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Ramayan Contains Examples Of Ideals Lecture

For so kindly coming to give us your association on this auspicious occasion of the celebration of Sri Ram Navmi .I especially offer my heart felt thankfulness to the devotees who performed this dramatic performance.Lord Sri Krishna the original supreme personality of Godhead the fountain head of all incarnations appears in this world in various times and places out of his causeless mercy.0:01:13.7.The supreme lord is eternally performing transcendental pastimes of ecstatic love in the spiritual realm beyond this temperory material creation .Those who misuse their free will to be try to be enjoyers rarther than servants remain imprisoned within the confince of material existence and must suffer birth after birth after birth.Krishna tells in Gita from the highest planet in the material world Brahmaloka down to the lowest patalaloka they are all places of suffering 0:02:37.0 they are all places of birth and death.The conditioned soul is five forced by comic powers to take birth.Which is the painful experience both for mother and the child and then growing up in the helpless dependent condition has to undergo so many tribulations.If we have some highest action behind us we may enjoy some pleasurable experiences but due to their temperory nature they are inevitably dragged away from us.0:03:49.1 but the lord out of his causeless mercy decends to attract our hearts by performing his transcendental pastimes 0:04:10.7 Lord Sri Krishna tells in Bhagvad Gita that one who knows the transcendental nature of my appearance and activities never takes birth again in this miserable world but attains my eternal personal abode.Sometimes devotees become depressed frustrated because their plans for material happiness just donot seem to be going according to their arrangements .But our philosophy is their to tell us that we should not be concern with these things.It is all illusion or real happiness is in surrendering to the supreme personality of Godhead not in the temporary arrangements and relationships of this bodily platform.Devotees they arrange everything in their life in such a way that whatever happens I am safe Because I will remember Krishna by chanting his holy name hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.Thakur Bhakti Vinod has prayed that I have seen and considered all the 14 planetary system of this universal creation my conclusion that Krishna only your holy name can save me.This beautiful performance of the devotional service of Jatayu is very instructive.Lord Sri Ramachandra cried rivers of tears in love for this devotee Why?because he did not consider his own comforts he did not consider even his life he only considered how I could serve.Whatever is Rama’s pleasure that is my life.He was so aged Sita herself she called down to Jatayu just tell Ram which direction I am going do not try to fight him you are too old you will not survive.Jatayu could have just done that and lived many years longer happily in the forest of Dandakaranya .But he was not concern he was the King of that section of the forest.He lived very peacefully something like his retirement home but that was even not a consideration for him.Suffering and dying was more pleasing proposal to his heart than not rendering that service of giving his lifeSo Jatayu attacked Ravana he fought all of his powers and he fought well with his beak he was gouging out pounds of Ravana’s flesh from his back he was even bitting of his arms and his arms kept growing back due to some benedictions of Lord Shiva and Brahma even smashed his chariot and killed the hidous meuls that were pulling it what a fighter he gave everything he had but due to his old age he became tired and Ravana saw that although Jatayu had no weapons except his beak and claws Ravana had the most sophisticated weapons of the time.He slashed off his legs he slashed off his arms and left him their mercilessly to die a suffering death.Krishna tells in Gita we should not be attached to the results of our actions we should be our service.Real success is in pleasing the supreme personality of Godhead not in any physical tangible results.The story that we so fortunately have witnessed exemplifies this truth.Jatayu lost the battle but won the war against maya.The supreme personality of Godhead is always there to protect his devotee 0:12:06.8 Krishna tells Arjuna I will always protect my devotee you declare this bodly.So material vision how did he protect Jatayu his arms were cut he was bleeding he was suffering he was dying but death comes for everyone sooner or later.But the supreme lord appeared before him at his last moment like Bhishma loke so many great souls jatayu left this world in the arms of the supreme personality of Godhead gazing at his moon like face,hearing his smooth comforting words and repeating his holy names hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare and Lord Ramachandra not only did he cry in love in separation for his devotee but he personally made him glorified for eternity.Valmiki Ramayan the authorized history of Sri Ramachandras life discuss in such transcendental depth the love and surrender of the Lord’s devotees.We find amongst the devotees of Ram and Ram himself in his own life such an exhaulted state of spiritual integrity. They there the lords devotees have an ideal and they live for that ideal and they are willing to die for that ideal.Sita his chaste wife was willing to go the forest to sleep on the hard ground for 14 years to maintain the integrity of her chastity to Ram.Lord Ramchandra was willing to live in the Dandakaranya forest for 14 years to maintain the integrity of his fathers word and reputation.Jatayu was willing to die to maintain his ideal that I am the servant of Sri Ram.Bharat he was willing to give up his whole Kingdom and live in the forest but when Ram refused him Bharat remained in the village of Nandigram eating roots and drinking cow urine wearing tree bark and matted hair never even entering Ayodhya performing all the work of the king giving all credit to the wooden sandals of Sri Ram.Yes if we want to be real devotees we must establish our ideal and live and die for that ideal.Hanumanji there was nothing we wouldnot do at any moment at any time anywhere for Sri Ram.Srila Prabhupad taught us often that the gratest pleasure to the spiritual master is a follower who one knows for sure will never betray his word or her word who will always be there hfaithfully and all times and all circumstances.That is a real devotee and through the joyous pastimes and the bitter tragedy Sri Ramayan that wonderful theme is continusely enacted 0:18:34.6 abondan all varieties if religion and just surrender to me I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions donot fear.Did Jatayu lose anything he lost his temporary body but Ram sent him immediately to the eternal abode of Vaikuntha to live for ever as his intimate associate.It is becoming somewhat late we don’t have so much time to speak but I would like to speak something about the appearance of Lord Ramachandra on this auspicious occasion.In Ayodhya Dasarath he had several wives as was the tradition of the kings of that time.Everything was auspicious he had no enemies he had royal armies faithful ministers incredible royal wealth and opulances chaste faithful loving wives all the citizens loved him as there own father and he loved the citizens as his own children it was an ideal kingdom he managed the state so well that everything was perfectly clean.All the bluiding’s were fresh and new amacountly clean all the citizens were weathy there was no poverty they all wore costly ornaments and silks.The streets were paved and washed with sandal oil and various sweet fragrances every day .Everyone was happy no one required anything more than what they had because Dasarath was such a great devotee of Lord Vishnu because he earned the trust of everyone the entire kingdom were devotees of Lord Vishnu.The Brahmans were performing Yajana’s which was the yugadharma in the tretayuga .Everyone had such faith in the Lord everyone had so much devotion that they just didn’t want anything else and when people live in harmony with the will of the Lord then the Lord provides everything so nicely have you heared of any such place in the world today.There was no crying I assume all the students got good grade everyone was happy .But the Dasarath was the only person who was suffering terribly because he had no son it was his duty.The Raghu dynasty from maharaj Isqvaqu had a line of great kings from thousands and thousands and thousands of years back but their was no air to his throne.It wasn’t simply a matter of wanting to have a son it was his duty to God .It was the duty to his fore fathers who weregreat devotees of the lord to have a son who he could train to inherit the throne for the future wellbeing of all the citizens.You see maharaj Dasarath his anxiety for not son was because he was not properly doing his service.This is a Vaishnav his anxiety is when he is not properly rendering his service a real vaishnav is not in anxiety about unfulfilled personal desires because of the king’s anxiety all the kingdom suffered.Because they loved him if you love someone you suffer more when that person suffers then if you suffer yourself.So one day the minsters of Dasarath Sumantra his very leading minister Vaishistha muni was there,he was the chief Brahman priest the Guru of the kingdom .They explained to Dasarath maharaj that long ago the four Kumaras predicted the way in which you could have a son we remember.Dasarath had one daughter who’s name was Shanta.He was such akind soul that another king named Romapad from the Anga dynasty he had no children.Dasarath just had one daughter who he loved dearly but just to make Romapad maharaj happy he offered for her to live under Romapad’s shelter in Romapad’s kingdom.There was agreat sage named Rishisringa that is avery long and quiet illustrative story in itself but we donot have time.Rishisringa was so powerful due to his austerities from his birth.Romapad maharaj although agreat powerful king he commited offences to great souls.He was put in a certain predigament where he made some aparad and of the leader has to receive sinful reaction all those whose leading has to share it that is a law of karma.So there was a terrible drought.The drought was so bad that the animals from the forest were coming in to his city and eating the citizens.So he was told that this pious young saint whose name is Rishisringa whose living deep in to the forest if he just comes and places his feet on your kingdom then the rains will come.So some by some very clever trick he brought Rishisringa and as soon as he placed his feet on the ground the rains came.Rishisringa married Shanta the daughter of Dasarath.Rishisringa was brought to Ayodhya to perform the Yajna that the four Kumaras recommended long before.There was glorious grand arrangements for this sacrifice and at the very end when the oblations were offered a magnificient divine person came out of the fire.Actually what happened before that I haven’t read the story for many years please forgive me.The Vishnu came Lord Vishnu on the Garuda came to accept the offerings and Dasarath asked Lord Vishnu for the benediction of son and then the demigods who were also assembled at that Yajna they prayed to Lord Vishnu that this demon Ravana is causing havoc not only on earth but even in the heavenly world’s.He’s defeated Indra right now he is building a staircase to reach the heavens to conquer all of us.Please only you can save us Please my Lord Vishnu decend in to this world and free us from the horrilble horrible dangers of Ravana,Kumbakarna ,Indrageet and his entire Rakshaha dynasty.The Lord aggread to personally appear as the son of maharaj Dasarath.Then that final oblation that yajna purusha that divine personality came out of the fire with a golden pot of nectar.Which Dasarath maharaj distributed to his three wives .He gave half the nectar to Kaushalya his principle senior most wife.Then he gave a portion to Kaikayi his second wife and two portions to sumitra.They drank that nectar immediately they were impregnated with the supreme personality of Godhead and his amsas his expansions.Kaushalya mata was effulgent as the child was growing within her womb her countenants were effulgence her joy was growing like the waxing moon.All of Ayodhya celebrated it was everyones hope second after second just waiting for the Lord to appear.You know how it is Brahmacharis you may not know but Grihasthas may know when a relative is bearing a child within her womb how much eagerness and anxiety till that auspicious moment when some how or other by the forces of nature that currents of gaseous air just crush that child through the opening and comes out in to the open air.Haribol.People really wait for that moment they even say happy birthday everyone says happy birthday but actually on your birthday you are not happy you are crying you are bewildered and you are crying.Haribol.Everyone else is happy look at this child and aaaa…special effects .So it is ahappy moment for everyone when the child is born and what anticipation the whole kingdom of Ayodhya was just waiting waiting waiting for the child to appear and it was on this day at about the time of noon that Lord Sri Ramachandra not like an ordinary child it was by the nectar given by Vishnu himself that the child was impregnated within the womb of the mother and he simply appeared.Appeared to everyones vision as amost beautiful object of love.Soon after that Kaikayi gave birth to Bharat and Sumitra to Lakshman and shatrughna.These four brothers had such deep love for each other.Lakshman his life his soul his everthing was only the pleasure and service of Sri Ram and Shatrughna accepted the same role in the service of his cousin brother Bharat.But altogether there life and soul was simply Ram’s pleasure.When Ram was just infant child all the citizens of Ayodhya were counting the moments till he would grow up and be there king.They wanted to surrender everything to him.On this most auspicious event of Sri Ram Navmi Sri Ramchandra appeared in this world.His divine pastimes are so deeply instructive so incredibly moving to the heart.The supreme lord is all attractive as we hear these wonderful narrations as we discuss amongst each other as we sing about them in our kirtans our natural love awakens from within the heart that is the supreme perfection with life.Should I tell again a personal story you have heared it before but I will Haribol I have told it befor but I will tell it again just because I feel like telling it again.Long ago when I was a little boy comparatively travelling in India trying to live as a sadhu I came to the town of Patna and one day I just the first day I went I didn’t know anything in Patna I was just on my way somewhere else to the Himalayas and Nepal and I asked where is the Ganga so they showed me the Ganga so I went to sleep at night and when I woke up there was a very saintly person Ramsevak Swami he invited me to his little Ram temple just a stone temple with the deities of Sita Ram Lakshman Hanuman and everyday everyday this Ramsevak Swami would have about four or five old Sadhu’s come together to read from Ramayan and speak about it.I was amazed to see there absorption for atleast 3 hours everyday they would just sit together on a stone floor on the banks of the Ganges discussing Ramayan.Sometimes they were laughing histerically sometimes they were weeping in agony sometimes they were embracing eachother sometimes they look like they were completely terrified sometimes they looked shocked sometimes they looked completely peaceful .I was wondering what are they talking about I had to know I had to know but they were speaking in Hindi as I donot even know Hindi now 32 years later you could imagine how bad my Hindi was then .Should I continue Haribol.There was one old man about 75 years old I was hardly 20 his name was Narayan Prasad.He spoke perfect English I asked him please tell me everything is been spoken he said yes I will tell you.So after 3 hours of katha we sat on bank of Ganga and he told me how Krishna steals butter that’s not a story that people get terrified or shocked crying in tragedy Isaid no may be that was said but what else no that’s all that’s all nothing else .So I was very confused so the next day again 3-4 hours talking and I am just sitting there just watching there reactions they had such love for Sri Ram and I heared the names Ram,Sita,Bharat Ayaodhya Chitrakut Bharatraj muni I was listening to these names and taking note of them.I was so excited so eager to hear that I had to know I had to know I had to be part of this it was too much to bear just sitting there with them but not with them.So I asked him tell me everything that was spoken he said yes I will tell you everything and he told me how Krishna stole butter I said I was listening Ayodhya Ram Sita Srilanka Ravana Kumbakarna I was hearing all these names I didn’t hear anything about Yashodha and Krishna I didn’t even know who Krishna and Yashodha were and he was telling me I said what else he said nothing that’s all that was said and I got in a debate with him and he just said no that’s all that was said.So the third day the katha went on hour after hour after hour after hour and they are laughing laughing roaring laughing and they are crying and carrying and weeping and they are just hahaa..they are just so many emotions so many reactions they were totally absorbed every now and then Sri Ram ki Jai Sri Ram ki Jai. In the end in the evening we sat on the bank of Ganga I want to hear everything promise me you will tell me everything yes everything I won’t leave out everything today I was so happy then he told me the same story How Krishna stole butter from Yashoda he was feeding it to the monkeys was tied up with a rope. So then I became so devastated actually I was showing emotions I started to cry I actually started to cry I said is it that I am such a sinful demoniac wretched animal that you are not willing to tell me what you are talking about what you are enjoying so much for all these days of hearing Ram’s leela is it that I am so sinful should I just drown myself in Ganges right now he said you should not do that then why don’t you tell me you are a devotee of Ram why do you keep me telling about Krishna stealing butter he said should I tell you the truth I said yes please he said I will tell the first day you came Ramsevak had a dream the next my dream in his beautiful resplended form and ordered me that this little boy who had just come he is a devotee of Krishna. Haribol and you should never tell him about anything or anyone except Krishna. So Ramsevak Swami told me about this that I am not allowed to speak to you about anyone except Krishna but there is a problem I am a devotee of Ram I don’t know anything about Krishna. But when I was a little boy my mother told me about how Krishna steals butter so that’s the only story I Know.Haribol. So I always felt actually I didn’t even believe him then I didn’t believe him but when I looked back I consider that Lord Sri Ramchandra’s causeless mercy ultimately led me to Vrindavan and today our wonderful Brajvasi friends have come from Barsana to bless the occasion of Sri Ram Navmi .Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu personally manifested the form of Ram on several occasions.Lord Chaitanya is the complete avatar of Radha and Krishna who appeared within this age of kali and all the great avatars are within him and he taught us this simple and sublime process by which premabhakti awakens in our heart and we can achieve life’s perfection to go back home back to Godhead through chanting the hare Krishna mahamantra hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.In about 1 hour I must depart for abroad so I will be away for a little over 4 months.I will suffer terribly separation from all of you.But I pray that you remain very close to united in a spirit of pure devotional service perform your sadhana with great sincerity help one and another assist one another through sincere service to overcome the obstacles of maya and together try to preach this glorious message to more and more and more people.Lord Sri Ram appeared in this world to attract the world to his loving service that is the greatest celebration.When we commit ourselves to that service of preaching the message of the lord and welcoming in within our own hearts through hearing and chanting his glories.My sincere prayers are always with each and everyone of you.Please kindly pray for me as well that I may with God’s Krishna’s grace return in time to serve the lotus feet of each of you for Krishna’s Janmastami .Haribol.By Krishna’s plan perhaps my plan will be fulfilled to depart just after Ram Navmi and return just before Janmastami .Haribol .Thankyou very much .If this time Vrishabhanu Prabhu wants to make a very special presentation.Hare Krishna.Govinda Prabhu this will look very nice on you.Group of devotees have work very very hard to provide this wonderful service to our Grihastha comminuty let us offer our gratitude to them Haribol Haribol Haribol.Thankyou very much and I thank all of you very very much.Especially my dear god brother Purnachandra Prabhu who has come to bless us with his association today.Nartaki mataji is our wellwisher and most allustrious and dear Brajavasis from Barasana dham.Please stand up Sri Radhe.Every one greet them by chanting Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe again Radhe Radhe one hundred times louder Radhe Radhe ane thousand and eight times louder Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe .Thankyou very much.Now we will have the arati ceremony on the occasion of Lord Sri Ram’s appearance.Everyone please dance and chant with great.Hare Krishna this manual will be made available through the counselar system a few dats later.Haribol.0:57:37.8

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