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The name of God is powerful like the River Ganges

japa quotes from HH Radhanath Swami:


When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we have to do is immediately start chanting His holy names... very essential.


“My dear Lord, O Krishna, all-attractive supreme object of everyone’s love;

O Rama, the reservoir of all pleasure and happiness;

O Srimati Radharani, the divine pleasure potency and the bestower of devotion-



We should be very determined to take shelter of the holy name – not just to ritualistically casually chant but to take shelter - because Krishna is in His name.


With every syllable of every name we should be aspiring with great efforts to purify our mind by concentrating it on that sound vibration. The name of God is powerful like the River Ganges - it bathes the heart of all sinful inclinations, of all unhealthy attachments.

Krishna is a person and His name is a person…so when we are chanting ..we are directly dealing with a person, not just a vibration… so we should chant with great respect, great attention… to please that person…If we are conscious of this reality, this truth, then how wonderful will our chanting be, how sincere, and how devotional it will be.

….when we’re actually chanting in a pure state of consciousness, then we are directly in the presence, in a mood of reciprocation, with Radha and Krishna and Their whole entourage of all acaryas and everyone else.


By chanting we are cleaning the environment of the mind.


We have to come and sit and really put our attention on Krishna’s name, and let that name purify our hearts.

Nothing else around should in any way disturb us. We should actually chant our japa in such a way that we have nothing else to do during that time - otherwise you cannot chant attentively.

And Krishna reveals Himself according to how you approach Him. If you are doing so many other things while you are chanting your japa, then Krishna’s name will be doing so many other things besides revealing Himself to you…

You should just sit and chant. We should really make a time of day where that is the only priority. That is very important.

“Take this maha-mantra as our life and soul, to chant with great attention and feeling,

with faith that this maha-mantra is the medicine that will cure all the disease of ignorance from within the hearts;

that this HARE KRISHNA MAHA-MANTRA is the vehicle that will transport our consciousness to the eternal spiritual realm of Vrindavan.”

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