to be determined to get it.

o Determination distinguishes us from animals.

o We should be Beggars of the Holy Name.

Now, all this mentioned above requires thorough Preparation.

Ex. Yasodamayi endeavoring to bind Krsna. Always remembers 2 fingers required for success/victory. 1) Our endeavor. 2) Krsna’s mercy

Why is preparation required? Benefits of Preparation

Ø Creates favorable atmosphere to facilitate effective chanting

o Where/ With whom should we chant?

§ Temple Hall, in front of Tulsi Maharani, amongst the association of spiritually advanced devotees.

§ Choose a place where you feel at home with the Holy Name.

§ Advisable not to chant at your work place.

Ø For all other activities we do immense preparation but we forget to prepare for these 2 most important activities: A) Hearing & Chanting B) Death.

o This is the root cause of all our problems in our spiritual life.

o Life is a preparation, Death is the final exam.

o Remember Krsna or you will have to become a re-member of this material world J

Ø What will attract Krsna’s mercy?

o We have to fly our own plane. No one will fly our plane.

o Our sincerity & loyalty will attract Krsna’s mercy

Ø Examples on why preparation is required

o Raj bhoga offering is a 20mins activity but it requires 12 hours of preparation

o Yatra committee prepares 6-8 months in advance for the annual Yatra

o Students start preparing for exams months before the exam (they are supposed to J!)

o Festival dressing design/ concept decoration, etc of Dieties is done ~6months in advance

o To get a gold medal the person has to prepare for years

o Lord Krsna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita (6.35) abhyasena tu kaunteya. Intense preparation

Ø Japa doesn’t begin the day we sit for Japa

o Ex. From Hitopanishad: What is the use of digging a well when the house is set on fire?

Ø The benefits of preparation/ How does Krsna helps at the time of death?

o Krsna says in the BG “one who remember Me at the time of death, comes back to Me without fail”.

o Remembrance of Krsna is awarded according to one’s preparation.

o Krsna helps us in 2 ways at the time of death:

§ Forceful Hearing.

· Ex. Bhisma Pitamah. The Lord came personally for this great devotee of His.

§ Through His devotees.

· Ex. Stoka Krsna Pr. For those of you who witnessed this marvelous event of Stoka Krsna pr’s passing away, are aware how the entire congregation of over 2k devotees were there for his help.

Ø We have to be sensitive in our relationship with the Holy Name. In other words, we have to make sensitive arrangements for chanting the Holy Names.

Ø Success in spiritual life depends upon our constant organizing (preparation) in tune with chanting Hare Krsna.

Ø No 1 priority

o Srila BhaktiVinod Thakur says, our No 1 priority should be chanting HKMM.

o Doesn’t matter whichever ashram you are

§ Grahe thako vane thako sada hari bole thako

Ø Never give up these 2 things: Chanting Hare Krsna & association of devotees.

Ø We complain “we don’t have time”

o There are many activities which take our time away from chanting.

o But, ultimately we are responsible for this lack of time/ mis-management of time.

o Self created burden

§ Many activities have no utility but we do it simple for our gratification.

§ Ex. Dog barking. No one tells the dog to bark. But he barks on his own. Else no will call him dog.

o The more you give time to material world, the more they will appreciate you; the more you give time to devotional service, the more Krsna will appreciate you. Make your choice.

Ø Our problem:

o Hare Krsna is in the back ground & all other stuff is in the fore ground (Remember the god dog & bad dog example)

Ø By Chanting sincerely, attentively, feelingly, willingly; Hare Krsna comes in the foreground & all junk goes in the back ground.

Ø Consistency

o We say the process doesn’t work. No! That’s wrong. The process is perfect. The problem is we are not consistent.

o Ex. Drop of water falling on rock. The rock melts.

o Ex. Servant serving for 20-30 years is no longer a servant. He is a family member.

Ø Taste will come. But, we have to be committed.

Ø Most important responsibility: Hear attentively all 16 words.

Ø Change your attitude towards Holy Name. Look at chanting as your lifetime career & you will reap the fruits accordingly.

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