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Srimati Radharani- The Embodiment Of Pure Devotional Service

Om Namo bhagavate VasudevayaOm Namo bhagavate VasudevayaOm Namo bhagavate Vasudevaya
Today at Sri Radha Gopinath temple, we are celebrating the appearance day of Smt. Radha Rani. On the eight day of the bright moon on the month of Bhadra, The supreme personality of Godhead, eternal pleasure potency appears within this world to bestow the highest benediction upon all living beings. The subject matter of Radhastami is of the highest esteem of all the spiritual topics. There are two types of pure devotees of the Lord, The Nitya Siddha and the Sadhana Siddha. Nitya Sidda’s are those divine personalities, who are ever perfect in their original spiritual consciousness. When the supreme personality of Godhead descends into this world, such persons descend from the spiritual world with him. Like the Lord they are never conditioned by the three modes of material nature. They participate according the Lords own sweet will in his transcendental past times. The Sadhana Siddha’s are those souls who are by constitutional nature eternal parts and parcels of Krishna and prema bhakthi is dormant within their hearts. But since time immemorial I forgot the real purpose under the illusionary energy striving by so many means to try to find satisfaction to avoid suffering. However this material world is ‘Duhkhalayam’, Asashwatam. It is temporary, everything dies, and it’s not a happy place. So the spirit soul can find no real satisfaction here. But by the mercy of Lord, He descends into this world; He speaks transcendental knowledge, performs his beautiful past times and empowers his beloved representatives with His mercy.‘brahmanda bhramite kon bhagyavan jiva, guru-krishna prasade pay bhaktilata beej…After wondering through the Universal creation for countless births when one becomes most fortunate, one meets a pure Vaishnava. By the mercy of Vaishnav the seed of Bhakthi awakens within our hearts. The spiritual master teaches us how to water that seed and make it grow and develop into its perfection. Sri Rupa Goswamy explains the progressive evolution of devotion within the hearts of the Sadhaka.“adau sraddha tatha sadhu sanga’tha bhajana kriya”At the beginning there is a little faith within our heart. That faith may comes from Agnata Sukruti, from some knowing or unknowing devotional service we have done in the Past or may come from previous acts of sacrifice in service of Krishna in previous lives. Some little faith is with in us and that faith will attract the attention of the Paramathma, who is within our heart. Krishna will reciprocate even with that speck of faith. That is His mercy. Krishna tells in Gita, that he has seated in everyone’s heart and He is directing everyone’s wonderings. So He directs us into Sadhu Sanga, the association of devotees. In that association we understand what is our real progress. Questions are answered, the most essential questions, who am I? Where am I coming from? Why am I suffering? Who is God? What is my relationship with God and how to develop that relationship? Then according to Krishna’s wish we accept the spiritual master and the Spiritual Master and his representatives, strictly according to the Scriptures as pass down through Parampara, instruct us, guide us and train us in Bhajana kriya, the path of purification. At the time of initiation, when we take our vows, of dedication before Guru parampara, we chant this mantra,om apavitra pavitro vasarvavastham gato ‘pi vayah smaret pundarikakshamsa bahyabhyantara suchihOne who is purified or unpurified or even having pass through all various circumstances in life, one who remembers the beautiful lotus eyed Supreme Personality of Godhead becomes purified from within and without. Bhajana Kriya is simply about purifying the heart. Chaitanya Maha Prabhu has explained us so simply,nitya-siddha krsna-prema sadhya kabhu nayasravavadi-suddha-citte karaye udayaThe pure love of God is within the heart of every living being, it is our natural inheritance,aham bija-pradah pitaKrishna is the seed giving father of every living being and every good father gives his children inheritance. Every good father will share its properties and its joy with his children, will he not?? The Spiritual world, Goloka Vrindavan, Vaikuntha is the home of our father and mother, Radha and Krishna. Eternal home and all the pleasures and joy and all the properties of that home, our mother and father Sri Radha Gopinath, they are eager and longing to share with us, to enjoy with us. Aren’t a good mother and father wanted for their children? The vast majority of family members understands the quality of the love of their mother and father and they never leave their home. What is this material world? The material world is for those living entities that have chosen to live separate from their mother and father. Who have rejected the home and the property of their mother and father, who have rejected their inheritance, who have rejected the will of their mother and father and due to false ego are adamantly insisting and enjoying separately, cutting all ties. Such rebellious mentality plunnges us into the Oceanic condition of the laws of karma. But Krishna is so kind. We may forget Krishna, but Krishna will never ever ever forget us. We are all His children. Therefore He comes to this world again and again and again in various incarnations through His representatives, just to invite us back home. We are stubborn; we fail to respond to that calling. But love of God is our nature, it is within us. Krishna wants us to experience the highest pleasure of Love. All Krishna’s beauty, all Krishna’s sweetness, all Krishna’s wonderful qualities. He wants to enchant our heart with that and give us the highest destination of bliss. Therefore, he has given us the simple process. When we come in contact with the Lords devotees, we learn the signs of remembering Him. Because Krishna is all pure, simply by remembering Him we get purified. That is the essential conclusion of Bhagavat Gita. There are over 700 verses in Gita, but they all are meant to bring us to follow one sloka. If we follow this one sloka we perfect the understanding of Gita and if we do not however many times, even if we recite the entire Gita everyday for our whole life, if we do not realize one verse we miss the point of bhava mad-bhaktomad-yaji mam namaskurumam evaisyasi yuktvaivamatmanam mat-parayanahAlways think of Me, become My devote, worship Me and offer your homage to Me, in this way you will come to me without fail. And what is the best way of remembering Krishna, especially in this age of Kali? Krishna has descended within His name, Krishna is non different than His teachings and His past times. In the association of devotees, when we hear and chant the glories of the Lord, our hearts become purified ‘Ceto Darpana Marjanam’ and this ecstatic love gradually awakens. This is Bhajana Kriya, we follow regulate principles, do not further incriminate ourselves in illusion, we live a moral ethical honest and humble life of servitude and hear and chant the glories of the Lord. And by doing so gradually ‘Nishta’, we come to the stage of firm faith, unshakable faith. But that is not enough; we must carry on with our Sadhana, until that faith develops into ‘Ruchi’ spontaneous attraction to Krishna. Where no longer is Krishna consciousness is an austerity but there is an enthusiasm in our hearts that simply wants to hear and chant the glories of the Lord, we have no taste for sinful activities any more, we have no taste for mundane subject matters, we have experiencing something higher ‘param dristva nivartate’ and therefore to see the deity of the Lord and to hear the glories of the Lord, to serve the devotees of the Lord is our life and soul. From Ruchi, we become the purified higher stage of ‘Aasakthi, very deep attachment to Krishna. That attachment, we don’t care to live without Krishna, we don’t care to live without Krishna consciousness, nothing else has anymore meaning to our lives, we are attached to Krishna and that attachment further develops into ‘Bhava’. Bhava is the first raise of the light of the love of God within our hearts. No more desires for this material world. In that state of Love for Krishna, we must be very careful, because we have not yet completed the purification. Bharath Maharaja, he has attained the state of Bhava, he left home, he left his kingdom and all the wealth of the kingdom and all the power, prestige and it describes what was his attachment to these things, he went to the forest and left all behind, the same person wait, after a person responds to the calls of nature leaves those droppings behind with utter in-difference. And there were ecstatic symptoms, tears, as he worshipped the Lord in a solitary place, in the bank of a river, in the forest. However he became attached to a little baby deer and that diverted his attention away from his Sadhana and ultimately all of the credits of his devotional service became hidden and he has to take his next birth as a deer. So even if we are at that state of Bhava, it is necessary that we must remain closely connected to the association of devotees, because the devotees will protect us. The Satsanga Vaishnavas insulates us from the affects of Maya and we must carry on with our proper Sadhana, Bharath Maharaja was diverted from his Sadhana at a level of Bhava and ended up taking a lower birth. So we must carry on with this hearing and chanting in the association of devotees following moral principles and really trying to develop our service attitude. And through this process Bhava evolves into the state of ‘Prema’, Prema is the perfection of life. When we attain Prema, our original love of God is awaked. There is no longer any tinges of material ego, lust, envy, anger, pride, greed or illusion. The three modes of material nature may affect our bodies but the three modes of material nature cannot shake us, cannot divert us from our firm dedication to the loving serve of Supreme Personality of Godhead. In Prem, ecstatic love of the heart is manifested. And then we read , that from this state of Prema it becomes deeper and deeper in higher levels like the condensing of honey becomes thicker and sweeter, from Prema there is Sneha, then Mana, Pranaya, Raga, Anuraga, Bhava, Mahabhava. Rupa Goswamy explains the characteristics of each of these stages of Bhakthi. The various attributes, higher and higher attributes of Prema, or pure Love. Maha Bhava is the highest ultimate stage of Prema; it is only experienced in its fullest manifestation amongst the gopis of Brindavan. Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu said that there is no standard of devotion to Krishna that is equal to that of gopis of Brindavan. There are many forms of persons who have attained the state of Prema, where the Love of God in Santa rasa or neutrality, Dasya rasa- servitor-ship, Sakhya ras-Friendship, Vatsalya ras-aspirance, but mahabhav manifests it’s fullness in Madhurya ras or the conjugal of the gopis. Srila Ramananda Roy in his discussion of Chaitanya Maha Prabhu explained the succession of higher and higher revelation of the supreme absolute truth Sri Krishna and he explained how with each rasa or with each loving relationship with Krishna all the previous rasas are contained. In Dasya ras is included Santa, in Sakhya is Santa and Dasya, in Vatsalya includes all of the others and in Madhura ras the fulfillment, the realization, the ecstacy of all the previous rasas are there with something more. Thus Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu said, there is no love that is equal to the Gopis of Vrajdham. On a stage of Mahabhav, there are different levels of more condensed ecstatic love. The ultimate is madanaikya mahabhav, which is the exclusive property of Smt. Radha Rani. Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswamy explains that she is the supreme lover of Krishna. Smt. Radha Rani is the transformation of Krishna’s love. She has his ‘Padini sakthi’. He describes what is the padini sakthi, the essence of padini sakthi or the pleasure potency of the Lord is love of God, Prema, and the essence of Prema is Maha bhava and the personification of Mahabhava is Smt. Radha Rani. Radha and Krishna are one.radha krishna-pranaya-vikrtir hladini saktir asmadekatmanav api bhuvi pura deha-bhedam gatau tauSwaroop Damodar Goswamy has explained this like this, that the supreme absolute truth is one Krishna. Radha and Krishna are one person, but they are eternally taking two forms for the purpose of ecstatic loving relationship. Krishna is Rasik Sekhar, He is the Supreme Console of Love and Krishna is the big Eswarath, all knowing all fully independent, He does as he likes forever, Krishna has achintya sakthi, inconceivable transcendental potency. The only purpose for existence is loving relationships, there is nothing else, and there is no other reality. Loving relationship is all there is, that is what the whole spiritual world and all the vaikhunta planets is about simply loving relationships and we see even in this world material existence, where we have forgotten our loving relationships with God, we have forgotten our real loving relationship with the spirit souls or other living beings, still Maitunya agara – the whole material existence is simply being sustained by the desire for the loving relationships but in a misdirected perverted form. How much people are mad to try to find the pleasures of loving exchange? Sex life is the grossest perversion of pure love, if it is not done according to its religious principles. The insects, the birds, the animals and even in their very low conscious state even the plants, why are they producing and reproducing, why is that there is so much population? What is sustaining living entities? Is this drive for sex and where is that drive for sex derived from? That intense need within our heart to find the pleasure of loving relationship and it manifests in different perversions according to the modes of nature, we are influenced by. Goodness, passion and ignorance, Sometimes ignorant people, they just want to beat someone and had that and do it. They are looking for loving relationship; they are looking for pleasure in the mode of ignorance. The mode of passion and the mode of goodness much more refined, much more decent ethical moral but the fact is Maitunya agara, and the sustaining factor of the whole material existence is the drive for the people to try to find the loving relationship. But unfortunately without understanding its source, its origin, therefore Krishna descends to this world to reveal it to us. There are many religions in this world and they all teach that the essence is to love God. It is in the Old Testament and the New Testament that the first and great commandment is to love God with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul. If by following religion you do not develop love of God then you haven’t understood and Srila Prabhupad explained in that way. We are not the sectarian movement; we are simply concerned with loving God. God has come in many forms and has revealed many names throughout history and many geographical places on this planet, but we will take seriously and give all respect to anyone who has actually developed love of God. And what is Love of God, that is also consistent with all the great religious traditions. Love of God means to be intoxicated, to be addicted to the Supreme Lord, to be willing to do anything and sacrifice anything for the will of the Supreme Lord.titikhava karunikasuhrida sarva-dehinamajata-satrava santasadhava sadhu-bhushanaA person who loves God is very tolerant, very merciful and kind to all the living beings, very self controlled, moral, ethical, forgiving, very attached to the Lord, very humble, these are Universal principles. And to love God means not to be attached to the things of this world but to be attached to the world beyond, to be attached to the world within our hearts, Krishna, that is love of God. But Srimad Bhagavatam is the crustual of all the scriptures because it gives the highest revelation of love of God. It explains everything in such a way that all the other sub religious principles, all the other scriptures, the Vedas and other throughout the world is included within the Bhagavatam, but the Bhagavatam goes beyond. What is the origin of this eternal necessity for every living being to find the pleasure of love??Radha krishna-pranaya-vikrtir hladini-saktir asmadThe origin is in God Himself, the one Supreme absolute truth Krishna is eternally divided into two transcendental forms. It is not that one is superior or one is inferior, it is not that one is coming for than the other; it is not Radha is coming from Krishna or Krishna coming from Radha. They are the one Supreme absolute truth who is eternally, simultaneously existing for one purpose, for the purpose of pure, intimic, ecstatic, exchange of love. That’s all. God is loving Himself. The love of Radha and Krishna is the absolute truth, it’s the all and all, it’s the everything, there is nothing else really exists in truth except the love of Radha and Krishna. But the perfection of that love is unlimited variagatedness. Therefore Krishna expands Himself into unlimited jeevatmas and each one of us is included in that category, just like the Sun manifests unlimited rays, Radha and Krishna manifests unlimited spirit souls, parts and parcels. In each part and parcel eternally existing to participate in the love affair of Radha and Krishna. We are all expansions and to the extent we whole heartedly participate in assisting the love of Radha and Krishna, we experience the most intensified ecstasies of love and that is why the Gopi’s are on the highest level. There is no one who experiences such happiness, such complete bliss as Gopi’s because they are most intimately surrendered to personally participating in assisting the love of Radha and Krishna. So Krishna is the source of everything and everyone that exists and Smt. Radha Rani is the hladini Sakthi, his pleasure potency, and is the source of all love. He is Vishaya Vigraha that means He is the personality that is the object of our love and Smt. Radha Rani is Ashraya vigraha that means she is the repository, the reservoir of all love. She is the Supreme lover, just as we are all parts and parcels of Krishna; all love of every jeevatma is parts and parcels of Smt. Radha Rani’s Love. In this material world people like to go back to their roots, go back to their natural origin, but this is the true origin of all of us, that we are all parts and parcels of Krishna. We are all meant to participate in Radha’s love and service to Krishna. So in this way we can understand the Supreme esteemed position of Smt. Radha Rani. In India today, and all over the world, the nature of Kali Yuga is actually to take sacred things cheaply and to give cheap things great value. Krishna says in Gita, what is religion taken to be irreligion and irreligion taken to be religion. So cheap things are considered so valuable, once prestige, such a cheap useless thing, anybody could get it, it comes and it goes like the foaming bubbles on the ocean. Maintenance of this body is a cheap thing, why is it cheap, because you had millions and millions of body, it’s just born, it grows and it gets old it dies; it’s not a very valuable thing. Money, wealth, property, these are cheap things, they come and they go. You get it, you lose it. You get it, you lose it. You get it, you lose it. Birth after birth after birth, nothing so great, elevation to heavenly planets. That is a cheap thing. How many millions and billions of people live in heavenly planet? It’s not such a great thing. What’s really valuable? What’s rare? Something really valuable to get. Money isn’t hard to get, fame and prestige isn’t hard to get, health isn’t hard to get, comes and it goes.“Durlabha manava janma, lobhi asamsare, Durlabha manava janma satsangeh, tatah eva vasundareh”, what is really precious is the association of the devotees that is rare, that is great value that is sacred because in the association of devotees we can access our true eternal wealth, love of God, there is nothing more valuable, nothing more precious. Because in the association of devotees we could realize the original cause of all causes, we can participate in the Lord’s eternal leela. And what is that leela? The leela of Radha and Krishna and everything else and everyone else in the spiritual world are just expanding either directly or indirectly from Radha and Krishna just to participate and assist that ecstatic love. And in doing so Krishna and Smt. Radha Rani reciprocate with our eternally sincere efforts by giving us same quality pleasure that is in their hearts, isn’t that amazing? The quality of Radha Rani’s love for Krishna and Krishna’s love for Radha is shared with each devotee that sincerely serves them with pure heart. So this is the supreme esteemed position of Radha and Krishna. It is not a cheap thing, it’s not just a tradition of religion of India, that people hit each other with sticks and pretends to be Gopi’s or in the airlines they have paintings of Rasaleela on the walls and they are serving meat right underneath, that is not the substance of the revelation of the Rasaleela. Krishna’s past time with Smt. Radha Rani are so sacred, there is nothing more sacred. The supreme Far even about the head of Prahlad and Hanuman or to speak of Siva and Brahma, even the Pandavas and the yadus, they have to look up and bow down to the loving relationship of Radha and Krishna. And yet the foolish peopleAvajananti mam mudhathey dare to compare it to the ordinary relationships between a boy and a girl in this world. It is nothing like that. It is the absolute, absolute highest ground of ecstasy. The Supreme revelation of the absolute truth is the love between Radha and Krishna. Krishna descends into this world once in a day of Brahma in His original transcendental form from Goloka Vrindavan. There are unlimited Avatars that appear like waves in the ocean. They are plenary expansions of the expansions of Krishna, manifesting various quantities and aspects of Krishna’s supreme opulence’s. But only once in a day of Brahma, Krishna comes in His original transcendental form. “Eswara parama Krishna Sachitananda Vigraha, anadir adir govindo, sarvakarana karanam” .Krishna descends from Goloka, our scriptures explain how Krishna in Goloka tells Smt. Radha Rani that he is going to descend to the earth, but He says I cannot descend without You, I cannot live without You and Smt. Radha Rani says I cannot live without You, but at the same time how will We actually enjoy without the Brindavan forest, Govardhan hill and the river Yamuna? And Krishna tells that the Vrindavan forest, Yamuna and Govardhan have already descended within this world. Bramha Samhita explains what is the nature of Vrindavan in this world Bhoma-Brindavan. And the Acharyas elaborate that there is no difference between the Goloka Vrindavan in the spiritual sky and the Bhoma Brindavan in this world. They are replicas, not only does the Lord descends in His original form but His abode descends in Her original form. And fifteen days after Krishna appears, on the eighth day of the bright fort night of the month of Badra Smt. Radha Rani appears and together they revealed to the world the most sublime past times to attract our hearts and souls back into their loving service. In Srimat Bhagavatam, the mention of Smt. Radha Rani’s name is not directly spoken. The reason for this is Sukhadev Goswami; he had, but seven days to speak the entirety of Srimat Bhagavatam to Parikshit Maharaja. Sukhadev Goswamy had to really be consciences to concentrate the essence of all Vedic scriptures into that narration. It’s the Paramahamsa Samhita. Srimad Bhagavatam is a specially meant to be relished by the Paramahamsas, that means the top most transcendentalist who are reservoirs of divine love. It is the ripen fruit of the tree of all Vedic literatures, it is the Amalam Puranam, it is absolutely pure. Sukhadev Goswamy, in the spiritual world of Goloka, is the pet parrot of Smt. Radha Rani. Sukhadev Goswamy in His form of parrot in Goloka is personally witnessing the loving past times of Radha and Krishna and the loving Rasas between Krishna and all devotees. Where is that a parrot cannot go? What is that the parrot cannot see? This parrot, Sukhadev is fed by the loving glances of Smt. Radha Rani. She feeds him her own Maha prasadam with her own hands puts it into his mouth, he witnesses the ecstacy of Radha Rani’s love and Smt. Radha Rani is kripamayi, she is the supreme embodiment of all compassion and love. What is the nature of Hladini Sakti? The nature of Hladini Sakti is to give pleasure to Krishna and to nourish all living beings. Smt. Radha Rani is the personification of Hladini Sakti. It is she that nourishes all living beings with her kindness, her compassion and her laugh. Krishna is defeated by the love of Sri Radha; He is conquered by the love of Sri Radha. That is what Brindavan Lila is about. Krishna becomes the sub ordinate to the love of his devotees. Krishna is conquered by Yashoda’s love, what is Yasodha’s love? It is Radha Rani’s love in its full fledged manifestation of Vatsalya ras, that is Yasodha. Krishna is conquered by Sridhama’s love, what is Sridhama’s love? It is Smt. Radha Rani’s love in its full fledged form in Sakhya Ras or friendly relationship. Smt. Radha Rani is the origin of all love. Sridhama defeats Krishna, Yasodha Mayi ties Krishna up and He is helpless, He can’t move, He is crying and starving for Yasodha mayi’s milk. Krishna is conquered by the love of His devotees. And Sri Radha Rani is the origin of all love, spiritual love. So what is the power of her affection? She is all merciful. She wants to shower her love and affection up on every living being because whoever comes into her circle of loving devotional service to Krishna, who ever becomes the servant of the servant of the servant of the servants becomes very dear to Her. And Her affection is the ultimate. That same affection that She conquers Krishna, when Krishna remembers the love of Sri Radha Rani His crown with peacock feathers falls of and He drops His flute and He even doesn’t know it. And what is Radha Rani’s love for Krishna? When She sees the Tamal tree, She remembers Krishna’s dark form and She embraces that tree, weeping and crying as if She is embracing Krishna and when the fragrance of Krishna’s body comes as a breeze, Her heart is jumping and merging into that breeze. Her life and soul is only for Krishna. That is pure love. And when she directs that love towards you and me what greater ultimate attainment can it be than that, feeling the love of Sri Radha up on us. She is all merciful. So what is Sukhadev Goswami’s position? He is sitting on Smt. Radha Rani’s hand. She is glancing up on him, She is speaking to him, She is feeding him her own maha prasadam and She is engaging him in her own loving past times in the service of Krishna. So Sukhadev is supremely ecstatic personality. He took birth in this world as a son of Vedavyas, especially to speak The Srimad Bhagavatam. We know the story, in the womb of his mother he was Brahman realized he was by Yogamayis potency in that condition. But then upon hearing the glorious past times of Radha and Krishna, he was too eager to hear more and he came out. He studied Srimad Bhagavatam under his father. When all the great sages and rushi’s including Vyas dev and Narad muni, who was his guru and param guru, what to speak of such senior personalities, Bharadwaz muni, Vasista muni, Viswamitra muni, Goutham rishi, they were all assembled there on the bank of Ganga and they all appealed to Sukhadev Goswami to speak to Parikshit. See how non envious Vaishnavas are. How old was Vasista muni, he was the priest of Ram Chandra, Viswamitra muni, he was like a guru of Ram Chandra, it was long ago and they were living way beyond before that. These are very senior people, very highly realized. Some of them are millions and millions of year old, they were constantly appearing in the Puranas, the record of their austerity, their knowledge, their mystic powers incredible, is it not? Gowtam rishi, despite his austerity, the Ganges comes down to the world and they all gathered together. Vyas dev is the literary incarnation of the Godhead and Narada muni is born right from the heart of Brahma, he is a historical person, he is like a guru of Prahlad, he is a guru of Druva, he is a guru of so many great kings’ from ages before, and they are all sitting there. Sukhadev Goswami is just a sixteen years old boy and they tell him to get on the vyasasan and to speak. Hare Krishna. Because they understood his qualification, yes, he may be young, he may have been the disciple, he may have been the grand disciple, but they understood his relationship with Smt. Radha Rani and Krishna. They understood the absolute purity of his heart. So Sukhadev Goswami sat on that vyasasan and he spoke.Munayah sadhu pristo’ ham bhavatbhir loka managalamYat kritah Krishna samprashno yena atma suprasidati.Questions about Krishna of the ultimate benefit of all the humanity. Parikshit maharaja asks such questions. He was eager to hear and Sukhadev Goswami was eager to speak. There is a certain type of parrot that is described in the Bhagavatam, when that parrot bites a fruit the camp and co combination of the beak of the parrot and the fruit makes fruit sweeter. So this was Sukhadev. When he spoke what he heard, what has been passed down from the time of Lord Rama, it became infinitely sweeter. Because it was mixed, because he wasn’t speaking simply from his lips, he was speaking from his heart. And whatever he was speaking, whatever knowledge he has learnt that came down through the parampara, was mixed, was the ecstacy of love of his heart. The message was the same; this is the beauty of the parampara. With each acharya his ecstatic love is tasting the sweetness of the eternal unchanged message and when he speaks it the sweetness of his love is also mixed within that message and therefore it becomes even sweeter. When Srila Prabhupad spoke the ecstasies of the love of all the previous acharyas is in his message Hare Krishna!! And when we repeat that message that is what we are giving to the world. So Sukhadev Goswamy spoke 18,000 slokas of Srimad Bhagavatam and never once mentioned a single name of any one of the young gopis, girl friends of Krishna. He mentioned the cowherd boys in Sakhya Ras, he mentioned Yasodamayi in Vatsalya Ras but you will not find the reference of a single name to any of the gopis that Krishna performed his Madhurya leela with. Why? Because Sukhadev Goswami has such deep infinite ecstatic relationship, because they were the associates of his own mistress Smt. Radha Rani. If he would have spoken the name of Sri Radha, such a high deep subject matter that many of the assembled persons would not have been able to properly appreciate. So he did not speak. But there is another reason, because of he would have mentioned the name of Radha directly, he may have fallen unconsciously in ecstatic trance. And in the mood of servitude, he was to speak for seven days to Parikshit Maharaja; he didn’t have that time to take that risk of falling unconscious in ecstatic love. So therefore he did not mention the name of Sri Radha or any of her associates. However when he is discussing Krishna’s rasa leela there is that beautiful story of how Krishna plays his flute and calls gopis and how the gopis they sacrifice everything to be with Krishna. We were explaining this principle yesterday, it is so deep. Its not that they were just playing a game, going out in the night and coming back home the next morning, it wasn’t like that. They left right in the presence of their parents, of their husbands, of their children, of the society around, and then in those days a lady never does like that. They rejected. When they left that house that means they are burning all bridges behind. They will never be welcomed back. The young girls, they have no professional carrier, where they can make their livelihood, their children, they never will see their children again, for a mother, very difficult, their parents, when they left it is understood its gone, they are leaving behind, the security of a home, the love of parents, children, husbands very difficult to live in a forest. How they are going to survive? How many of us are willing to do that? They left without a second thought, because Krishna called them. They didn’t have a tinge of concern for their own purpose. They were leaving everything sacred behind as far as domestic life security, stability. And for chaste women in those days to be called on chaste there is no blasphemy that could be more painful. But the Brahmans, the sages all the relatives and friends would blaspheme them. They were losing their reputation, they were losing everything, everything in life the people live for, and they walked out on it, forever. It’s unbelievable, nobody could do that. And they aren’t going to get anything in return; they didn’t want anything in return. They were only going to give satisfaction to Krishna. Krishna played His flute; the sound of His flute entered into their ears and when they entered into their hearts and stole their hearts with love for Him, with his spontaneous instant fire to satisfy Krishna that is love. If we have any concern with getting return, is not a pure love. That is why the Gopi’s love is the ultimate purest. Because they wanted nothing for themselves. They were leaving everything behind perhaps forever. What is the prospect of the future from the material point of view living in the jungle, young girls? Blaspheming the rejections by the society, they didn’t care. Their only concern was Krishna wants us to serve Him. The Gopis renunciation is supreme. When the Gopis arrive Krishna complimented them and tells them to go home. By Krishna’s Yogomaya potency He opens the hearts of all the relatives to accept them back. When they left they were not expecting that. But Krishna said they will accept you back, definitely, go home. He tested them; all they could do is cry. Why? We have come to offer our lives and souls for your pleasure and now you are rejecting us. Krishna told them is that you love for me so great, with all of My opulence’s, all of My wealth, with all of My powers, I have no ability to repay you even in a life time of Lord Brahma. That is the gratitude of Krishna for His devotees. We understand that only a grateful heart can cultivate bhakthi. Krishna is the original source of all gratitude. His gratitude to His devotees is supreme and complete. Whatever humility or gratitude we may all have is only infinitesimal parts and parcels of Krishna’s humility and gratitude, Smt. Radha Rani’s humility and gratitude. So yes. Krishna expressed that and He danced with Gopi’s and He left and He wants to be with one particular Gopi. The crest jewel, the supreme of all divine lovers and that was Smt. Radha Rani. At that point when Sukhadev Goswamy more than in any other scripture, ever spoken in the Vedas is explaining the supreme highest position of Radha Rani’s love. That Krishna left all of His most ecstatic pure hearted lovers for one. Sukhadev Goswamy could not contain himself and he spoke Radha Rani’s name in a covered form, Aradhitho, Aradhana, which means She who loves and worships Krishna better than anyone else. In this special covered way Sukhadev Goswamy revealed his supreme love for his ultimate object of love, Smt. Radha Rani to the world. Radhastami is the day that we worship Smt. Radha Rani, prime to be the servant of the servant of the servant of the servant of Her servants. Srila Prabhupad explains how Smt. Radhika, who is the supreme embodiment of compassion and kindness, humility and gratitude, who is the feminine aspect of the absolute truth. Like the supreme mother, She lovingly nourishes all of Her devotees with Her kindness for all of eternity. When She sees a devotee sincerely serving, those who are Her servants, She becomes so grateful to that person that She approaches Krishna and speaks. She says my dear Shyam Sundar, this devotee, he is better than Me, his service is better than Mine, please accept him. Krishna must accept the wish of Sri Radha Rani. That is our hope. It is our only hope. If we can simply be sincere and the spirit of the servant of the servant of the servant, when we satisfy our Guru and Vaishnavas then She will make that request and then only will be we accepted by the Supreme personality of the Godhead. The Goudiya Vaishnava sampradaya, we do not want to enjoy Krishna directly, we don’t want to enjoy anything, we want to be enjoyed. And what is the ultimate enjoyment? Simply to assist the servants of the servants of the servants of Sri Radha and Her supreme love for Krishna. And when we do that then the love of Sri Radha’s heart she shares with us, the experience of Her relationship with Krishna, She shares with us. This is the dignity and esteem of the Goudiya Vaishnava sampradaya. Lord Chaitanya Maha Prabhu is Krishna, who has descended with the sprit of the love of Sri Radha to teach us the process, the beginning of the process is to associate with the devotees of the God and make that love of God our highest ideal, our ultimate prospect in the life and to live for that. And we achieve that by purifying our heart through the process of always remembering Krishna with that loving favorable service attitude. Lord Chaitanya taught in the age of Kali it’s easy; just chant the holy names HARE KṚṢṆA HARE KṚṢṆA KṚṢṆA KṚṢṆA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARENow we will have abhishekam for Sri sri Radha gopi jana vallabha and then we will have the aarati. Srimati radha rani appears in this world at noon so we will be celebrating the glorious aarati of her appearance and then if that kirtan ever ends we will continue the Hari katha on this subject of Sri Radhashtami….. Thank you very much.

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