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Remembering Srila Prabhupada - Prabhupada's compassion

Srila Prabhupada NectarPrabhupada's compassion

One night in Prabhupada's apartment I awoke from a sound sleep about 1:30
to the ring of Prabhupada's bell. Entering his room, which was dark except
a reading light on a small podium, Srila Prabhupada was sitting reading from
large red Bhagavatam. He motioned for me to sit down. His voice cracking and
tears forming in his eyes, he began talking to me about the glories of
Maharaj and the true meaning of being a Vaishnava. He talked about how
Prahlad's only desire was for others to be rescued from this world of birth
death. He described the compassion of the Vaishnava for the fallen souls
seeing how hard he worked to spread Krishna Consciousness, I could feel his
heart overflowing with this intense form of Vaishnava love.

As Prabhupada spoke, I could only think: why me? I did not deserve such
intimacy. If only the world could know Prabhupada's glory, a Mahabhagavata
Devotee, a nitya-siddha, eternally liberated soul, whose thoughts day and
focused on how to free the conditioned souls from their bondage. Para duhka
duhki, Prabhupada uttered softly while contemplating the incomparable
of a true Vaishnava, which he exemplified perfectly. If there is another
living with these attributes, I have not met him.

Prabhupada's mood gradually changed and soon he was describing his youthful
acting in transcendental dramas, and we were laughing as he graphically
recreated characters for me. After some time, Prabhupada indicated that I
should return to take rest. I was walking in a cloud surcharged by the pure
devotional energy emanating from the mouth of the Lord's dearmost
representative. As I lay down to sleep, I thought that no possible dream
surpass the reality I had just experienced.

- From the "Journey to the Pacific Rim" by HG Bali Mardan dasa

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