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How to Approach Srimati Radharani

Radhara svarupa-Krsna prema - kalpalatasaki-gana haya tara pallava-pushpa-pata
Radhara svarup- the spiritual nature of Srimati Radharani; Krishna prem - of love of Krishna; kalpalata- a creeper; saki-gana- the gopies; hay- are; tara- of that creeper; pallava- the twigs; puspa- flowers; pata- and leaves.
The pastimes of Sri Radha and Krishna are self effulgent. They are happiness personified, unlimited and all powerful. Even so, the spiritual humors of such pastimes are never complete without the gopies, the Lord’s personal friends. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is never complete without His spiritual potencies; therefore unless one takes the shelter of the gopies, one cannot enter into the company of Radha and Krishna. Who can be interested in Their spiritual pastimes without taking Their shelter?
There is an inexplicable fact about the natural inclinations of the gopies.The gopies never want to enjoy themselves with Krishna personally. The happiness of the gopies increases ten million times when they serve to engage Sri Radha and Krishna in Their transcendental pastimes.
By nature, Srimati Radharani is just like a creeper of love of Godhead, and the gopies are twigs, flowers and leaves of that creeper.
When the nectar of Krishna pastimes is sprinkled on that creeper, the happiness derived by the twigs, flowers and leaves is ten million times greater than that derived by the creeper itself.
Purport by His Divine Grace by A.C.Bhakti Vedanta Swami PrabhupadaIn his Amrita - pravaha bhasya, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura states:”Srimati Radharani is the creeper of love of Godhead, and the gopies are exactly like twigs, flowers and leaves. When water is sprinkled on that creeper, the twigs, flowers and leaves indirectly receive all the benefits of the creeper itself. But, water sprinkled directly on the twigs, leaves and flowers is not as effective as water sprinkled on the creeper’s root. The gopies are not as pleased when they are directly mix with Krishna as when they serve to unite Srimati Radharani with Krishna. Their transcendental pleasure lies in uniting them.
In this verse, Sri Radharani is compared, to the creeper of love of God, and the gopies are compared to leaves, flowers and twigs on that creeper. These leaves, flowers and twigs when they see the water sprinkled on the creeper they derive ten million times more pleasure even the creeper itself. This is the essence of Vaishanv philosophy, selfless, unmotivated service. Today, is Sri Radhashtami, the appearance day of Srimati Radharani.It is the day when we reflect upon what is the gift that Sri Radharani is eager to offer all of the servants of the servants of the servants. In this particular verse, the very spirit of Vrindavan is described. And to follow in the footsteps of gopies, which is recommended by Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu, does not mean to imitate them. It means to be honest, and according to our particular level of consciousness to understand their spirit. And to apply that spirit, to our service to Guru and Vaishnava today. The spirit of the gopies, they simply want to be the servant of the servant of the servant. They are not interested in their personal happiness. They are interested only in the happiness of Radha and Krishna. Srila Prabhupad explains in the purport that if the water of satisfaction is placed upon leaves, twigs and flowers of the devotees they are not concerned. They simply want to see that water offer to Srimati Radharani. If it is offered to Srimati Radharani then Krishna derives ultimate pleasure.Srimati Radharani appears in the age of Kali as Lord Chaitnya Mahaprabhu, he has taught us this principle gopi bhartue pada kamalyre das das anu das, to be servant of the servant of the servant of the Lord of gopies.
Sri Radharani is Krishnan’s pleasure potency. Her existence is only for the happiness of Krishna. She prays that, if Krishna is happy seeing me in terrible distress, then that distress is my greatest happiness. This is Srimad Bhagavatam. Sa vai pumsam paro dharmo, yato bhaktir adhoksaje, ahaituky aparihata, yayatma suprasidati, the supreme occupation for all humanity is that which bring about loving devotional service to the supreme personality of Godhead, such service must be unconditional, unmotivated, uninterupted, without selfish ego. That is pure devotional service.
One who understands the spirit, knows that what will bring Krishna pleasure, is when he sees that I am happy, to see other people getting His mercy. If you actually want to serve Krishna, and please Krishna, then find great happiness seeing other people advancing in Krishna concouisness, seeing other people happy in Krishna consciousness, seeing other people getting Krishna’s mercy. When Krishna sees that quality in you He is pleased with you. Krishna is pleased, when he see that we are willing to take sacrifices, to help other people to love Him. That is the principle that all of our great acharya represented. That is the great monumental example that Srila Prabhupada revealed to the world. To please Krishna, we should be willing, to selflessly help others, to find happiness of love in Krishna. Because that is the spirit of Srimati Radharani.She find the greatest happiness bringing others, to Krishna.Srila Prbhupada should be honored with much gratitude on this ausupious day of Radhashatmi. Because he didn’t just give us some theory, but he showed by his practical example. The quality which exhibits the nature of Srimati Radharani’s love. He was embodiment of that love. To be the servant, of the servant, of the servant of Sri Radharani, is Gaudhiya Vaishnava Siddhanta.Srila Raghunath das Goswami he prayed, that if Krishna is standing alone, and He calls for me, I will not come. But if He is standing with Sri Radhika on His left side, even if no one calls me; I will run there faster than the wind. His only ambition in the life to be the servant of the servant. Krishna is atmaram; He is perfectly satisfied within Himself.In this world, the nature of the conditioned soul, is that we very much allured by the power of kamadev (cupid), being agitated by various attractive proposal within and without. But Krishna is above and beyond these modes of material nature. He is not desiring anything of this world. Why? Because He is atmarama.He is finding complete bliss within Himself.Rupa Goswami describe why Krishna is atma rama.Because He is always meditating, on His love for Srimati Radharani, within His heart. She is the Haladini sakthi.Haladhini sakthi means the pleasure potency of the Lord.Krishna is sakthiman,Srimati Radharani is sakthi.It is described in Upanashids that krishna is anata sakthiman.That means He has unlimited potency that he possess. Three are prominent ,the potency of the spiritual world cit sakthi or svaurp sakthi,the potency of the material world Maya sakthi and the jiva sakthi or thathsa sakthi, the potency of the living entities whom are innumerable. Within the spiritual world, there are three prominent energies.Sandhini which sustains the existence of the spiritual world, samvit which is the knowledge potency of the Lord, which gives the jivatmas the potency, in which Krishna knows Himself, with all living being can know Krishna. But what is the purpose of the existence and knowledge of the sat and cit of the spiritual world? It is all existing only for the purpose of ananda the spiritual pleasure.That ananda is the Haladhini sakthi.The pleasure potency of the Lord, that pleasure potency is the Lords potency. He is the possessor eternally of that potency. The supreme absolute truth is one, but He expands Himself as two. He manifests the Haladhini sakthi, His pleasure potency in the form of Sri Radharani, for the purpose of loving past time.Shankarachari taught that there is no truth, except Brahman. He did not acknowledge the profuse description in the scripture of the Lords various internal potencies. ????? slokha He described that all these potencies are ultimately illusion. There is only the individual one Brahman. But the sakthiman, Brahman, without His sakthi can have no lila, can have no transcendental bliss. Therefore the proper understanding, the complete understanding, Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu revealed as acintya bedha abedha tattva.Inconceivable one and difference. Not only is the spirit soul, inconceivably one and different with the Supreme Lord, so is the material nature and so is the various energies of the Lord. Krishna’s haladhini sakthi within His heart gives Him happiness. Jiva Go swami gives an example, that when that pleasure of Krishna, that takes shelter within His own heart, is expressed outside of Himself, He derives infinitely more happiness. Krishna His breadth, He can whistle and make beautiful song, with His own breadth. However, Jiva Goswami explains that when He plays on His flute when that same air, the same potency, within His heart plays through the medium of the flute, it gives Him infinitely more joy. Similarly, when Krishna’s love potency, is manifested through His devotees, Krishna derives ultimate satisfaction. slokha????This is Bhakthi.Krishna is conquered by the love of His devotee. It is His own love, when manifested through His devotee, in humility, devotion and surrender, Krishna gains the greatest happiness. Krishna, it is described, that He is natasthakaraiyam. He has really nothing to do in this world. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, in His original form of Govinda, is simply a rasabhiari.He is the enjoyer.Even when He appears on the earth, the killing of the demon is done, by the expansion of Vasudev.The creation of the Universe, is performed by His expansion, of the Karanodakshayai Vishnu, Garbhdokshayai Vishnu and Ksirodhkshayai Vishnu.Krishna is the Supreme enjoyer. He is anandmoy, which is means He is full of happiness. And where is that happiness is coming from? This is the tattva of Srimati Radharani.Krishna is always seeking prem or love. The essence of Haladhini sakthi is love prem.The essence of prem is mahabhav.The essence of mahabhav personified, is Srimati Radharani.She is the pleasure potency. She provides all ecstatic happiness to the Supreme Lord. And all living entities only when empowered by her and through her can give real satisfaction to Krishna.
Many great souls, have given up the most incredible opulence’s of this material world, in order to find, that pleasure of attraction to Krishna.Jadbharth gave up his kingdom, just like a person leaves the refuse in the toilet, seeking the pleasure of Krishna.Sukadev Go swami he walked away and gave up not only his nice house and home and even the ecstatic bliss of Brahman. He renounced that. He renounced everything. No material desire whatsoever, seeking the pleasure of love in Krishna. The six Go swamis Raghunath Das Goswami,Sanatana Goswami,Rupa Go swami how much they gave up renounced of this world, beautiful wife, magnificent estate, clothes, food, ornaments, fame,power,youth.slokha???? Because they were seeking Krishna satisfaction. All of these great devotees renounced everything of this material world for Krishna satisfaction. Do you think Krishna has any interest in the things of this world? Krishna is only seeking the pure unconditional love of His devotees. Why? Because that love is part and parcel of the Supreme origin of all love. The love of His pleasure potency Sri Radha Rani.All love within the heart of the jivas is part and parcel of her love just as jiva itself is part and parcel of Krishna’s existence.In the matter of the absolute principle of existence Kirshna is svart.He is all knowing, and He is independent. That in the matter of the principle of love, Krishna becomes a beggar for that prem.Krishna becomes the beggar of the love of His devotees. Because the devotees love is the part and parcel of love of Sri Radharani. Krishna is Madanmohan.He has even proved Himself, as conquering the cupid .When kamadev came to Vrindavan, and pointed his unconquerable flowers arrows at Krishna; just by the site of Krishna he became stunned, motionless, unconcious.Krishna conquers the conqueror of everyone. That His power. It is described by Probananda Saraswathi Thakur that simply breeze of Srimati Radharani; simply the slight glance upon Her, Krishna becomes conquered. His flute falls from His hand. His crown with peacock feather falls from His head. He becomes stunned. And He does not even know what has happened. Because love is reciprocal, because Srimati Radharani knows nothing but Krishna, no one but Krishna, Krishna knows no one but Radharani.If we actually want to understand, what is real love, this is the essence.Today the whole world is mad after the romantic scene .What do you see, when you turn on the television, on the internet, in the cinemas, in the books? People are trying to find some pleasure by some sort of romantic experience. People are hunting, hunting for that romantic experience. Either through some entertainment, or through a person. But it doesn’t satisfy the heart. It burns the heart. It agitates the heart. It actually wounds the heart. But when we repose that propensity, in understanding the origin of all love, the very essence of all love, and try to participate in that love, then all of our desires are fulfilled. The origin of all love is the relationship of Sri Radha and Krishna. When Sri Radharani sees the tamal trees, she embraces the tree, intoxicating and remembering His beautiful bodily complexsion.When she smells the wind, the fragrance of the tulasi leaves of His Lotus feet, she becomes blind by the sensation and wants to merge into the wind. That is the nature of her love.Srimati Radharani in her life, gives her body, her mind, her life, her soul in the service of Krishna. Exclusively for Krishna’s satisfaction.There is beautiful sloka by Rupa Go swami, I would like to read, please listen carefully. It demonstrates, the highest pinnacle, of selfless devotion.Sri Radharani not only wants to serve Krishna with every breath, with every moment, but even if she were to leave her body, she wants every element of her body, to be engaged in Krishna service. In this verse, she is speaking to Lalita sakhi, if Krishna does not return to Vrindavan, I would not see Him and He would not see me. This is very important. Why does Srimati Radharani want to be with Krishna so much? Not so much, because she gets the ecstasy of being with Krishna. But, because she knows within core of her heart, how much unlimited bliss Krishna experiences, when He is with her. The gopies are crying in separation from Krishna, because they know how much Krishna want to be with them. They are crying for His satisfaction. If Krishna does not return to Vrindavan, I would not see Him, and He would not see me. How long will I maintained this miserable life, without His loving service. If I try to give up this life, do not try to save it. If I die, surely my body will mix with the five elements. I bow down to the creator, and I pray that the water of my body after I die, water of my body, should mix water of Shamkund, so that Krishna could use it at the time of His bath. That the light of my body, should mix with Krishna’s mirror, so that He will see His face with that lighted mirror. When I leave this body, let the sky element of my body, mix with the space in His house, so that He could use it and enjoy it. The earth element of my body, should mix with the dust on the pathway, so that it will gently touch His lotus feet. And the air element of my body should mix with His fan of palm leaves, and then He will get peace by touching the air. The castindal of understanding complete exclusive selfless love.The Christians explains, that God is jealous God, that he wants our complete surrender, our complete affection, and our complete love. In this prayer of Srimati Radharani, we understand, how she is dear most to Krishna. Because she simply exist for Krishna’s satisfaction. Every aspect of her life, is simply for Krishna satisfaction. This is Bhakti. If we want to enter into Vrindavan, we must follow in the footstep of those gopies, who are in the loving service of Sri Radhika.How do we do that? Srimati Radharani is the very ocean of compassion. She is supreme compassionate potency of the Lord. She is knowing Krishna’s heart; she wants to give her love to as many people as will accepted. That is her nature. In this world, Sri Radharani’s love manifest through her devotees. Therefore Krishna evam parampara praptam.The parampara is the flow Radharani’s compassion in this world. The principle of being servant, of the servant, of the servant, of the spiritual master in Radharani’s parampara, Prabhupada explains, that is the practical understanding, following in the footstep of the gopies.We can meditate on the various lila of Vrindavan but have we really followed in the footstep of this selfless loving service? That is what Srila Prabhupada and our great acharayas are trying to teach us.When Srila Prabhupada explains, that I am simply trying to carry out the order of my spiritual master. Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswathi Thakur asked him, to teach the message of Lord Chaitnya, to whole world in the English language. Selflessly, he gave every element of his body and his life and even in his passing from this world, to satisfy his guru. He was not concerned with happiness and distress for himself, he was only concern with satisfaction of his guru.Yasya prasadad bhagavat prasado, yasyaprasdan na gatih kuto api, By the mercy of guru one gets the mercy of Krishna, without the mercy of guru one cannot get the mercy of Krishna. Why? Because the guru, is the servant, of the servant of Srimati Radharani, who is Krishna’s mercy potency. Srila Prabhupada explains, I see all of you representative of my Guru Maharaj.In his prayers, on Jalaladuta,where he is praying, he is praying, that let me be the puppet, make me dance as you want me to dance. He is showing us the spirit, of one who is actually following in the footstep of gopies.One who is actually emulated, the spirit of the pure soul, one who is actually following in the footstep, and getting the complete mercy of Srimati Radharani.That is bhakthi.That is devotion.When we chant the holy name, we are praying to Sri Radha and Krishna. We are praying that they engage us in their service. Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu taught us how we should pray.Trnad api sunicena, taror api sahisnuna, amanina manadena, kirtanyah sada harih. This is following in the footstep of the gopies. To be humble like a blade of grass, to be tolerant like a tree. To be ready to offer all respect to others and to expect none in return. In this way we can constantly chant the Holy Name, for the pleasure of Radha Gopinath. Na dhenam na dhanam na janam na sundarim, kavitam va jagad isa kamaye, mama janmani janmanisvare, bhavatad bhaktir ahaituki tvayi. Lord Chaitnya is Radha and Krishna. He is teachings these verses. This is what it means to follow in the footstep of the gopies.This is the path to braj.To approach the Lord in this spirit, I do not want wealth, I do not want the beautiful company of opposite sex, I do not want follower, prestiage, or fame, I do not even want liberation from suffering, my only desire is to unconditionally serve you birth after birth after birth. This Bhakti, following in the footstep, of the great acharyas, in the mood of the instrument of their mercy, is the essence of our philosophy. Because in that spirit, we can constantly chant the Holy Name in love. That atah pumbhir dvija-srestha, varanasrama vibhagasah, svanusyhiyasya dharmasya, samisiddhir hari-tosanam the goal of varnasrama is simply to please Krishna. This is the process how to please Krishna.Srila Prabhupad explained that there are so many societies in this world. And there are so many religious societies. But he wanted to establish one society, whose only aim is to please Krishna, as our exclusive goal, and desire pure devotional service. The Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddhist, the Jews, the Christian, the Jains, the Parsis, so much mixed religions. Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu established, the teaching of Srimad Bhagavatam, which teaches exclusive, unmotivated, unconditional, devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So today, on Radhashtami, we are discussing not only the principle or the tattva of Srimati Radharani transcendental personality, of how we can approach her? How we can serve her? How can we receive her love?There is a nice story. Near Radhakund, there is a place called Shivakuri.There, there was a jackal. Now why does someone take birth as a jackal, it is not to due to pious activity, to take a birth in an animal life is due to sins. And amongst animals, even the animal thinks, jackals are low class, casteless and sinful. There is nothing you ever see in praise of jackal. People have cows on their alters, people have painting of horses in their houses. People have pet rabbits, even dogs and cats, that they cover very nicely. Sporting team are named after tiger, bears, lions.So, there is appreciation for the qualities of various animals.Eagle, majestic, that is symbol of America. But who glorifies the jackal, even jackal don’t glorify jackals. Very sinful animal. So this jackal was being harassed by small children. They were throwing stones at him. And the jackal was being injured in great pain. Ran way from that place, jumped into the hole in the ground. The children lit a fire all around the hole. And the heat and smoke were entering the hole, and they were all gathered around, waiting for him to come out, they can beat him. The jackal was screaming in pain.Srimati Radharani, who was at Radhakund at that time heard the screaming of jackal. This was the vicinity of her abode Radhakund.No one should suffer there. She told her the most intimate expansion, Lalita Sakhi,that you go and see who is in pain.Lalitha gopi went and when she saw the children, she chastised them and send them away.Then,she personally put out the fire and call the jackal to come out. When the jackal came out, Lalita Devi, took that useless little jackal and brought her to Srimati Radharani.The jackal with tears, tears of gratitude, and surrendered fell at the feet of Sri Radharani and surrendered. Srimati Radharani said that no more suffering for you. As of today, I will give you entrance into my past times as one of my gopies.That jackal represents sinful condition living entities of this material world. We are all jackals. The hole in the ground represent material exsistences.Just as the jackal could not get out of the hole, the hole in the ground represent being trapped in the hole of material bondage. And the fire represent the three fold miseries of the material exsistence.Lalitha sakhi represent the spiritual master.She comes, the spiritual master comes, simply to bring us to the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani.When you come to the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani, Prabhupada explains, she recommend us to Krishna. She says that Krishna this devotee is better than me, please accept it, and then we are accepted. This is guru parampara.This is the compassionate merciful nature of the Lord internal pleasure potency.Srimati Radharani is the fountain head of all the Lords energy. She is the source of all goddesses of fortune. She expands herself as Parvati, for the purpose of having the Lord, to organize and facilitate the entire material existence. She expands herself as Lakshmi, in all of the vaikuntha planents.She expand herself as Sita, simply to give whatever she does, is simply to give happiness, to give pleasure to her beloved Lord. The supreme glorious of Srimati Radharani, are revealed in the puranas, especially Brahma vaivykaya purana,Padma Purana.Krishna reveals in those wonderful literature, how His life ,His soul is essence in His experience in Radharani’s love and no one can approach Him, except of being the servant of the servant of the servant. But of all the Vedic literature, Srimad Bhagavatam, is considered to be the topmost. Because in Srimad Bhagavatam, the supreme excellence of Srimati Radharani love, is glorified in the most exalted way. According to Sri Jiva Goswami, Sri Sanatana Goswami, the Srimad Bhagavatam was spoken by Sri Sukhadev Goswami, especially to reveal to the world, the topmost limit of spiritual love. And this has been revealed in the five chapters of Raslila, the Ras Panchadaya. Therein, Krishna, under bamsibat tree, plays the fifth note with His flute and many many gopies unlimited gopies come, surrendering everything for His satisfaction. Giving up those things that are impossible for ordinary human being to renounce. They gave up their comforts, their safety, their home, their family, their lives.Body, mind, words and lives.Prabhupad explains that there are four rods within Vaishnava danda.Three of them; tridanda means total surrender to body, mind, and words exclusive service of the Lord. And the fourth danda is Jiva danda, ones very life breath, becomes the property of God. And in our line, sannasya means to follow in the footstep of the gopies.They surrender unparallel in quality and quantity, their body,mind,word and lives for Krishna.And therefore Krishna fulfill the desire by needing with them.Padma purana describes that out of unlimited gopies, 18,000 are promienent.Out of those, 108 are promienent.Out of those 108 gopies, 8 are very promienent.Of them, 2 are most promienent,Chandravalli and Srimati Radharani.Of the two, Sri Radhika is the supreme most promienent of gopies.Because only she can give Krishna complete happiness through her love.In Srimad Bhagavatam, Krishna left all the assembled gopies, simply to revealed to the world, the supreme power of Radharani’s love.Sri Radharani name is not directly spoken in Srimad Bhagavatam.Because the acharyas explain, Sukhavdev Goswami had several reasons. One is, the nature of Radha and Krishna past times is so high. It is so confidential, that is not for even common rishis and sages, to be able to understand.Therfore, he did not specifically reveal her name. In fact, Sukhadev goswami, did not mention single name of any gopies, directly, who had the madhurya ras with Sri Krishna, in the entire Srimad Bhagavatam.But, in this particular verse, what Krishna left all others, Sukhadev Go swami could not contain himself. So he spoke the name of Sri Radharani indirectly. This is called parokshvad.But to actually reveal even more sweetly, he spoke her name in an indirect way, in a veiled way. The famous slokha, Anyaradhatho nunam, Bhagavan harer iswara. When the gopies saw the footprint of Sri Radharani with Krishna, Bhakti Vinod Thakur explains, it was Chandravalli she was the one, who chanted this particular verse. That of all the gopies, this particular one, who Krishna has left of all of us for, she knows the supreme science of how to please Krishna. Her love is the highest extent, highest limit, of ecstatic love. Anyaradhatho nunam, Bhagavan harer iswara. Krishna is Bhagavan. He possess all opulence, He is the proprietor of everything. But here, it is being revealed that although Krishna is the proprietor of everything that exists, Bhagavan Krishna is the property of Srimati Radharani.Krishna’s Hari, He is the supreme thief, He steals away everything at the time of death from the materialist. And He steals the heart of His devotees. But here, this particular gopi has stolen the Krishna’s heart. That is why He has left us. And Krishna is iswara. He is the controller of all controllers. But yet, this gopi she has the power to control Krishna. This is the meaning of aradhatheetha.The supreme lover, who control the Lord, who possesses the Lord, and who steals the heart of the Lord. This was revealed in Srimad Bhagavatam.Therefore Srila Prabhupada very simply explains to us that if you simply get the mercy of Srimati Radharani all of your desire will be fulfilled. Krishna never takes a step out of Vrindavan.Because Krishna cannot live without the love of His pleasure potency.
There was a controversy. Some very senior Vaishnava ,even today they explain that in Delhi this deity Radha Parathasarathy is improperly named.Parthasarthy,is the chariot driver of Arjuna.This is Krishna Kurushetra Lila. This is rasa vasa .Radharani is not in Kurushetra on the battle field with Arjuna. But actually, if you study transcript of Prabhupad talks, you will find that back in the early seventies, several of the devotees approached Prabhupad directly with the same enquiry. They said Prabhupad why did you name the deities Radha Parthasarthy.After all in new Vrindavan, is Radha Vrindavan Chandra. In New York is Radha Govind.In Toronto Radha Kirchoar Gopinath, so many beautiful names, in San Diego Radha Giridhari. In London, is Radha Londoneaswar.Prabhupada explained, do you think that anytime, anywhere Krishna is not meditating Radharani within His heart? Yes, even when Krishna, is on the battlefield of Kurushetra, driving the chariot of Arjuna, His heart is always is immersed in the loving thoughts of Srimati Radharani. Radha is always with Krishna. Because power of her love, it is explained Krishna never leaves Vrindavan.He is always in the heart of devotees of Vrindavan and the devotee of Vrindavan are always in His heart. That same Krishna who is knower of everything past, present and future, is longing to understand the love of Srimati Radharani.
Actually, Gaudiya Vaishnavas, have such a deep sublime understanding of this transcendental realtionship.Sri Chaitnya caritramrta, reveals sloka??????? Krishna know everything past, present and future. He knows every living being. He is all pervading Paramatma. He is in between every atom. But, yet when Krishna saw His reflection, in a jewel pillar, He became so attracted. He was thinking only Srimati Radharani, when she sees this form, the ecstasy she feels I cannot understand that. What is the nature of her love? What is it that she experiences? When she sees me, what is her happiness, when she tastes the sweetness of my love? This was the one thing that Krishna could not fathom. This is the glory of Srimati Radharani.Therefore, Krishna, in the age of Kali appears to taste the sweetness of Srimati Radharani’s love. Sri Krishna Chaitnya Radha Krishna na anya.The Supreme absolute truth is one, but becomes two, for the purpose of eternal loving past times. But those two transcendental personalities again become one, in the form of Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu. Krishna entering deep into the heart of Srimati Radharani to taste the sweetness of her love. That is Lord Chaitnya.And to deliver that love to this world.
Recently we were explaining, that Lord Chaitnya when He was in Varanasi, he said that I have so many fruits of love of God. Any one fruit will satisfy any person desire completely for the rest of eternity. And I have so many fruits, so many fruits and I want to share these fruits with everyone. But how many can I distribute myself? This is Radharani’s speaking. She wants to give her love, the fruits of her love to everyone. The only qualification to accept is just the willingness and faith. And Lord Chaitnya is begging. And He is begging all of his followers, please assist me in distributing these fruit of my love. This love is being given through Hari nam sankirtan movement.The chanting of the Holy name of the Lord in siskashtakm is explained the various stages of purification one obtains by chanting Harinam without offences. Anandabuddhi vardhanam prati-padam purnamrtasvadanam, ultimately that ananda sakthi awakens within our heart. That pure unalloyed ecstatic love for Krishna. So the distribution, of the Holy name of Krishna, is in fact to be servant, of the servant, of the servant of Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu, who is Krishna in the spirit of Radha. Prabhupad, our beloved Gurudev, he canvassed all of us and somehow convinced us our stubborn mind, to be part of the transcdental past time of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna. On the holy day of Radhashtami, we should very very sincerely pray, pray for humility, pray for genuine gratitude, pray for the spirit of real determinations and surrender, pray that we can gain taste for the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra and enthusiasm to share that taste with others.
The story of the Srimati Radharani appearance, is described, in different ways according to different kalpas,in which Radha and Krishna appeared.Srila Prabhupad once explained perfectly, almost word for word according to Padma Purana.That when Krishna was approached by Brahma at Svedadip,who was appealing on behalf of bhumi devi, in the form of cow, and all the devatas.Krishna decided, actually yuga avatar come every Kail yuga ,but only once in a day of Brahma does Krishna comes in a original transcendental form from Golokha.So Krishna, he approached Srimati Radharani and told her that I am descending to the world.But,I cannot go without you. So, you please descend. And the way she descended, is she entered into the earth. When Rishabhanu who was performing sacrafice,was ploughing the field in the area called Mukheravalli,near Vrajbhumi.Sri Radharani immerged from the earth as beautiful golden child. And Rishabhanu maharaj, who was in such transcendental bliss brought the beautiful baby girl to beloved wife Kirtida.And from that day there was very very great happiness in their home.Rishabhanu and Kirtida were living Barsana.But they, when Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda mai moved from Nandagram to Gokulmahavan,they wanted to be nearby. So they moved to the place called Mukheravalli which is today called Ravel.
According to Lalita Madhava, there is a beautiful explanation, that there was a very great devotee named Sri Chandra and his wife Kalavathi.They performed tapasya for ten thousand years, only eating leaves that fall from the trees. Lord Brahma appeared to them, and offered them benediction. They wanted the supreme goddess of fortune to be their daughter. And so he blessed them. Rupa Go swami explains ???? And other puranas how by the benediction of Brahma,Sri Chandra and kalavathi took birth as Rishabhanu and Kirtida.They were living in Barsana and later in Ravel. The Supreme Goddess of fortunes, descended from Goloka Vrindavan.Sri Radharani entered into the womb of Kirtida.And Chandravalli, who was Radharani expansion, entered into the womb wife of Chandrabhanu. Lord Brahma gave benediction to the wife of the Vindhya Mountains. In order to fulfill the benediction, Brahma requested the Yoga may potency, to transfer Radharani and Chandravalli, to the womb of Vindhya devi.They emerged from her womb.Meanwhile, Kamsa he sent Putana to kill all baby boys and to kidnap all baby girls. So, she was terrorizing the countryside. At the Vindhya Mountains, Putana actually kidnapped Sri Radharani and Chandravalli.The king of the Vindhyas; he went to his chief priest to chant the mantras, for killing rakshashee demons. When she heard those, she became very afraid. And she dropped one of the babies.Purnamasi explains in Lalitha Madhava that after Krishna killed Putana, she secretly ran onto the lap of putana and there she found Radharani and brought her to Ravel. She also found five other little baby gopies and she delivered them different gopi houses. Nobody knew what was happening. But Puranamasi was very expertly doing the will of the Lord. So it is explained, on this day, that Rishabhanu Maharaj went to take his bath in jamuna and on a lotus flower he saw very great effulgence. That lotus flower was in the lake of jumuna.He could not reach it. And then Lord Brahma appeared, and placed the little baby girl, Srimati Radhika into his arms. And explained the whole story, of how she had appeared there. And he brought the baby to home, and it was very very great festival.The appearance day of Srimati Radharani.But there was a problem,Srimati Radharani, neither she would open her eyes, make any sound or acknowledge hearing anything.
This is the beautiful story from the Padma Purana.I’ll tell the story quickly.Naradha Muni, when he understood that Krishna had taken birth in Gokul Mahavan, he went to Nanda Maharaj house. When he saw the beauty of Gopal his heart was enthrobed with ecstatic love. And then after congrulating Nanda Maharaj, he was thinking within his heart, that Krishna when He descends in this world, He is never without the pleasure potency. The Supreme Goddess of fortune Radharani must have taken birth somewhere. He was so very very eager to find her. He was searching all the houses in Vrindavan.In the excuse of just giving benediction, he would go to house, after house, after house of Vrajavasies.But he couldn’t find her. Then he could sense that she was in a particular home. The house of Rishabhanu and Kritda.He came to door of big beautiful palace.Rishabhanu Maharaj came out to greet him. Offered his obeisance to the great sage lotus feet and worshipped him in various ways, offered prayers.Naradha muni asked him, do you have any children. I would like to see your children. So, he brought his son, Sridama, just a little boy, tiny, tiny.He had just beautiful lotus eyes. When Narada Muni saw the beauty of this child his heart over flooded with love. He picked up the child and embraced him. Child had such a good qualities. He told Rishabhanu that this beautiful boy of yours is the embodiment of all virtues. He will become the dearest confidential friend of Krishna and Balaram. Naradha Muni was feeling so much ecstatic happiness, because he saw every vrajavasies, every house he visited, their lives, their Soul their everything, they simply loved for the son of Nanda Maharaj.Their every act was in the service of the son of Nanda.Their every word was glorifying the virtue of the son of Nanda.Their very thought, absorption, for the son of Nanda.Then Rishabhanu Maharaja was thinking in his heart, that my daughter appeared to be blind, deaf, and dumb, perhaps if Naradha Muni blesses her, then everything will be auscipious.Rishabhanu maharaj and Kirtida said to Naradha, we also have a daughter, can we bring our daughter to you. Then Naradha Muni entered into the house of Rishabhanu. And he saw the little baby, Sri Radhika tiny child, rolling in the ground.Rishabhanu maharaj picked her up, placed her Naradha Muni’s arms.Naradha Muni sat the child on his lap. His whole body was pulsating with thrill of ecstacy.Seeing this baby little girl, something happen to him that never ever happen to him in his whole life. He became completely stunned for two muharthas.He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t see.The child was just playing on his lap. And finally, he opened his eyes and again he looked at the child. Never had he experienced such ecstatic love. He began to speak, uncontrolled word springing directly from the core of his heart. Should I continue? Haribol!!Naradha Muni expressed that I have traveled, to every part of the entire universe. I have seen all the homes of the gods and demigods and goddesses. I have seen Indira lokha,I have seen Mahalokha, janalokha,tapalokha,svargalokha planets. I have been even to Vaikuntha planets. I have personally have the darshan of Parvathi.A mere reflection, a tiny little reflection Parvathi’s beauty, is what keeps the entire world, enthralled in the pursuit of sense enjoyment. Her beauty captivates the entire universal creations. And Parvathy herself doesn’t even have a fraction of one ten millionth beauty of this beautiful golden child. I have seen all the Lakshmi of the various planets of Vaikuntha, and there the beauty of Lakshmi Devi herself the consort of Vishnu, cannot even be compared, even distantly compared, to the beauty of Sri Radhika. I have seen Mohini murthi, she completely fatiuated all the demons and fatiuated all the demigods. I even saw how she totally bewildered Lord Siva with her beauty. But the beauty of Mohini Murthi is not even like a drop, compared to the oceanic beauty of this beautiful child. Just her sight, my love for Govinda has increased hundred of millions of times. Just by seeing this child, I have never experienced so much love, for Krishna. Naradha Muni was be side himself. There were tears pouring from his eyes, his limbs were trembling. He could not possibly express with his mouth, the unlimited glorious of this beautiful little baby girl beauty. He understood that she is the ultimate treasure of everyone’s heart. Then he asked Rishabhanu maharaj please let me be alone with her. He sat with Radharani in a secluded place. He offered prayers of glorification and then he begged her for benediction. Please, Narada Muni said, reveal to me that form, which internally captivates, entices, the heart of Shamsundar. Then Sri Radharani revealed the supreme mystical vision. Before Naradha Muni eyes, was the darshan of Radharani eternal form of Kishori, the beautiful fourteen year old girl. That form that is Madan Mohana Mohaini that conquers the heart of Krishna. Along with her, were many many of her gopi friends including the eight sakhis.When Naradha Muni saw that form of Nithya Kishori Radhika, he felt to the ground unconscious, could not even breathe. Some of the gopies sprinkled water on his face. Water that washed Radharani lotus feet. Sprinkled that water on his face and the mystical power brought him back to consciousness. Then the gopies told him that at midnight, you should go to the forest of ashoka groove. It is just on the bank of Kusum Sarovar near Govardhan hill. If you come there, then the inner desire of your heart to engage in the transcendental loving service of Srimati Radharani will be fulfilled. Then, the vision disappeared and the little baby infant Radharani layed on his lap. When Rishabhanu maharaj came back into the room, Naradha Muni entrusted Radharani again into his arms and extolled the unlimited fortune of Rishabhanu and Kirtida.A few days later, Nanda, Yashoda and Krishna came to Mathiravalli to offer their congratulation, and praise to Rishabhanu maharaj and Kirtida for their new born baby. At that time Sri Radharani was laying on her cradle, still, not a sound came from her mouth, her eyes would not even opened slightly. She did not show that she recognized any sound. Gopal crawled up her to her cradled, when His beautiful moonlike face was before hers, she elegantly opened her beautiful lotus like eyes and cried out the name of Gopal.She came to this world only for the service of Krishna. She did not want to see anything but Krishna. She did not want hear anything but the sound of Krishna. She did not want to speak anything but Krishna’s glories. This is bhakti.This should be our aspiration. Not see anything that is not related to Krishna. Not to hear anything that is not in the glorification of Krishna. And utilize this power to speak exclusively to chant the glories of the Lord.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
Srila Prabhupada Ki! Jay
Sri Radharani Ki! Jay
Sri Radha Gopinath dev! Jay
Sri Harinam Sankirtan Ki! Jay

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