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quality in chanting (1)

Devotee (8): When chanting our sixteen rounds, we are not sure if these
rounds are sincere...
Prabhupada: You should be sure.
Devotee (8): How can we be sure?
Prabhupada: There is beads.
Brahmananda: No, he's saying that when we chant our rounds, how can we be
sure that when we chant the round that the round is a perfect, attentive
round, sincere?
Prabhupada: Therefore it is sastra, "You must." There is no question of
Brahmananda: The quality of the chanting he's asking. How can we make the
quality the best?
Prabhupada: Quality, you'll understand, first of all come to the quality.
Without having quality, how he'll understand the quality? You follow the
instruction of your spiritual master, of the sastra. That is your duty.
Quality, no quality -- it is not your position to understand. When the
quality comes there is no force. You will have a taste for chanting. You
will desire at that time, "Why sixteen round? Why not sixteen thousand
rounds?" That is quality. That is quality. It is by force. You'll not do it;
therefore at least sixteen rounds. But when you come to the quality, you
will feel yourself, "Why sixteen? Why not sixteen thousand?" That is
quality, automatically.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Morning Walk -- November 2, 1975, Nairobi

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