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108 Quotes from H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaja

108 Quotes from H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaja

Always remember Krsna, Never forget Krsna.

Time I am, the destroyer of the world, and I have come here to destroy all people.

A devotee means a devotee of substance.

Humility means that one should not be anxious to have the satisfaction of being honoured by others.

Struggle is the name of the game as long as we are in the material world.

Science heals in retail & kills in wholesale.

Determination means to serve Krsna inspite of bodily inconveniences.

It is not the light that is needed in this world but the warmth because we will die out of cold but not our of darkness.

Success in spiritual life lies not in being the Best, but doing the Best.

Mercy means "to get what we do not deserve".

Real intelligence does not mean the ability to explain material phenomenon better but the ability to distinguish between truth and illusion.

You are where your mind is.

Krsna Consciousness is not achieved but awarded.

Every decision must be made in harmony with what is actually the purpose of life.

Real Independence is to declare our dependence on Krsna.

Advancement in Krsna Consciousness depends on attitude of the follower.

Shelter comes when the Lord is pleased with our intention & spirit of service.

Simply change of situation or service can give us temporary satisfaction but not shelter.

We are not here for happy material life, we are here for selfless service and shelter.

In beginning we are egoistically dead, we are spiritually advanced.

Every word we speak or everything we do is an offering to Krsna or our Ego.

Real knowledge is not theoretical.

Difficulties deepen our realization & purifies our heart so that we better serve Srila Prabhupada.

The worst attraction is that which gives pleasure.

Nothing in Krsna Consciousness is done as a ritual but with the mood to increase desire to serve the Lord.
It is mentality of service that brings about spiritual realization.

An act done with out a desire to serve brings very little purification because the Lord will not reciprocate.

We should not be anxious to hear about Krsna for our entertainment or sense gratification, but for our PURIFICATION.

Ramanand Ray said the Caitanya Mahaprabhu,"To be with out association of devotees is the only misery I know."

Beauty means covering the thins within - stool, urine, mucus etc. That is material sense gratification.

A person who finds faults in others is a person full of faults.

People's criticizing others is an exhibition of their envy to GOD.

Everything that we see in this material world is just reflecting our own consciousness.

To love means to serve.

If you are not being attacked by materialist, you must be doing something wrong.

If we see someone better than us in what we are recognized for as best at, we become envious of that person.

COOPERATION means to be willing to sacrifice for the sake of others.

The best people you can have friends as are those who are detached.

Mood of Vaikuntha is that we want to se everyone excel more than us.

To make spiritual advancement we have to be very attentive in our dealings with our mind.

Spiritual advancement without mind control is simply an illusion.

Mind is ones biggest enemy when uncontrolled, but majority people put full faith on their enemy.

By forgiveness we can have harmony with each other.

A vaishnava forgives the offender before the offense is over.

You are accountable and responsible for every word, action & movement whether you are devotee or non-devotee.

Harsh words once spoken, even if you beg forgiveness, still have the effect.

Anger is like fire, it will burn all good qualities if not subsided in the initial stage.

If someone says something nice to us we may forget but never something cruel.

Our activities should not be performed out of greed but service to others to make then Krsna Conscious.

When you have a lot of material opulence, you think you deserve anything you want.

Tapasya means to act according to the responsible occupation we may have in life but never to perform any activity unfavorable for spiritual advancement.

Material nature will record every detail. Every adjective, verb, noun, what our intention is - all is being recorded & will produce a reaction.

Not a moment in human life passes that you are not accounted for.

Whatever Krsna does with us is to increase our quality of love for Him.

Krsna reveals himself according to our devotion.

We should not be eager to change our situation but our consciousness.

Surrender means to do anything at anytime without desire or expectation.

Maya arranges the material world in a way to keep us away from Krsna.

Real wealth that Krsna gives us it the fortune to be allowed to be enjoyed by Him, to serve Him, to be with His devotees.

Bhakti means to be free from enjoying spirit.

In Krsna Consciousness nothing is ordinary. Everything and everyone is supernaturally surcharged with spiritual energy of the Lord.

In our conditioned nature we do not understand value of something until we lose it.

It may be difficult to be strict in Krsna Consciousness, but its easier to practice Krsna Consciousness of strict. It is easy to be lazy but Krsna Consciousness will be difficult.

The more we feed the laziness of our mind, the more it becomes strong.

To the degree we don’t want to hear and chant to that degree we NEED them desperately.

Our advancement is not because of our endeavor but Krsna's mercy, which is withdrawn when He sees Pride within us.

Faith comes by hearing Krsna Katha in the association of sincere devotees regularly.

Association can make us convince anything.

Senses should be saturated with Krsna.

Sense gratification means we are using the instrument (human body) meant for Liberation and using it for our Bondage.

A person in transcendental consciousness sees positive opportunity in every situation of life.

We cannot control environment around us, but we can control our perception completely.

I we are looking for God or an opportunity to learn and enrich our lives in every situation, we will find that, but if we are looking for how am I enjoying or suffering, we are subject to endless frustration.

For a devotee death opens door for liberation but for a non-devotee death is end of everything.

Test of advancement : Eagerness to hear Krsna Katha increases & mundane talk decreases.

At every moment of life, according to our association, we are being conditioned, habituated, put in a state of mental bondage.

Srila Prabhupad - "Its very important to preach in colleges because although they have lot of conditioning but hey have not set their mind in a particular direction as yet, they are open and inquisitive. But once they get a profession they get accustomed to particular way of living, behaving etc."

What other organizations are impressed by is the dedication of Srila Prabhupada's disciples - willing to go anywhere, do anything, any time to make spiritual advancement, to preach Krsna Katha and to please devotees.

A devotee's life should be so exemplary that it increases the faith upon other devotees.

Wherever there is power, there is very great responsibility to utilize it properly.

If a leader engages in sinful activity that becomes the standard, if he is strict that becomes the standard.

When you take responsibility over others you have to be actually SELFLESS.

When we are honoured for a thing, we become attached to that thing.

In this world, all pleasures are sources of pain.

Srila Prabhupada - "To the degree you accept responsibility you become Krsna Conscious.

Responsibility means to perform our service properly, with proper attitude, behavior and words.

The greater is our sphere of influence, the greater the responsibility.

The more big you are the more Maya will utilize you.

If you do some wonderful service & if you tell people what you did in a boastful way, it nullifies the credit of your service, may bot be in the eternal platform, but in your conscious condition you will not be able to reap the benefits of that service.

As you treat a devotee you treat Krsna & accordingly you get results.

To purify the heart is the one and only purpose that God has created this human life.

Krsna will take our devotional service seriously when he sees we have gratitude to the great souls who have given their lives to help us.

Our spiritual progress is depending on - 1) our service attitude, 2) our sincere chanting.

To the proportion we realize that this material world is dangerous and a miserable place and I mist have Krsna's shelter now, I cannot wait, to that extent sound vibration of Krsna will awaken realization, detachment and Bhakti.
Krsna has chosen by His sweet will to give more purification to sight, words and service to His devotees than anywhere else in the whole creation.

Two most dangerous obstacles in Bhakti - 1) offenses against vaishnavas & 2) negligence at following regulative principles.

In Kali yuga, duration of life is shortened not so much because insufficient food but because of irregular habits.

In Kali yuga, whole atmosphere is surcharged with faithlessness. (Material sense gratification is standard of civilization)

Kali yuga is so much saturated with vicious habits that there is a great fight at the slightest of misunderstanding.
Devotees should be HELPING AND FORGIVING.

Genuine spiritual movement should forgive and encourage.

Familiarity leads to lack of Gratitude.

Devotee is ready to take risk of accepting responsibility based on faith on Krsna.

Simply performing devotional activities will not impart devotion to others but our consciousness should be absorbed.

Difficulties coming from Karma will give us samskaras which will further impel us to perform sinful acts, but difficulties coming from Krsna will purify us.

Compassion without detachment is attachment to the bodily platform.

Loving service is the means to show our gratitude.

Service attitude + enthusiastic listening = Improved spiritual condition.

Always remember Krsna, Never forget Krsna.
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Anonymous said...

inspired by ur teachings!!
i will follow it everytime in my life.. thank u.

Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna!!
inspired by ur preachings.
i will follow it to every moment in my life..

Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna!!
inspired by ur preachings.
i will follow it to every moment in my life..

Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna!!
inspired by ur preachings.
i will follow it to every moment in my life..

Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna!!
inspired by ur preachings.
i will follow it to every moment in my life..

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