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Srila Hari Das Thakur - Disappearance

SRI HARIDASA THAKURA Sri Haridas Thakur appeared in this world in the village of Buron, in the
present district of Sat-kira, which was previously a sub-division of Khulna,
Bangladesh. By this great fortune that land has been blessed, in that the
chanting of the Holy Names of Hari-Nam Sankirtan, became revealed there.
After remaining there for some time, he came to the banks of Ganga at Fulia,
near Santipur. Advaita Acarya was overjoyed to get his association and
roared very loudly. The two of them thus began to float in the waves of the
mellows of pastimes of Sri Krsna - Govinda. [C. B. Adi 16.18]

Sri Haridas Thakur is an eternally liberated associate of the Lord. The
associates of the Lord are worshipable wherever they make their appearance.
Just as Garuda appeared as a bird, and Hanuman as a monkey, Haridas Thakur
appeared in a family of Yavanas (Mohammedans). From his very birth he was
very deeply devoted to the Holy Names of Sri Krsna. When he came to live by the banks of the Ganges, Advaita Acarya was very
happy to get his association. The brahmana residents of Fulia were very
pleased to see how he worshipped the Holy Name, and they used to come
everyday to have his darshan. Gradually word began to spread of his glories.
When the Mohammedan administrator came to know of all this he began to burn
with malice and went to the local Mohammedan king to inform him, "Though he
is Mohammedan, he behaves as a Hindu, are therefore he should be brought
here for trial." Hearing the words of that sinful man, the local king who
was also very sinful, had Hari das Thakur brought there immediately. [C. B.
Adi 16.37].

The Mohammedan King told Haridas, "Just give up this chanting and say the
Kalma (prayer of the Mohammedans)."

Haridasa Thakura replied, "The Supreme Lord is one, though His names might
be different. The Hindu shastras are the Puranas and the Muslim sastra is
the Koran. Everyone acts as he is inspired by the Lord, as also do I. Some
yavanas become Hindus and some Hindus become yavanas, to worship the Lord. O
Maharaja, you can now judge me."

Hearing these words the Kazi replied that it would be necessary to punish
him. Hearing the decree of the Kazi, the Muluk pati addressed Haridasa, "My
brother, just follow your own religion. Then you will have nothing to worry
about. Otherwise you will have to be punished."

In reply to this Haridasa Thakura exclaimed, "Even if you cut my body into
pieces, I will never give up the chanting of Hari nama." [C. B. Adi 6.94]

After hearing these words of Haridasa spoken with great determination, the
Kazi declared, "He should be beaten in twenty two market places. If he
doesn't die after this, then I will know that the learned gentleman speaks
the truth."

Thus having heard the words of the Kazi, the sinful Muluk pati then ordered
that Haridasa Thakura be beaten in twenty two market places. Haridasa
remembered the Lord by chanting "Krsna Krsna",
and in the happiness of that remembrance, he didn't feel any bodily
inconvenience. [C. B. Adi 16.102].

As the demoniac associates of Hiranyakasipu tried in so many ways to kill
Sri Prahlada Maharaja, but were unsuccessful, similarly the demoniac
Mohammedans, though they tried to harm Haridasa
Thakura, were unable to do so. Haridasa Thakur was immersed in the nectar of
the Name and thus gradually the Mohammedans could understand that he wasn't
an ordinary person.

Thus they humbly submitted to the Thakura, "Haridasa! We can understand that
you are a genuine saintly person. No one can do anything to you. But the
Mulukpati won't understand any of this. Rather he will have our heads."
Hearing their frightened please Haridasa's external consciousness ceased and
he entered into deep meditation on the Lord's Holy Name.

Then the Mohammedans carried his body on their shoulders to the Mulukpati,
who surmised that he was dead. Thinking as such he ordered that his body be
thrown in the Ganga. Haridasa's body floated down the Ganga until he reached
Fulia ghat, where he got out of the water and began to loudly chant Hari
Nama. Seeing the greatness of Haridasa Thakura, the Mulukpati became
fearful. Along with the other Mohammedans he came there and begged Haridas
Thakur to forgive him for his offence.

Considering him to be a holy man, they all offered their salutations and
thus were delivered from their offences. Having witnessed the pastimes of
the Thakura the devotees were in ecstasy.

Haridasa Thakur used to chant Hari Nama in a hollowed out cave like hole at
the base of a tree. This "cave" still exists near Fulia, on the banks of the
Ganga. One can get there by train from Santipura. Within the roots of this
tree also lived a poisonous snake. Being fearful of this snake the devotees
couldn't remain there for very long and one day they mentioned to the
Thakura about this snake which was worrying them. Seeing the distress of the
devotees Haridasa Thakur called to that snake and spoke to him, "My dear
sir, if in fact you are residing here, then I am requesting that you please
leave by tomorrow, otherwise I myself will definitely leave here."

Hearing these words of the Thakura, that snake immediately came out of its
hole and after offering namaskar to the Thakura, it went elsewhere. Seeing
this pastime, the devotees were struck with wonder and they developed
profound and deep devotion for Haridasa Thakura.

One time Haridasa Thakura came to a village within Jessore district named
Harinodegram, which was predominantly inhabited by brahmanas. One day during
a religious discussion one puffed brahmana approached Haridasa Thakura and
remarked, "O Haridasa! Why do you chant the holy name loudly? In the
scriptures it is recommended to chant within the mind." In reply Haridasa
Thakura told him, "The birds, beasts and insects cannot chant themselves,
but if they get to hear Hari Nama then they also become delivered. If one
chants only to himself then he delivers only himself, but if one chants
loudly, the benefit is a hundred times greater. This is the conclusion of
the scriptures." [C. B. Adi 16.180]

Hearing this objective statement of Haridasa Thakura that sinful brahmana
couldn't tolerate it and exclaimed, "In Kali yuga sudras will recite the
shastras, now I am seeing this with my own eyes." In answer to this personal
insult delivered by that miscreant brahmana, Haridasa Thakura simply
silently walked out of that assembly. Within a few days that brahmana
contracted ulcerous leprosy. The result of Vaishnava aparadha became
immediately manifest. In Kali yuga, Raksasas take birth in brahmana families
in order to give trouble to the honest, virtuous people. [C.B. Adi 16.300]

Another time, Haridasa desired to have darshan of the Vaishnavas of
Navadwipa. Everyone there became overwhelmed with ecstasy, to see Haridasa.
Adwaita Acarya loved Haridasa as much as His own life and he would offer the
first prasadam to Haridasa Thakura (which is to be offered only to high
class brahmanas) after performing Pitr-sraddha (worship of his forefathers).

Haridasa Thakura lived for some time at Benapol, which was within Jessore
district. Every day and night he would chant three hundred thousand Holy
Names. At the time, when Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu displayed His divine
opulences by manifesting Himself as the Supreme Personality of Godhead in
the courtyard at Srivasa Pandita's house, He was calling his dear devotees:
"Haridasa! when those Mohammedans were beating you I was ready to destroy
them with My Sudarsana Cakra, but as you were praying for their welfare I
was unable to do anything." [C. B. Madhya 10.42]

Therefore I accepted their blows on My own body. Just see, the scars are
still here on My body." Seeing those marks Haridasa fainted in ecstatic
love. Regaining his consciousness he began to praise the Lord of his life,
"O Lord Viswambhara, master of the universe, please have mercy on this
sinner, who has fallen at Your feet. I have no good qualities and am a vile
wretch, rejected by all classes of men. How can I describe Your divine
character?" [C. B. Mad 20.58]

Thakura Haridasa was present during most of the Lord's pastimes in Nadia,
and when the Lord went to Jagannatha Puri, Haridasa also went and took up
residence there. Everyday, after attending Lord Jagannath's mangal arati,
Lord Caitanya would come to see Haridasa Thakura and would bring him some of
Lord Jagannath's prasadam. When Sri Sanatana Goswami and Sri Rupa Goswami
would come from Vrindavana to Puri they used to stay with Haridasa Thakura.
Haridasa, in order to maintain the etiquette, would not go near Lord
Jagannatha's temple but would offer his obeisances to the Cakra on top of
the temple, from a distance.
As he was considered to be a Mohammedan by birth, his presence in the temple
would be objectionable to those who were caste conscious.

Mahamaya devi took initiation in the maha-mantra from Haridasa Thakura and
Caitanya Mahaprabhu appointed him as the acarya of the Holy Name. His
departure from this world, in the presence of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, is fully
described by Sri Krsna dasa Kaviraja Gosvami in the Antya-lila of Sri
Caitanya Caritamrta.

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