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Krishna Accepts the Devotion

On behalf of His Devine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada the founder Acarya of our society in all of our temples we welcome you. This evening we are celebrating Pushya Abhishek. I will not speak long because you have all come to see the beautiful flower shower ceremony of Sri Radha Gopinathji. I would like to speak something of the history of this festival. Pushya Ahbishek actually means the winter bathing ceremony of Sri Radha and Krsna in the month of Paush, In the Krsna book or Srimad Bhagvatam generally, whenever Krsna kills demons the cowherd boys dance and clap their hands and cry out “well done well done “ and the demigods shower Krsna with flowers. So this bathing Krsna with the shower of flowers is authorized by Sukhadev Goswami in Srimad Bhagvatam. It was very much during Rasa Lila they were being showered by flowers, during killing of demons they were showered by flowers. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appeared in this world not to kill the demons with His weapons of chakra or bow and arrow. Nityanand Prabhu when Mahaprabhu was about to sever the heads of Jagai and Madhai he said “My Lord in this age of Kali everyone is more or less like this Jagai and Madhai. We have come to deliver them with the weapon of the holy name.” Srila Prabhupada told that this is the special magnanimous mercy of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Ram killed Ravana with bow and arrow, Narasimhadev killed Hiranyakashipu with his sharpened claws, Varahadev killed Hiranyaksha with his hoof and his tusk, Krsna killed many demons in various ways. Sisupal with his Sudarshan Chakra. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has come with his devotees and their weapon is their causeless mercy – the holy names. Through chanting the holy names under the direction of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his followers the demoniac mentality within the heart is killed and the original consciousness - Krsna Consciousness is awakened. Jagai and Madhai were the demons Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha, Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Sisupal, Dantavakra they came again but through the mercy of Gaur Nitai their hearts became cleansed simply by giving up their sinful activities, associating with devotees and chanting Harinam Sankirtan. They became humble like the blade of grass, tolerant like tree, eager to offer all respect to others and expect none in return. In this way the greatest of all demons Jagai and Madhai were chanting the Holy names constantly “Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare“ So to celebrate Srila Prabhupada’s mercy the mercy of Radha Gopinath coming through Srila Prabhupada after delivering so many demons we are showering Radha Gopinath with flowers. Srila Prabhupada ki Jai, Nitai Gaurchandra ki Jai, Sri Radha Gopinathji ki Jai. In this world everyone is looking for enjoyment maya is the external energy of the Lord the shadow energy of the Lord. The guru and shastras explains how trying to enjoy on the material platform forgetting our constitutional nature as the eternal servants of Krsna is like trying to enjoy our shadow. Shadow enjoyment, there is no actual reality, there is no substance. It is like trying to eat by putting food in your reflection in a mirror. It may appear that you are eating but there is no nourishment there is no substance. We are eternal spirit souls. Bhagvatam declares that when you water the root of the tree all the parts of the tree are satisfied.
ahaḿ sarvasya prabhavomattaḥ sarvaḿ pravartateiti matvā bhajante māḿbudhā bhāva-samanvitāḥ
Krsna is the root the cause of all causes from whom everything emanates. When we please Krsna our souls become fully satisfied. Any endeavor that does not please Krsna is simply the attempt to enjoy in the shadow of illusion. But yet the desire is so deep and powerful. “ananda mayobyasat” Lord Chaitanya’s method is so joyful “keval anand kanda” with our same mind with our same senses in a most vibrant creative and even festive way we can be fully immersed in pleasing activities that purify the soul and awaken our love. Sri Rupa Goswami describes in Bhaktirasamrita Sindhu one of the regulative principles of devotional service is to celebrate these festivals. And all of our festivals are simply to come together to give to pleasure to Krsna. And what pleases Krsna, simply our sincere effort in the spirit of devotion – patraḿ puṣpaḿ phalaḿ toyaḿ Krsna tells in Gita it doesn’t take much to please him just devotion - one who offers me even a leaf, a fruit, some water or even a flower if it is offered with devotion I will accept it and I am satisfied. That is the perfection of our life. In Poona we saw a nice drama of Srutadeva and Bahulasva. Bahulasva was a king who was offering Krsna the best opulence, wealth in his entire kingdom and Srutadeva was a very poverty stricken brahman he had just whatever little he could beg he offered it to Krsna. Krsna does not see what you offer. As Niranjan Swami Maharaj was so beautifully describing in Pune, Krsna is Bhavagrahi he accepts, the attitude the purpose in which everything is offered. Bahulasva offered grand grand wealth to Krsna and Srutadeva so small. Bahulasva a huge feast of hundreds of preparations flowing in ghee and Shutadev just had some chipped rice. Bahulasva seated Krsna on a royal golden throne with jewels and Srutadeva offered Krsna straw mat of Kusa grass. But Krsna was seeing the emotion the devotion and what is that devotion? The purpose in which we are making the offering. Rupa Goswami describes
anyabhilashita-sunyam gnana-karmadyanavritamanukulyena krishnanusilanam bhaktir-uttama
Real devotion is uncontaminated by any type of selfish desire- desire for material benefits or even desire for liberation. Kolavecha Sridhar was a poverty stricken person with torn clothes living in a thatched hut we was emaciated for not enough food. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu offered him the wealth of Indra the king of heaven, He offered him all the 8 mystic siddhis, He offered him liberation, He offered him elevation to the Vaikuntha but Sridhar refused all these things in the mood of Prahlad. “I am not come to do business with you my Lord”. Prabhupada paraphrases Kolavecha Sridhar the only benediction he wanted was to be the servant of the servant of the servant of his servant. I just want the benediction that I can always serve those whom you love. That is pure devotional service. It is only that unconditional state of consciousness that can bring the soul happiness everything else is a disturbance and it is attraction (0:12:46). Srila Prabhupada travelled around the world over a dozen times so much difficulty he underwent to give us by his words and by his example this principle of unconditional love. So it does not matter who we are or what we have what matters is our purpose, the quality of our service attitude that is the all in all that Krsna accepts. Haridas Thakur was a malecha untouchable but Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu proclaimed him to be the Namacharya and personally lifted his dead body and danced with it with tears weeping from his eyes. Kolavecha Sridhar was poverty and then we have Rupa and Sanatan Goswami, Sārvabhauma Bhaṭṭācārya very highly qualified Brahmans. King Pratap Rudra a king with great wealth the material condition did not matter. King Pratap Rudra was willing to go in the street with a broom and take such a humble position to serve the Lord and his devotees that is what the Lord accepted not his being a king and because he had that attitude Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was willing to accept all the power and grandeur of this kingdom. It was the attitude he was accepting. And in the same way Lord Chaitanya accepted water from the old, broken up, beaten iron pot of Kolavecha Sridhar not just accept it he stole it. That water was used for all the washing and drinking purposes of Sridhar it was so broken and old that even the most desperate thief on earth would not even cast a glance upon it but Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was weeping in ecstasy with his hairs standing on end and his voice choked up to drink that water. This is devotional service kevala anand kanda. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has made life so beautiful. Krsna consciousness is so wonderful and these festivals, you will not find anyone in Bombay going to any Bollywood cinemas or watching any satellite TV’s even the American Stations, you will not find anyone in any of the Restaurants and Hotels having as much fun as the devotees here this evening. They are all trying to enjoy through attracting each other in sexual ways, and just gazing at some illusion and someone’s trying to exploit you upon. But inside there is nothing there is no substance. We are here only to serve and what would be our joy simply seeing Radha Gopinath happy. Seeing the amount of devotion that has gone into serving them. I believe there is - Yes over1100 kilos of flowers that is over 1 ton pounds of flowers. Krsna says patraḿ puṣpaḿ phalaḿ toyaḿ even one flower he will accept. Why should you offer one if you can somehow or other access 1 ton and we have hundreds of devotees plucking the flowers very nicely all day long and everyone of those plucks was an offering of devotion. There were so many ladies making flower ornaments, and flower dresses for Sri Radha Gopinathji, with devotion. No one’s getting paid, no one’s getting prestige no one’s getting fame everything is going to Krsna and that selfless spirit of service creates an energy that pleases the Lord and as Sri Radha Gopinath are being bathe with showers of fragrant flowers all the devotees will be chanting the holy names with great feeling and devotion and all the devotees will be happy to see Krsna enjoying and that will give Krsna immense pleasure. Prabhupada told us “Chant Hare Krsna and be happy’. That’s a very profound statement because Krsna is happy when we are happy being happy is a service. It is not that we chant Hare Krsna because we want to be happy. On a lower level that may be because we are miserable and we are suffering and we are basically just crushed by the modes of material nature. We are looking for happiness and we want some happiness and chanting Hare Krsna will make us happy but on a higher level Prabhupada’s instructing us if you chant and you are happy chanting that will give Krsna great pleasure because that’s love. If we are happy giving Krsna pleasure that is love. When we are in the association of wonderful enthusiastic devotees it makes such a joyful experience to chant and that joy that we feel as we are praising Krsna gives Radha Gopinath great happiness. So the essence of this festival is to see the beauty of the deities and to being seen by them happily, enthusiastically, and very loudly chanting the holy name “Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare / Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare“
In previous years our head pujari Jananivas Prabhu would come from Mayapur Dham. Jananivas Prabhu the senior most pujari in the entire Hare Krsna movement has been a Pujari of Sri Mayapur Dham since about 1971 and some years ago we requested him to be the head pujari whom all others are answerable to in Sri Radha Gopinath temple and his blessings and guidance is always upon our pujari staff. Tonight I have a special secret to tell you. Are you ready? When Jananivas Prabhu first began as pujari he was under the authority and guidance of HG Sriman Bhavananda Prabhu who is with us this evening. Jananivas Prabhu’s pujari teacher is present he is like our Param Pujari. Our grandfather pujari. We are very grateful that he has come and my dear god brothers – Chandramauli Swami Maharaj, Niranjan Swami Maharaj, Janakartha Prabhu, Yaduvar Prabhu, Shyamsundar Prabhu, Bhavananda Prabhu, Dayaram Prabhu, Makhanlal Prabhu, Sheyadas Prabhu (22:38), Gaursakti Prabhu, Kulashekhar Prabhu Please come sit up here. Could one of the devotees bring here and also Madam Mohan to the front? We are so very very grateful that these great souls have come to bless us. Let us very enthusiastically welcome them to our festival. Would you like to speak a few words Maharaj?
So we will now begin the flower Abhishekam ceremony. My sincere request is, remember Rupa Goswami’s wonderful warning that if you are attached to the things of this world, family, friends, love of this world, wealth, prestige then do not look at the beautiful form of Gopinath who is standing on the banks of Yamuna. Especially tonight. He is Hari. If we simply chant his name with humility and devotion Krsna will steal our hearts that is the ultimate aspiration of our lives to serve and to please the Lord in such a way that he will be pleased to steal our hearts. That is the extraordinary supreme gift that Srila Prabhupada has showered upon all of us. As Krsna is being showered with the flowers of the devotees love, all of us will be showered by the causeless mercy of his Devine Grace Srila Prabhupada and in this way we will have a wonderful wonderful festival. Thank you very much

Ramayan Contains Examples Of Ideals Lecture

For so kindly coming to give us your association on this auspicious occasion of the celebration of Sri Ram Navmi .I especially offer my heart felt thankfulness to the devotees who performed this dramatic performance.Lord Sri Krishna the original supreme personality of Godhead the fountain head of all incarnations appears in this world in various times and places out of his causeless mercy.0:01:13.7.The supreme lord is eternally performing transcendental pastimes of ecstatic love in the spiritual realm beyond this temperory material creation .Those who misuse their free will to be try to be enjoyers rarther than servants remain imprisoned within the confince of material existence and must suffer birth after birth after birth.Krishna tells in Gita from the highest planet in the material world Brahmaloka down to the lowest patalaloka they are all places of suffering 0:02:37.0 they are all places of birth and death.The conditioned soul is five forced by comic powers to take birth.Which is the painful experience both for mother and the child and then growing up in the helpless dependent condition has to undergo so many tribulations.If we have some highest action behind us we may enjoy some pleasurable experiences but due to their temperory nature they are inevitably dragged away from us.0:03:49.1 but the lord out of his causeless mercy decends to attract our hearts by performing his transcendental pastimes 0:04:10.7 Lord Sri Krishna tells in Bhagvad Gita that one who knows the transcendental nature of my appearance and activities never takes birth again in this miserable world but attains my eternal personal abode.Sometimes devotees become depressed frustrated because their plans for material happiness just donot seem to be going according to their arrangements .But our philosophy is their to tell us that we should not be concern with these things.It is all illusion or real happiness is in surrendering to the supreme personality of Godhead not in the temporary arrangements and relationships of this bodily platform.Devotees they arrange everything in their life in such a way that whatever happens I am safe Because I will remember Krishna by chanting his holy name hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.Thakur Bhakti Vinod has prayed that I have seen and considered all the 14 planetary system of this universal creation my conclusion that Krishna only your holy name can save me.This beautiful performance of the devotional service of Jatayu is very instructive.Lord Sri Ramachandra cried rivers of tears in love for this devotee Why?because he did not consider his own comforts he did not consider even his life he only considered how I could serve.Whatever is Rama’s pleasure that is my life.He was so aged Sita herself she called down to Jatayu just tell Ram which direction I am going do not try to fight him you are too old you will not survive.Jatayu could have just done that and lived many years longer happily in the forest of Dandakaranya .But he was not concern he was the King of that section of the forest.He lived very peacefully something like his retirement home but that was even not a consideration for him.Suffering and dying was more pleasing proposal to his heart than not rendering that service of giving his lifeSo Jatayu attacked Ravana he fought all of his powers and he fought well with his beak he was gouging out pounds of Ravana’s flesh from his back he was even bitting of his arms and his arms kept growing back due to some benedictions of Lord Shiva and Brahma even smashed his chariot and killed the hidous meuls that were pulling it what a fighter he gave everything he had but due to his old age he became tired and Ravana saw that although Jatayu had no weapons except his beak and claws Ravana had the most sophisticated weapons of the time.He slashed off his legs he slashed off his arms and left him their mercilessly to die a suffering death.Krishna tells in Gita we should not be attached to the results of our actions we should be our service.Real success is in pleasing the supreme personality of Godhead not in any physical tangible results.The story that we so fortunately have witnessed exemplifies this truth.Jatayu lost the battle but won the war against maya.The supreme personality of Godhead is always there to protect his devotee 0:12:06.8 Krishna tells Arjuna I will always protect my devotee you declare this bodly.So material vision how did he protect Jatayu his arms were cut he was bleeding he was suffering he was dying but death comes for everyone sooner or later.But the supreme lord appeared before him at his last moment like Bhishma loke so many great souls jatayu left this world in the arms of the supreme personality of Godhead gazing at his moon like face,hearing his smooth comforting words and repeating his holy names hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare and Lord Ramachandra not only did he cry in love in separation for his devotee but he personally made him glorified for eternity.Valmiki Ramayan the authorized history of Sri Ramachandras life discuss in such transcendental depth the love and surrender of the Lord’s devotees.We find amongst the devotees of Ram and Ram himself in his own life such an exhaulted state of spiritual integrity. They there the lords devotees have an ideal and they live for that ideal and they are willing to die for that ideal.Sita his chaste wife was willing to go the forest to sleep on the hard ground for 14 years to maintain the integrity of her chastity to Ram.Lord Ramchandra was willing to live in the Dandakaranya forest for 14 years to maintain the integrity of his fathers word and reputation.Jatayu was willing to die to maintain his ideal that I am the servant of Sri Ram.Bharat he was willing to give up his whole Kingdom and live in the forest but when Ram refused him Bharat remained in the village of Nandigram eating roots and drinking cow urine wearing tree bark and matted hair never even entering Ayodhya performing all the work of the king giving all credit to the wooden sandals of Sri Ram.Yes if we want to be real devotees we must establish our ideal and live and die for that ideal.Hanumanji there was nothing we wouldnot do at any moment at any time anywhere for Sri Ram.Srila Prabhupad taught us often that the gratest pleasure to the spiritual master is a follower who one knows for sure will never betray his word or her word who will always be there hfaithfully and all times and all circumstances.That is a real devotee and through the joyous pastimes and the bitter tragedy Sri Ramayan that wonderful theme is continusely enacted 0:18:34.6 abondan all varieties if religion and just surrender to me I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions donot fear.Did Jatayu lose anything he lost his temporary body but Ram sent him immediately to the eternal abode of Vaikuntha to live for ever as his intimate associate.It is becoming somewhat late we don’t have so much time to speak but I would like to speak something about the appearance of Lord Ramachandra on this auspicious occasion.In Ayodhya Dasarath he had several wives as was the tradition of the kings of that time.Everything was auspicious he had no enemies he had royal armies faithful ministers incredible royal wealth and opulances chaste faithful loving wives all the citizens loved him as there own father and he loved the citizens as his own children it was an ideal kingdom he managed the state so well that everything was perfectly clean.All the bluiding’s were fresh and new amacountly clean all the citizens were weathy there was no poverty they all wore costly ornaments and silks.The streets were paved and washed with sandal oil and various sweet fragrances every day .Everyone was happy no one required anything more than what they had because Dasarath was such a great devotee of Lord Vishnu because he earned the trust of everyone the entire kingdom were devotees of Lord Vishnu.The Brahmans were performing Yajana’s which was the yugadharma in the tretayuga .Everyone had such faith in the Lord everyone had so much devotion that they just didn’t want anything else and when people live in harmony with the will of the Lord then the Lord provides everything so nicely have you heared of any such place in the world today.There was no crying I assume all the students got good grade everyone was happy .But the Dasarath was the only person who was suffering terribly because he had no son it was his duty.The Raghu dynasty from maharaj Isqvaqu had a line of great kings from thousands and thousands and thousands of years back but their was no air to his throne.It wasn’t simply a matter of wanting to have a son it was his duty to God .It was the duty to his fore fathers who weregreat devotees of the lord to have a son who he could train to inherit the throne for the future wellbeing of all the citizens.You see maharaj Dasarath his anxiety for not son was because he was not properly doing his service.This is a Vaishnav his anxiety is when he is not properly rendering his service a real vaishnav is not in anxiety about unfulfilled personal desires because of the king’s anxiety all the kingdom suffered.Because they loved him if you love someone you suffer more when that person suffers then if you suffer yourself.So one day the minsters of Dasarath Sumantra his very leading minister Vaishistha muni was there,he was the chief Brahman priest the Guru of the kingdom .They explained to Dasarath maharaj that long ago the four Kumaras predicted the way in which you could have a son we remember.Dasarath had one daughter who’s name was Shanta.He was such akind soul that another king named Romapad from the Anga dynasty he had no children.Dasarath just had one daughter who he loved dearly but just to make Romapad maharaj happy he offered for her to live under Romapad’s shelter in Romapad’s kingdom.There was agreat sage named Rishisringa that is avery long and quiet illustrative story in itself but we donot have time.Rishisringa was so powerful due to his austerities from his birth.Romapad maharaj although agreat powerful king he commited offences to great souls.He was put in a certain predigament where he made some aparad and of the leader has to receive sinful reaction all those whose leading has to share it that is a law of karma.So there was a terrible drought.The drought was so bad that the animals from the forest were coming in to his city and eating the citizens.So he was told that this pious young saint whose name is Rishisringa whose living deep in to the forest if he just comes and places his feet on your kingdom then the rains will come.So some by some very clever trick he brought Rishisringa and as soon as he placed his feet on the ground the rains came.Rishisringa married Shanta the daughter of Dasarath.Rishisringa was brought to Ayodhya to perform the Yajna that the four Kumaras recommended long before.There was glorious grand arrangements for this sacrifice and at the very end when the oblations were offered a magnificient divine person came out of the fire.Actually what happened before that I haven’t read the story for many years please forgive me.The Vishnu came Lord Vishnu on the Garuda came to accept the offerings and Dasarath asked Lord Vishnu for the benediction of son and then the demigods who were also assembled at that Yajna they prayed to Lord Vishnu that this demon Ravana is causing havoc not only on earth but even in the heavenly world’s.He’s defeated Indra right now he is building a staircase to reach the heavens to conquer all of us.Please only you can save us Please my Lord Vishnu decend in to this world and free us from the horrilble horrible dangers of Ravana,Kumbakarna ,Indrageet and his entire Rakshaha dynasty.The Lord aggread to personally appear as the son of maharaj Dasarath.Then that final oblation that yajna purusha that divine personality came out of the fire with a golden pot of nectar.Which Dasarath maharaj distributed to his three wives .He gave half the nectar to Kaushalya his principle senior most wife.Then he gave a portion to Kaikayi his second wife and two portions to sumitra.They drank that nectar immediately they were impregnated with the supreme personality of Godhead and his amsas his expansions.Kaushalya mata was effulgent as the child was growing within her womb her countenants were effulgence her joy was growing like the waxing moon.All of Ayodhya celebrated it was everyones hope second after second just waiting for the Lord to appear.You know how it is Brahmacharis you may not know but Grihasthas may know when a relative is bearing a child within her womb how much eagerness and anxiety till that auspicious moment when some how or other by the forces of nature that currents of gaseous air just crush that child through the opening and comes out in to the open air.Haribol.People really wait for that moment they even say happy birthday everyone says happy birthday but actually on your birthday you are not happy you are crying you are bewildered and you are crying.Haribol.Everyone else is happy look at this child and aaaa…special effects .So it is ahappy moment for everyone when the child is born and what anticipation the whole kingdom of Ayodhya was just waiting waiting waiting for the child to appear and it was on this day at about the time of noon that Lord Sri Ramachandra not like an ordinary child it was by the nectar given by Vishnu himself that the child was impregnated within the womb of the mother and he simply appeared.Appeared to everyones vision as amost beautiful object of love.Soon after that Kaikayi gave birth to Bharat and Sumitra to Lakshman and shatrughna.These four brothers had such deep love for each other.Lakshman his life his soul his everthing was only the pleasure and service of Sri Ram and Shatrughna accepted the same role in the service of his cousin brother Bharat.But altogether there life and soul was simply Ram’s pleasure.When Ram was just infant child all the citizens of Ayodhya were counting the moments till he would grow up and be there king.They wanted to surrender everything to him.On this most auspicious event of Sri Ram Navmi Sri Ramchandra appeared in this world.His divine pastimes are so deeply instructive so incredibly moving to the heart.The supreme lord is all attractive as we hear these wonderful narrations as we discuss amongst each other as we sing about them in our kirtans our natural love awakens from within the heart that is the supreme perfection with life.Should I tell again a personal story you have heared it before but I will Haribol I have told it befor but I will tell it again just because I feel like telling it again.Long ago when I was a little boy comparatively travelling in India trying to live as a sadhu I came to the town of Patna and one day I just the first day I went I didn’t know anything in Patna I was just on my way somewhere else to the Himalayas and Nepal and I asked where is the Ganga so they showed me the Ganga so I went to sleep at night and when I woke up there was a very saintly person Ramsevak Swami he invited me to his little Ram temple just a stone temple with the deities of Sita Ram Lakshman Hanuman and everyday everyday this Ramsevak Swami would have about four or five old Sadhu’s come together to read from Ramayan and speak about it.I was amazed to see there absorption for atleast 3 hours everyday they would just sit together on a stone floor on the banks of the Ganges discussing Ramayan.Sometimes they were laughing histerically sometimes they were weeping in agony sometimes they were embracing eachother sometimes they look like they were completely terrified sometimes they looked shocked sometimes they looked completely peaceful .I was wondering what are they talking about I had to know I had to know but they were speaking in Hindi as I donot even know Hindi now 32 years later you could imagine how bad my Hindi was then .Should I continue Haribol.There was one old man about 75 years old I was hardly 20 his name was Narayan Prasad.He spoke perfect English I asked him please tell me everything is been spoken he said yes I will tell you.So after 3 hours of katha we sat on bank of Ganga and he told me how Krishna steals butter that’s not a story that people get terrified or shocked crying in tragedy Isaid no may be that was said but what else no that’s all that’s all nothing else .So I was very confused so the next day again 3-4 hours talking and I am just sitting there just watching there reactions they had such love for Sri Ram and I heared the names Ram,Sita,Bharat Ayaodhya Chitrakut Bharatraj muni I was listening to these names and taking note of them.I was so excited so eager to hear that I had to know I had to know I had to be part of this it was too much to bear just sitting there with them but not with them.So I asked him tell me everything that was spoken he said yes I will tell you everything and he told me how Krishna stole butter I said I was listening Ayodhya Ram Sita Srilanka Ravana Kumbakarna I was hearing all these names I didn’t hear anything about Yashodha and Krishna I didn’t even know who Krishna and Yashodha were and he was telling me I said what else he said nothing that’s all that was said and I got in a debate with him and he just said no that’s all that was said.So the third day the katha went on hour after hour after hour after hour and they are laughing laughing roaring laughing and they are crying and carrying and weeping and they are just hahaa..they are just so many emotions so many reactions they were totally absorbed every now and then Sri Ram ki Jai Sri Ram ki Jai. In the end in the evening we sat on the bank of Ganga I want to hear everything promise me you will tell me everything yes everything I won’t leave out everything today I was so happy then he told me the same story How Krishna stole butter from Yashoda he was feeding it to the monkeys was tied up with a rope. So then I became so devastated actually I was showing emotions I started to cry I actually started to cry I said is it that I am such a sinful demoniac wretched animal that you are not willing to tell me what you are talking about what you are enjoying so much for all these days of hearing Ram’s leela is it that I am so sinful should I just drown myself in Ganges right now he said you should not do that then why don’t you tell me you are a devotee of Ram why do you keep me telling about Krishna stealing butter he said should I tell you the truth I said yes please he said I will tell the first day you came Ramsevak had a dream the next my dream in his beautiful resplended form and ordered me that this little boy who had just come he is a devotee of Krishna. Haribol and you should never tell him about anything or anyone except Krishna. So Ramsevak Swami told me about this that I am not allowed to speak to you about anyone except Krishna but there is a problem I am a devotee of Ram I don’t know anything about Krishna. But when I was a little boy my mother told me about how Krishna steals butter so that’s the only story I Know.Haribol. So I always felt actually I didn’t even believe him then I didn’t believe him but when I looked back I consider that Lord Sri Ramchandra’s causeless mercy ultimately led me to Vrindavan and today our wonderful Brajvasi friends have come from Barsana to bless the occasion of Sri Ram Navmi .Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu personally manifested the form of Ram on several occasions.Lord Chaitanya is the complete avatar of Radha and Krishna who appeared within this age of kali and all the great avatars are within him and he taught us this simple and sublime process by which premabhakti awakens in our heart and we can achieve life’s perfection to go back home back to Godhead through chanting the hare Krishna mahamantra hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.In about 1 hour I must depart for abroad so I will be away for a little over 4 months.I will suffer terribly separation from all of you.But I pray that you remain very close to united in a spirit of pure devotional service perform your sadhana with great sincerity help one and another assist one another through sincere service to overcome the obstacles of maya and together try to preach this glorious message to more and more and more people.Lord Sri Ram appeared in this world to attract the world to his loving service that is the greatest celebration.When we commit ourselves to that service of preaching the message of the lord and welcoming in within our own hearts through hearing and chanting his glories.My sincere prayers are always with each and everyone of you.Please kindly pray for me as well that I may with God’s Krishna’s grace return in time to serve the lotus feet of each of you for Krishna’s Janmastami .Haribol.By Krishna’s plan perhaps my plan will be fulfilled to depart just after Ram Navmi and return just before Janmastami .Haribol .Thankyou very much .If this time Vrishabhanu Prabhu wants to make a very special presentation.Hare Krishna.Govinda Prabhu this will look very nice on you.Group of devotees have work very very hard to provide this wonderful service to our Grihastha comminuty let us offer our gratitude to them Haribol Haribol Haribol.Thankyou very much and I thank all of you very very much.Especially my dear god brother Purnachandra Prabhu who has come to bless us with his association today.Nartaki mataji is our wellwisher and most allustrious and dear Brajavasis from Barasana dham.Please stand up Sri Radhe.Every one greet them by chanting Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe again Radhe Radhe one hundred times louder Radhe Radhe ane thousand and eight times louder Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe .Thankyou very much.Now we will have the arati ceremony on the occasion of Lord Sri Ram’s appearance.Everyone please dance and chant with great.Hare Krishna this manual will be made available through the counselar system a few dats later.Haribol.0:57:37.8

Journey Home - Mega Youth Festival Lecture

Mega Youth Festival – At Shanmukananda Hall
26th August 2009
by His Holiness_Radhanath_Swami_Maharaja
I am very much grateful and honored to be among all of you this evening. Thank you for being here. There will be a beautiful concert by Gaurvani and as Kindred spirits. So we will speak briefly. What that means? “Destiny will reveal.” As dear Gaurvani Prabhu has explained “I was extremely reluctant to write a book about myself. One of my very dear lifelong friends made me promise him in his death bed that I would write this book. And this is an offering to him. It is also an offering of my gratitude to my mother and father, who have dedicated their lives to invest within me, values and qualities that I could later on use in the service of my gurudev and that I could share with humanity. It is my offering my gratitude to many teachers I had on my path; Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Jain’s, Hindus, parsies and atheist who tried to kill me. Even a mongoose, who taught me so many beautiful lessons. And it was my very dear friend Rama Dasa, who is the publisher of the book (Mandala press,) who said to me, I feel that the best title is “The Journey Home” and that became the title. What does “The Journey Home” mean? Home is where you feel shelter. A place where you feel loved. A place where we can go even despite the hesitation, stress and tribulations of this world and find real comfort. That home is within the heart of every living being. If we cannot find in our heart, you cannot find the real home anywhere. Because it is within the heart that the eternal soul beyond our designations of this temporary world is united with the Supreme Soul. The true object of everyone’s love. There is our beauty and grace of God. I was born in America, where I lived, there were no traffic jams, there was no pollution, very peaceful place. People had all the material requirements and comforts they could possibly want. But yet the society was turbulent. It was the 1960s; economically the Unites States of America was on a peak of wealth. The middle class and upper class were spreading everywhere. But as a teenager I saw people of the different caliber “the African and the Americans” who literally prisoners of the state, because of the color of their skin and they had no chance that society gave them to go out. At the same time there was war rising in Vietnam. And as soon as you became 18 years old, you are subjected to the draft. My friends, brothers of my friends who are totally against this war were forced, either go and fight for war that you hate, or spend the rest of your life in prison and never get a job for the rest of your days. Those are the only alternatives. There was a lot of insult on arrest. This created a counter culture. Many of you are college students. In America in 1960s; the colleges were blazing with revolution. Why? They had all comforts, all the premises, and all the opportunities for a luxurious life. But they understood that things were wrong. Through music, through intoxications, through various philosophies and ideologies, people were trying to look deeper for something real. I was among them. I was stoned with a bottle thrown onto my face by white people, because I was marching for the rights of the blacks. I was chased in teargas, just for making peaceful demonstration against a war that was absolutely useless. But again to realize that what I was really looking for, was not political adjustment or social economic informs. Nobody is really looking for that. We all looking for that home within our hearts. There was a meaningful purpose for feeling life taste and truth. Whatever was a platform, can actually be understand and realized by the true equality of all living beings. With the love, the love we are yearning to give and receive. Unconditional love which is forever in our hearts. I began a spiritual search. I realized “If I had no purpose, I was willing to die for; I had nothing really meaningful to live for”. And the greatest thing is to be an instrument of God’s love and compassion within this world, beyond our ritualistic and egoistic considerations. In Sanskrit there is a word “Sara grahi”. A person who is really on spiritual path is seeking the essence. I was young and confused with something within my heart inferably to seek that essence. Actually if nothing else comes out of this book, then as far as I am concerned, this beautiful drama that the children performed is success and worth the effort of me writing this book.
My friend Garry invite me to take a summer trip to Europe. And I was thinking this is an opportunity to break the way from the shackles of my precondition conception of what a fool I am and what is right? And explore how other people and other cultures view, new values, and how they understand God. The first day we arrived in Europe, we were robbed off all the money we had and our financer, Frank immediately left back for America. Garry and I were too excited to go back.
And I found that source of blessings. Going to the places as tourists, you will learn what people want to learn for their own financial purposes. But nothing forced you to live among the common people and just be one of them. It was a beautiful experience. In the 1960s; music was a very very important part of the path that life is meant. And I was going to these concerts and rock festivals try to find some enlightenment there.
In the Isle of White in England was the biggest Rock festival in the history of the world of until then. Jimi Hendrix gave his last major performance and a few days later not far from where I was staying he died of an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol. He was a multimillionaire. He was one of the most famous people on earth. He had incredible talent but yet such a frustrated and empty life. He died such a sad and useless death. Things like this separated me from the counter culture and helped me to focus my total energy on the internal journey to search for my own soul and real purpose of life. On the Ireland of Greece I cried, I prayed, I meditated, I read books for weeks, longing for direction and heard that voice “Go to India”. Why India? It so far. I had never met any Indian in my entire life. The first Indian I ever met in my life was that lady security guard that you saw in the drama. But she helped me a lot in my spiritual path actually. I went back to the cave and then I say to Gary “Something amazing happened to me, right at the sunset”. And Gary said “something amazing happen to me also”. I said “what happened”. He said “I heard a voice”. I asked him, “what did the voice say?” And Gary replied “this voice told me “Go to Israel””. I said “what! Where did he say? I don’t think that I heard to you properly”. He said “Israel, go to Israel. Don’t you believe me?” I said “I believe you”. He said “let’s go”. I said, “A voice told me something also. But he told me to go to India”.
Then there was silent for about half an hour and we were both looking out into the stars. I broke the silence, “I am leaving tomorrow”. I began a hitch - off the coast of Greece, through Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. Many stories are there in this book. Many were edited out actually. Not by Ram Dass, but by another editor. But I like to tell one simple little story.
Happiness with less – Story of a blind boy
While I was living in Kandahar a city in Afghanistan, many romantic experiences came upon me. One is very simple. But it had deep impact. I was sitting in a tea stall with about six old men. They had baggy pants and very long long kurta type suits and big big turbans, just wrapped covered with dust and there were holes. Afghanistan at that time was the poorest country, I had ever seen in my life. And we were sitting there sipping on tea. There were no tables or chairs. Everyone just crouched down on the ground. And a young boy may be about fifteen years old came in. He was blind. But there was nothing covering his eyes. Both of his eyes were swollen, gray, and terribly disfigured. The boy was emaciated and thin. He had rags for his cloths and he carried a rustic wooden instrument with a single string nailed across it. It was a musical instrument. He began to pump on this musical instrument. It was just like pump, pump, it was an very harmonic instrument. But he pumped and began to sing songs in praise of God. And as he was singing his voice showed his enthusiasm. His entire expression became ecstatic; his body was emanating such light, such feeling. He sang for about half an hour and all of us sat there listening totally in thrill and this to me was a total culture shock. Because I was taught and I was programmed in my whole life, “You work hard, you get a good education, get a good job, you make a lot of money, you raise a good family, and you will be happy”. But I can tell you honestly I had never in my entire life, seen any one so happy as this blind poverty stricken boy. As he was chanting the names of God. It conformed something to me. There was very deeply awakening in my heart. The real happiness is in love and the trust, and the purest form of love is the love of the soul to God. Because every living being is a part of God, whether there is love for God. There is a natural spontaneous love for every living being.
A lesson on patience – Mongoose story
Couple of days later, I was seating with a very very wealthy trader, who had international contacts. He invited me as a guest. We are discussing philosophy. Suddenly, he said “Mr. Richard, please excuse me for moment. But I have some urgent duty to attend to”. I could do not believe, what did next? He cocked his head towards the moon and started howling like a wolf. Seeing this I thought that this man has gone mad. Again and again he howled in the voice of a wolf. Then he grabbed a rope and threw it out of the roof and a minute later he pulled the rope up and there was living mongoose. He let the mongoose onto the roof and then he sat and started talking philosophy again. Another culture shock. I felt the sharp claws of this mongoose scaling my back. I had very long hair in those days. The mongoose really liked my hair, not for fashion reasons, he crawled right up to my neck crawled up and went to sleep. Have you ever had a mongoose sleep on your neck? He was really heavy. I turned to my friend and said “what do I do now?” And he was sipping on his tea. He said, “Oh, he had found a good sleeping place”. I said, “Its really hot. Can you taken him off?” He became very serious. He said “Oh, there is a saying ‘never wake a sleeping mongoose’. The mongoose is known for killing even the cobra, the deadliest of all snakes and symbol of death”. He said, “Mr. Richard, don’t even move. If you do he may rip your head to shreds”. So I sat there, and he was talking philosophy but I was very attentive. And couple of hours went by and he said I have to go to sleep. So he left me, all alone in the moon light night on the roof top. When I was trying to adjust to this situation and then insects started biting me. My mind was going mad. But then I began to think that (I had read in books from India) “Every situation is an opportunity to grow, if you just use it to do so”. May this mongoose just teach me patience? May be this mongoose is just teaching me how to turn to God and go deeper and deeper within. Rather than just complaining and agonizing over circumstances. That was the one of the most enlightening night I have ever spent up until then. When the sun rose and the mongoose crawled down to my back and then looked at me and almost bowed down as he was thanking me for the hospitality. And then my host woke up put the mongoose in the rope and threw him down. And then he praised me. He said, “You really gave hospitality to one of my mongoose”. And I was thinking that he said mongoose in the plural. But I did not want to be around the next time, he raised his head to the sky and began to cry like a wolf. So I thanked him for his hospitality. And we continued the journey.
Value of Mother India
Then I came to the border of India eventually. After 3000 miles, three months, really risking my life with this dream that “all places in this world there is no better place to understand the greatest treasure of human existence than India”. I had read the books, I had read histories, I was absolutely convinced and I had a calling. But for a want of money I was rejected. I prayed, I cried, and I learned, that “if you want something valuable, it does not come cheap”. And finally that Sikh security guard, when I promised him that someday I will really try to do something for your people honestly. Tears came into his eyes, he stamped my passport, and welcomed me to India.
A major reason in my own heart for writing this book most to show my gratitude to India and the people of India. From all of you I have received the greatest wealth in all of creation. I know that many of you are hoping to get top grades and a job abroad, we can make big salaries, that’s alright. That could be a beautiful thing. But please do say after Yamaraj “when the real oasis of nectarine water is right at your door”. The culture, the history, the spirituality of this great land has been inspiration for sincere seekers throughout the ages. I was very disappointed and discouraged by many of the western religions. Because I found so much division and sectarianism connected to it. But my study of Indian literature, I found the spiritual path that is philosophically so deep, so scientifically sound, and so inclusive that it accepts the essence of all great spiritual paths.
In Delhi, I attained an international yoga conference, where I met many known and unknown sages. Some of them more known was Swami Rama, Swami Sachidananda and Jai Krishnamurti. At the end of conference the different yogis came on the stage and started fighting with each other. Over whose turn it was to speak. The persons who I named were standing there with great integrity. But others were very conflicting.
Lessons from mother Ganges
From there, I went to the Himalayas. On the bank of Ganges in Hrishikesh on the eastern bank I sat, meditated, and prayed. Seeing the Himalayas and the waters of Ganga devi to thrilled me. After many hours one sadhu approach me from the forest. He was caring something in his hand looking down in the ground. I stood to receive him and he said I know you, because I was looking for a long time. But you do not know me. I have come to give you the robes of a sadhu. Now takeoff your western dress and offer it to river Ganges.
I put on a lungi and chadar and took my jeans and turtle neck shirt and offered them into the swift flowing current of Ganga Devi. And he told me something. He said that “Ganga has become your mother. You will understand this in time”.
I sat on a rock on Ganges praying to god and Ganga Devi therapy on spiritual path. And found “if we really deeply want wisdom, it is revealed where ever we may be.” I saw around me the beautiful current of Ganges that was the month of December. Glistening, clear, aqua blue shoreline. And I was thinking that every moment, mother Ganga is creating a master piece of art. But in same moment it’s gone. No one in human history could ever fully capture the beauty of one moment of Ganges current. And I was thinking that this is the way life is. In material nature, everything is always changing. Nothing is stable. As soon as something appears, it is vanishing by the power of time. But the beauty of the current of Ganga down deep is forever. If we go deep into a perception of this world with the spiritual perspective we find there everlasting truth which is not subject to the fickle waves of the joys and sorrows of this world. The Ganges begins in Gangotri in the Himalayas and is coming down and never stops its current till it reaches the sea. On the way so many impediments, giant trees fall onto the current, massive rocks and even mountains, yet mother Ganga flows around, over, somehow or other never stops its path to the sea. Similarly, whatever impediments still may be in our lives, they are like rocks in the river of life. And if we learn from the Ganga to always perceiver to somehow or other managed to get around through every impediment with the help of God. We will all reach the sea in our inner most aspiration. But as Ganges is flowing I was watching, there were trees, there were leaves, there were flowers, there dead buffalos, there was even some dead human corpses. If they just stay with the current, they will reach the sea, the ultimate destination of Ganga. But most things will be diverted to the banks. And as soon as it diverted to the banks it doesn’t go further. Similarly, in spiritual path there will be many temptations, many diversions, many alternatives, inviting us to come out from the current of the teachings of the god, or scriptures, or the teaching of the guru. Only those remain in the current of that grace will reach the sea of human life to destination. And I prayed as mother Kunti prayed
tvayi me nanya-visaya
matir madhu-pate sakrit
ratim udvahatad addha
gangevaugham udanvati
“My sweet Lord, as the river Ganges forever flows to the sea without hindrance, let my attraction be constantly drawn to you without being diverted to anything else.” (Srimad Bhagavatam 1.8.42)
Lessons from the lepers
After about a month of sitting on the Ganges bank on a rock from sunrise to sunset. I went to stay for some time with the ashram of maha rsi, Mahesh Yogi and then to a cave of a great yogi, name Mahavirdas Tat Walla Baba. Then I decided to go higher into the Himalayas. I then went to the forest and suddenly I was terrified. There were people with different bodies. Their nose is melting into in their faces, their fingers bloodiest stubs. Absolute poverty, somewhere sleeping in little holes in the ground covering themselves with dirt as blanket. Suddenly about twenty of them surrounded me and stuck the bloodiest stubs in my face with desperate eyes. Screaming out “Baksheesh! Baksheesh! Baksheesh!” I had stumbled into a lepers colony. They made such a type of circle around me, I could not leave. The smell of their flesh breath was very difficult to tolerate. Would I get leprosy like them? This thought came into my mind. But I honestly had no money. But they would not let me go. This was a culture shock. For someone who is brought up in the suburb of Chicago. Finally they patted me down and searched me entirely and once they were convinced that I had nothing they let me go. I was trembling I took a few steps and then stopped in my tracks. What I saw? Something that change my life. Do I have time to tell you? There was a old leper women. Laying on her side, her nose melted into her face, her skin totally deformed, no fingers, no toes, but her eyes were filled with light. She gazed into my eyes with the love of a mother. I saw in her a yearning, yearning for someone to accept her motherly love. Perhaps years went by and nobody accepted that love that she wanted to give to someone. She had such sympathy what I was just praying for. She folded her palms and then with one of her fingerless hands she offered me a blessing with tears in her eyes. I ran to her, knelt down and put my head onto her hand. And she cried out in Hindi “Son may God bless you”. “May God bless you my son”. And I looked up, her face was illuminated with super-natural joy. Tears of ecstasy fell from her eyes. She was the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Not the beauty of the skin, but the beauty of her heart. She thanked me and I thanked her. I was willing to accept the love that she so long wished to give someone.
I went to the bank of the Ganges again, which was my favorite place, to try to understand what was going on in my life. And I looked at the current and I was thinking the Ganga here is very deep and all I could see it on the surface, are some waves every now and then a fish, jumps up. But underneath this surface there is a whole civilization of various kinds of fish and rocks and vegetation. This is just like life. Our tendency to see things only on its surface. But if we actually look deep down side, to see something. That has so much more meaning full. Sometimes we judge or even hate people. Because of how they look or how they behave. But deep down inside they may be reactive, to abuse, they may have abused in the past, they may have been - they may have been neglected. If we really try to understand the person deeply and start feeling, we will probably feel sympathetic in compassion. Because every living being is essentially good. We are conditioned in so many ways. Like that leper woman, on the surface she was ugly and diseased but like the river Ganga, when I look below the surface, I saw who she really was, a beautiful loving motherly person. This was very very valuable lesson in my spiritual journey. That helped me raise above sectarian judgments.
High in the Himalayas at the Prayaga I met Kailash Baba and all devotee of Siva, who taught me how to live like an ascetic in the forest. Then I went to the ashram of Anandamayee maa. A saintly lady, who loved me and treated me like her own son. So gracious and kind. And after that I lived with Naga Babas. They were very different than Anandamayee Maa. They were also very gracious and kind to me, but in their own way. They were determined to teach me lessons that I would never forget. And if you like to know more you can read the book. I met mystics, who are performing super natural – beyond logic and which science cannot explain. And I also met many of those people that became like a mauni baba. He was super natural (we may call miracle) when we live with those kind of people. It just like crossing the street. Once you gets used to it, there is nothing very impressive about it. What was impressive was people who had deep love and good character.
I descended to Varanasi or I lived at the burning ghats to study the nature of death, watching one body after another burnt and seeing the reaction of the relatives and beloved one. Many good realizations. Because death is an end to all of us. Whether we are black, brown, white, yellow, red, whether we are man, women, rich, or poor. Indian, Pakistani, Israeli, Palestinian, American, Russian, or anything else eventually reaches or left all of these material designations is a heap of ashes that swift into the Ganges or is thrown into the earth.
And then I went to Gaya, and studied under a Buddhist master. It says Jain Buddhist master. I was one of his first students. Then I went to Calcutta. I went to Kalighat and there I had very different experience. When I met with Mother Teresa. And she said something that I found to be universal in the principle of bhakti. She told me the real problem in this world is hunger. Not hunger of the belly but hunger of the heart. The only thing that satisfied the heart’s hunger is God’s love. She said “I have seen in London, in Europe, Los Angeles, in Sydney, everywhere”, she said “I see even among the richest most powerful people in the world. They are starving in their hearts. Because their lives so superficial. But many of these poor people in the gutters of Calcutta, as they die in my arms, I see serious sparks of hope and truth in their eyes. Something I hardly see anywhere in the western world. The greatest service to humanity is to feed the heart by giving God’s love. But we have to be pure to give that love”.
From there I came to Bombay. That’s how it was called in those days, Bombay. And then I took another course, Buddhist meditation. One day I just walking down street for no reason except to walk. I walked for miles and then I saw a big sign advertising a spiritual festival. I went there and by evening about twenty thousand people gathered in a huge pandal at the cross maidan. And I saw foreign people playing mridangas and karatals, and singing and then His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada came on stage. And I was at the very back of everyone. And I could hardly see. Because we have this big screen I think. And a few thousand people here. Imagine ten or twenty times as many people as tonight with no screens. I was thinking, I would like to see him. But I felt bad to get in front of anyone else. And then I saw Prabhupada talks in another devotee’s ear and the devotee starts looking, looking, and signals to someone to come. But nobody came, so he came down into the crowed crossed through the entire ocean of people walked right up to me. Took my hand and said “Prabhupada wants you to sit next to him”. I asked him “How does Prabhupada know me”. He did not answer. He just said “come” and pulls me onto the stage. And there Srila Prabhupada welcomed me. And I sat over these flowers were on the ground and for the next two weeks Prabhupada had me sit beside him. As he gave his lectures and performed his kirtans. And something deeply moved me, but I was not convinced who is my guru also. So after the festival was over, I left. I had gone to Jagannath puri where I met Nityananda Baba’s samadhi and lived with swami Muktananda and then from there I went back to the Himalayas, where I lived to in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. That was under the Dalailama of Tibet. And studied under his people.
And I travelled to Ayodhya to study Rama and to Prayaga and eventually I was in Kathmandu valley, it is a place called Svyambhunath. One day I decided going to take a walk. Because I was sitting in meditation all day, every day for many days. So I do just walk. I walk to Kathmandu and then started coming back through miles of rice paddies. It was just about this time of the year. Blue clouds formed in the sky began to drizzle. I understood a monsoon downpour is about to happen. You all know here in India what rice paddies are. It is just very thin border and all the rest is very deep mud with the rice is growing. So I saw it appeared to be a middle age man walking with an umbrella a distance away and I ran as far as I could on this little ways. And just I came to him it started pouring rain and walked behind his umbrella. And both of us were afraid of falling into the rice paddies. So he never turned around. May be ten or fifteen minutes we walked together till the rain stopped. And then I was going in another direction, I said “Thank you”. He turned around. His eyes were shocked. He dropped his umbrella in the mud. It was Gary. We embraced. And I told him you should become a sadhu. He had gone to Israel and spent about a year and came to India and he was living with all western people. So I snatched him away and taught him the life of a sadhu. And we jumped into a third class train all the way to Amaranth to go through – for Lord Siva. And on the way we stopped in Varanasi and I pray to Kashiviswnath, please show me my path. Please show me my path. The train was stuck in the middle of the field for about 24 hours because it was flooding with rain. And there was no place to sit in the third class compartment. But somehow or other we just stood there. There was nothing else to do. No eating, no sleeping, no drinking for about and half, finally the train started moving. When it stopped at a station we crawled people out of window just to get some air, drink some water and the train started moving and the train was so crowd we could not get in. we were standing in a unknown place. When the train was gone and the crowds clear. Gary said to me “Now what?” I said “I don’t know”. But he has got on his mind. So I asked some sadhu’s seating on the track platform, where am I? He said this is Mathura. Krishna’s birth Place. And today is Janmastami. Krishna’s birthday. So we celebrated Janmastami. We do not know what it was you celebrate? I was bathing in Yamuna the next morning I heard something about Vrindavan and then I said to Gary I am going to Vrindavan and met you there tomorrow. So I went then he came. And was really crowded because of the Janmastami crowds. And Gary wanted to go to the Himalayas toward Amaranth, I said I will see him in four days and I will meet you in Haridwar under the Clock at brahma ghata. And I stayed on Vrindavan for two days. And on the third day I prayed. That there is something magical about this place and is affecting my heart. But I have to go to meet Gary.
The next morning I could not move. I had typhoid fever laying on the bank of Yamuna vultures were circling above me for hours and hours, a farmer threw me on the back of his oxen cart took me to a charitable hospital. And the doctor said “you can’t travel, at least a month, you’ll die”.
So during that month in Vrindavan I got an understanding of what is bhakti? What is the concept of bhagavan or Krishna. I learned that there are three aspects of God. That is eternally existing. Brahman the all impersonal existence of the Lord, whom certain yogis aspire to merge into the oneness into that Brahman. And then there Lord is the paramatma who is sitting as the guide within everyone’s heart. Bhagavan, the all beautiful supreme person. Whose body is sat-cid-ananda, eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. And only through Bhakti, only through love this Bhagavan reveal himself within our hearts and within everything and everyone. This concept of Bhakti is completely transformed me, I realized that all inclusiveness, everything was there. And the charm of Vrindavan and Radha the feminine compassionate aspect of the absolute truth convinced me. As the months went by I understood that this is my path. How that transformation due to place, the magical, mystical and beautiful experiences of Vrindavan.
I don’t have time to tell you, but if you like you can read the book. Here it is that I accepted to the path of Bhakti. It was there that I accepted my Gurudeva A. C. Bhakitbedanta Swami Prabhupada. And it was there that I decided to assist him and being an instrument of that love according to my capacity in my life. I was staying in America for many years, but in my heart of hearts, I earned to fulfill my promise and do something. At least try to do something to show my gratitude and love for the people of India.
In 1986 we started our temple in Chowpatty and to conclude, I simple want to express “I am full of faults. But by my gurudeva’s mercy he is giving me a chance to serve and I am forever grateful to all of you to your great tradition, to your great culture, to your great nation for giving me the greatest treasure, greatest pleasure, and the most meaningful purpose of life. Thank you very much.
I sincerely beg everyone to please stay for the performance of Gaurvani. They travelled all around America and around the world. Gaurvani is an American who form I was explaining this Sunday I know his parents, that two of my dearest friends, god brother and god sister, Rukmanini devi and Brajaraja Prabhu. They were two of the earliest disciple of my guru deva, they prayed and they cried to have a child, who will spread love of god, bhakti, throughout the world. And their prayer was fulfilled in Gaurvani prabhu. They have taken the essence of western music above the authorities of eastern music and synthesize them as an offering of pure love and devotion. Where ever they go Americans, Africans, Europeans, Australians, South Africans, Indians, people cry, people re joys for experience of their true love for chanting of god’s holy names. So please he will be life time culturally experience and I forever indebted to Gauravani and I forever indebted to all of you

Understanding nature of Radha's love Radhastami Lecture - By H.H. Radhanath Swami

Radhastami Lecture –
By H.H. Radhanath Swami
27th August 2009
Radhastami, a day to meditate on the deepest mysteries of Vedas
It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to be with us in Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple to celebrate Radhastami. A day in which we meditate upon the deepest mystery buried within the vast treasure of the Vedic scriptures. According to a particular person’s level of spiritual awareness, and their particular inclinations, Srila Vyasadev, has compiled the Vedic literatures in such a way to elevate the consciousness of humanity. There are puranas specifically ingrained in the mode of ignorance, knowing that there is no other way to help them except to somehow try to lift them to the mode of passion. And for those in the mode of passion, to somehow lift them to the mode of goodness. And for those in the mode of goodness, to lift them to the transcendental plain.
And on the transcendental plain, many seek to annihilate material miseries forever, by losing their own material identity and realizing ones oneness with Brahman with all pervading impersonal aspect of the absolute truth. And for those great yogis to understand their direct and personal connection with the paramatma or the Lord who is situated within their heart’s, there is karma kanda, jnana kanda, the astanga kanda and the upasana kanda. The path of bhakti in which we can have direct experience of our eternal relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose form is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss and who is eternally enjoying pastimes with devotees.
Generally we are taught that the absolute truth is the all great supreme master of all living beings. But then Vyasdev goes into deeper mysteries, how can go into a spontaneous loving relations with God, considering oneself an intimate servant or a friend on an equal level or to love the absolute truth as one’s own child or as a lover. The absolute truth is one, but that one truth Krsna is eternally manifested in both a male and female aspect or personalities for the purpose of exchanging love. And just as Krsna, krsnas tu bhagavan svayam, is the source of all incarnations, His eternal pleasure potency, His hladini shakti, Srimati Radharani is the source of all consorts and all goddesses of fortune.
Srila Prabhupada explains that Srimati Radharani is the transformation of Krsna’s supreme love. She is the personification of all spiritual love. And that love is so powerful that it overpowers the all-powerful or Krsna.
How to understand the nature of Radha’s love?
To release the dormant love within our heart is only possible by the grace of the Lords Hladini Shakti, his pleasure potency Srimati Radharani, She holds the key that can unlock the deepest mysteries of the soul. But it is natural that which is most rare, most inconceivable is often misunderstood. When you go into Air India, sometimes you see on the walls painted Rasa Lila and there is Radharani dancing. And people; that are our tradition Radha and Krishna, but it is a very deep subject. That is our tradition Radha and Krishna. In order to understand the nature of Sri Radha we must understand the nature of Love. Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami goes to great lengths to define, what is spiritual love and what is the love of the Gopi’s. A relationship based on the misconception that I am this body and mind or a relationship that is based on the concern for my enjoyment that is called Kama. A relationship that is based on the knowledge of our liberated condition that we are eternal spirit souls beyond the ego, the intelligence, the mind, the senses and the body. A relationship based on selfless unconditional service, completely for the purpose of giving pleasure to the object of love that is Prema. That is love that is the nature of the soul in its relationship with Krishna.
The mood of the gopis – to give Krsna pleasure
When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu explained “Jivera svarupa hoy krishnera nitya das” that the soul is eternal servant of Krishna, This is that inherent nature. This is what it means to serve on the spiritual platform. And the Gopis of Vrindavan; even the greatest Sannyasis like Sukadeva Goswami, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Rupa and Sanatan Goswami, Raghunath Das Goswami, They have revealed to the world that the purity the intimacy of the love of the Gopi’s is unparalled even in the spiritual world, why because they have not even a tinge of desire for their own purposes. Their hearts, their bodies their minds, their everything is absolutely and constantly dedicated to happiness to Krishna. We read about how the Gopi’s dress themselves very beautifully, they put on cosmetics and fragrances and they comb their hair and put flowers. Now in this world, so many ladies do that and men do it in their own way also, but the Gopi’s , they only want to look beautiful because, Krishna wanted to enjoy it. It’s not that they want to look beautiful; it’s that they know Krishna wants to enjoy their beauty. And Caitanya Caritamrita tells us how the gopis, they make themselves so beautiful. And when Krishna sees their beauty, His beauty increases, due to the happiness of seeing their beauty. And when Gopis see Krishna’s beauty increase, because of the happiness of seeing their beauty, seeing his happiness, their beauty increases more. Because they see they are making Krishna happy by their beauty, so they want to be more beautiful and they become more beautiful and then Krishna becomes more beautiful, and then they become more beautiful and then Krishna becomes more beautiful and they become more beautiful and Krishna becomes more beautiful and I could spend the rest of the class just going on. It goes on for eternity. Now you may think this must be boring, but it’s not boring. It’s what everybody is seeking, the reciprocation of Love. Krishna’s only pleasure is to giving happiness to His devotees. And his devotees’ only happiness is giving pleasure to Krishna. And the gopis have perfected that art to the supreme degree.
Sometimes it’s asked Krishna left Vrindavan and went to Mathura and later to Dwaraka and the residents of Vrindavan, why did they stay there, over a hundred years. Why? Why didn’t they just move to Dwaraka. They could be with Krishna every day. The reason is because they wanted to give happiness to Krishna. They knew that Krishna derived the greatest pleasure only in Vrindavan , nowhere else does his lila compare. And Krishna promised the gopis, I will come back to enjoy Vrindavan pastimes with you in the forests of Kadamba trees on the bank of the Yamuna. I’ll be back. This is where I find the most pleasure. So for Krishna’s pleasure they remained there, they couldn’t go anywhere else. And they remained there. We know that beautiful story where the gopis are willing to suffer in hell for billions of years if by doing so they will Krishna one moment of relief from His headache. And they don’t think about it. It’s not that they were calculating what it would be like. Such Love is impossible in this material world; The gopis have completely spiritual bodies because they have absolutely no false egos. There is no selfishness, everything is for Krishna . The amazing contradiction is when you have absolutely no concern for your own happiness Krishna forces you to be happy. The gopis don’t want happiness they only want Krishna’s happiness. But Krishna reciprocated with that Love by giving them unlimited happiness. The happiness of giving. Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu explains how Daruka was fanning Krishna and he was feeling ecstatic symptoms, which was causing his limbs to tremble and therefore he could not fan properly. So he was praying for his ecstatic symptoms to go away, because it was interfering with how he could give pleasure to the Lord. And gopis when they are fanning Krishna or serving Krishna in so many ways, some times they are in such ecstasy of Love that tears flood their eyes and they cant see what they were doing for Krishna. Let these ecstasies go away, I don’t want them. I only want Krishna’s happiness, this is Bhakti. As long as we are concerned with our own happiness, we can never really be happy. When we have no more concern for our own happiness and we repose all of our energies and desires in Krishna’s happiness then Krishna reciprocates and showers unlimited happiness upon us. That is his selfless love. And of all the Gopis, the supreme most is revealed in the Srimad Bhagavatam, in the 10th canto, where in under the Vamsi Vat tree, on the full moon night of Sharat season, Krishna plays His flute the fifth note and He specifically calls through the song for the gopis to come. What a musician! We hear how beautiful this flute is and this violin and Gaura vani prabhu’s beautiful voice. Whatever we are hearing from these wonderful devotional musicians, they are being empowered by Krishna because of their sincerity. But all arts originate in their full perfection in the absolute truth. Everything is based on Love.
When Krishna plays His flute, the intimate love of His heart manifests through His breath into the holes of the flute and is carried by that song, through the atmosphere, into the ears of the gopis, and then directly into their hearts. Where they are conquered. Lord Caitanya explains when Krishna plays His flute and this love of his heart is manifesting in this divine musical sound vibration and its personally for each gopi. And when it enters into their ears its like a bird that makes a nest to block the ears from everything and anything else. And then that sound goes right into the heart and plunders their entire consciousness. The gopis were helpless they left everything , their reputation and went to see Krishna. And Krishna told them to go home. And the gopis crying we don’t want to go home, we’ve come here only for you. But understand they were only saying those things because they knew that Krishna wanted them to do so. Krishna wanted to Dance with them, so they were presenting so many arguments that we want to dance with you. And K danced and He manifested himself in between each Gopi. But then it appeared that they were all becoming proud thinking Krishna’s only with me. So, He disappeared. And in that feeling of separation, they were going mad, totally engrossed in Krsna. If only we could have this experience, we just go on with our lives. The gopis, they were talking to each other, they were enacting Krsna’s various pastimes with each other, they were asking the trees, the birds, the stars, the moon, “Where is Sri Nandanandana?” All to give their hearts for Krsna’s pleasure.
Why Sukhadeva Goswami never mentions the names of young gopis in Srimad Bhagvatam
Now, Sukadev Goswami, he did not mention the names of any of the young gopis in the entire Srimad Bhagavatam. He mentions Yasoda and some of older Gopis, but there is not a single gopi’s name of the younger gopis of the Madhurya rasa. The reason – because the love of the gopis is so great. And they give such pleasure to Krsna, that if Sukadev Goswami, even once, speak any gopi’s name, he was afraid, he would go into a trance, and not be able to continue the narration. And Parikshit maharaj was going to die in seven days. By the time he was in 10th canto, there was only a few days left. So, out of compassion, he very carefully did not speak their names. But then, he comes to that point where all gopis are searching for Krsna. These are the topmost, highest most intimate transcendentalists. Those who give the most pleasure to the Lord and those who receive the greatest degree of ecstasy from God. And amongst them, they saw the footprints of one Gopi, who Krsna left everyone else to be along with. And at that point, SukadevGoswami, he couldn’t say Her name, but he almost said Her name. anaradhito nunam bhagavan hari iswara. That Krsna left all of us, Govinda left all of us for this one gopi who loves and serves with greatest devotion. The greatest, the ultimate of all the devotees. And that is Srimati Radharani. All the gopis are expansions of Sri Radha, all love of God in every living entities heart is part and parcel of Sri Radha’s love. She is the complete unlimited reservoir of all love, and Krsna is the complete object of all love. The pastimes of Radha and Krsna are the purest form of spiritual revelation. The highest and most intimate revelation of the Absolute truth.
Reasons for Lord Caitanya’s appearance
As it was spoken of this morning, many deities of Krsna, self-manifested or were carved by Krsna’s grand-son, Vajranabha. And the great devotees, the goswamis worshipped Radha & Krsna in the form of Krsna, knowing, that in the very core of Krsna’s heart is Sri Radha. So when they worship Krsna, their main focus is on the pleasure of Sri Radha as being an assistant to serve, to be a part of Radha’s love for Krsna. So it was Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His followers who so mercifully revealed Srimati Radharani super-excellence even to the people of this world. And deities of Srimati Radharani began to be put along with Krsna. Krsna is all-knowing, he knows everything past, present and future, he knows everything in everyone’s heart. But there is one thing that Krsna longed to know, the nature of Srimati Radharani’s love. The nature of his own pleasure potency. To understand the glory of Sri Radharani’s love, the sweetness she realizes in experiencing his love and what she relishes by seeing him, by tasting his qualities, Krsna. To personally taste the deepest of all secrets. But also to hear that secret and give everyone and anyone without discrimination, of Sri Radha’s love. That is Lord Caitanya’s mercy.
Parama karuna pahu dui jana, nitai gaurachandra…
Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda are most merciful. They have given what no other incarnation has ever given. Basu Gosh in his beautiful prayer, he cries, if Lord Gauranga had not come, who would have ever understood, the glory of Radharani’s love. What would be the purpose of my life? What would I live for? Lord Caitanya and his true followers, have reveled this great secret to us.
There are many beautiful pastimes of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna which are revealed in the puranas, in the books of great acaryas and goswamis. But what is most important is to understand the spirit of the selfless service of Sri Radha and the gopis. Because unless we enter into that spirit, we cannot really access the great treasure of their pastimes. We must follow in the footsteps of Gopis of vrindavan through selfless devotional service.
How Krsna who is Rasabihari, eternally longs to taste the sweetness of Sri Radha’s love
How Krsna who is Rasabihari, eternally longs to taste the sweetness of Sri Radha’s love. Srila Prabhupada explains it in very simple way. That Krishna is Madanmohan that means his beauty; his grace will conquer even Cupid. That means all of the temptations of this material existence, that are keeping us tightly bound. But Sri Radha is Madanmohanmohini, Which means she conquers the conqueror of Cupid by her love. This is Vrinadavan, love is supreme. Love conquers the beloved. Sri Radha is Vrindavaneshwari, She is the eternal queen, When Sri Radha will become angry with Krishna and she does so only for his pleasure, than Krishna will perform so many wonderful pastimes just to show his subordination to Radha’s love. Sometimes he would dance like a peacock just to make her laugh; sometimes he would place his head at her feet and wash her lotus feet with his tears just to break her anger. Sometimes Krishna will block the path of Sri Radha and the Gopi’s to exact tax in the form of the clay pots filled with yogurt or ghee that are on their heads. But actually what Krishna is doing is he is begging, he is begging for their love in the form of these offerings. He is dependent on the love of his devotees that is Vrindavan. Though Krishna is Abhijna and Svarat, he is all knowing and independent but by his own sweet will he becomes dependent on the love of his devotees.
The Harinaam Sankirtan movement is the eternal pastimes of Radha and Krishna in the spiritual world.”Golokera Prema dhana harinaam sankirtan” and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who is Krishna tasting the sweetness of Radha’s love has brought the eternal pastime of Naam sankirtan from the spiritual world of Vrindavan to this world and is actually inviting us to engage in this spiritual pastime that is eternally being enacted in Goloka. And when we perform Naam sankirtan with the proper selfless service attitude, that our acharyas have taught, the lord is giving us entrance into Radha and Krishna’s pastimes.
Mood for approaching Radharani today – As a beggar
Today Dwarkadhish prabhu was explaining that when we come before Srimati Radharani we are beggars, we are begging for that love,
We are begging for that grace. When she is pleased with us through our service to Guru, service to the Vaishnavas, through our sincerity than she could remove all the obstacles of lust and envy and anger and pride and greed and illusion and open our hearts and reveal that deep mystery of Prema bhakti. Radhashtami is the day when we celebrate the ultimate bestower of spiritual love. And Srila Prabhupada explains if we are sincere, if we are serious, if we have no ulterior motives than Srimati Radharani easily gives that Love. It is interesting that the Gopis, they are just simple Cowherd girls.
The gopis, they are simple cowherd girls. Laxmi devi, the godess of fortune, She wanted to enter into the Raslila of Krsna. She performed tapasya for 1000s of years for that purpose. She left Vaikunta. But she was not allowed to cross the Yamuna, to enter into the Raslila. She was given the benediction that she could see it. But in order to participate, she had to give up her love in aiswarya bhav. Another words, She had to give that conception that she was a queen. She had to milk cows, she had to pick up cow dung and carry it on her head, She had to go to the Yamuna and fill buckets of water and carry it on her head, some times long distances, do household jobs. The simplicity of Gopi’s love, even Laxmi is longing, praying, and doing tapasya to taste. But she cannot imagine that. Who is Laxmi devi? She is Radharani herself in an expanded form.
And Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His divine servant, Srila Prabhupad, is giving us, you and me and all the rest of us tonight, is giving us the opportunity to all of us that even Laxmi can’t achieve. That is Radharani’s mercy manifesting through Her form of Lord Caitanya. When Srila Prabhupad was on the Jaladuta, he was praying to Srimati Radharani to empower Him. And it is Her grace. Her grace manifesting through Lord Caitanya’s heart. Lord Caitanya’s heart is Radharani’s heart. It is Her grace that empowered Srila Prabhupad to give us the greatest of all treasures – access the deepest of all mysteries, the highest essence in perfection of all spiritual knowledge.
On Radhastami we express our gratitude by begging, begging for the chance to serve. Begging for a chance to chant the holy names of the Lord, to hear the glories of the Lord in that spirit in pure and selfless service. It is the age of quarrel and hypocrisy and all quarrel, and all hypocrisy is due to selfish motivations.
trinad api sunicena, taror api sahishnuna, amanina manadena, kirtaniya sada hari
Caintanya Mahaprabhu’s cure to Kali’s influence
Caitanya mahaprabhu gave us such a simple and powerful cure to all the ills and sufferings of Kali. If we can just chant the holy name in this humble state of mind, selfless servitude, following in the footsteps of the Gopis, there can be no real quarrel. And if there is a quarrel, it’s only to enhance the experience of our love. In this world, quarrel enhances our dislike, our envy, our repulsion. In the spiritual world, quarrel increases the unity of our heart, by giving dynamic energy to our love for Krsna and for each other. Sometimes, Lord Nityananda and Advaita would fight, they would throw rice on each other, they would call each other very bad names. And Vrindavan Das Takur explains, anyone who takes the side of two Vaisnavas who fight and offends the other, he will fall down. He explains, these quarrels are simply expressions of their love for each other. Now I don’t know what it’s like between husband and wife but it’s definitely not like that, in this world but on the spiritual platform, where there is
trnand api sunichena,
taror api sahishnuna,
amanina mana dena,
kirtaniya sada hari
Where we focus on the chanting of the holy name in this spirit of selfless unconditional service for the pleasure of Krsna, for the pleasure of Vaisnavas, for the pleasure of all living beings then that type of quarrel and hypocrisy which divides us ceases to exist. Today’s world is full of conflict because our hearts are so full of conflict, because we have so many ulterior motives and so many selfish desires. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Srimati Radharani has given us this gift - to rise above all of these superficial disagreements and to unite on the basis of selfless humble servitude and when we chant the holy names in that spirit Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur explains then the entire spiritual world is relived to us from within our hearts. So on this day let us pray, let us pray to Sri Radharani with deep and genuine gratitude and for these qualities that SP has so mercifully emphasized. To cultivate these qualities of humility, gratitude and selfless service to Krsna as the top priority in every aspect of our lives and let us pray that we beg, we beg for such selfless service as we cry out those Holy Names that have descended from Goloka Vrindavan to transport us to the highest perfection.
Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Thank you very much.
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We Need Blessings of Srimati Radharani

Just as the ocean gives water to the cloud and the water of the cloud is then offered back to ocean, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu revealed the categorical levels of transcendental spiritual goals of life through Ramananda Rai. In the Madhya Lila of Srimad Bhagvatam, the story of this historical discussion is revealed. It’s very interesting. Our acharyas have contemplated, studied and preached form these words for many centuries. In fact, when Srila Prabhupada first came to America at 26, 2nd avenue in 1966, to very new people, he was giving daily lectures and the Ramananda samvad, the teachings of Ramananda Rai to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Lord Chaitanya was told by Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya, that when you travel in South India, please meet Ramananda Rai. There is no one who tastes the sweetness of the nectar of love of Krishna and has such knowledge of the subject as he. You will find tremendous satisfaction of the heart, when you meet him. Lord Chaitanya especially went to a place called Vidyanagar. Today that area is called Rajamundri. He came to the river Godavari. When he saw river Godavari, in his trance, he thought it was Yamuna and he saw the forest of Vrindavan on its’ banks. In very very deep trance of love he took his bath and he came out and crossed the river to a place that is called Kabur (check) 3.19 and waited patiently. Ramananda Rai was a royal governor under the king. He was a mahapandit. As according to the tradition, there were many brahmanas chanting mantras in processions and servants carried him on a palanquin to take his bath. Lord Chaitanya in his heart, he was running to meet this great devotee, but somehow or other he remained patient, sitting in the forest. When Ramananda Rai saw him, he came out to offer obeisance to him. It was their first meeting. Ramananda Rai is Vishakha gopi of Vrindavan and Lord Chaitanya is Radha and Krishna. They embraced. They fell unconscious in love. They praised each other with such deep affection. They made an arrangement to meet each and every night to discuss topics of Krishna. In a secluded place on bank of Godavari, they met. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur installed footprints of Lord Chaitanya at that place and even established a Gaudiya Math, Ramananda Gaudiya Math. Lord Chaitanya wanted to teach the world through the mouth of his own devotee and what he came to teach us, is very very important to us to systematically understand. Lord Chaitanya asked Ramananda Rai to please cite a verse, which describes the ultimate goal of life. Srila Ramananda Rai explained how one can attain Krishna Consciousness by following one’s occupational duties according to the Varnashrama System. He quoted a sloka from the Shiva Purana to describe the same. Lord Chaitanya said, that is external. Please tell me something more. Ramananda Rai said that by offering the fruits of your actions to Krishna, that is the essence of all perfection.
(verse) Yad karo… 6:50
On the authority of Bhagvad Gita, he stated, how to achieve the essence of perfection. All that you eat, all that you do, all the charity and austerities you perform, it should all be done as an offering to me. Lord Chaitanya rejected it. He said, that is external. Please, tell me something more. That, One should give-up one’s occupational duties in the service of the Lord. That is the essence of all perfection.
Sarva dharman parityajja,…
Krishna tell in Bhagvad Gita, abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender to me. I shall deliver you from all sins, do not fear. Lord Chaitanya said go ahead, say something more. Devotional service, mixed with empirical knowledge is the essence of all perfection.
Bramha bhuta prassanatama… 8:30
When one comes to the brahmanas platform, and is free from hankering and lamenting, accepting and rejecting, then he engages in devotional service. Lord Chaitanya replied that, that is external. Tell me something more. Then Ramananda Rai explained how pure unalloyed devotion without any ting of empiric knowledge is the essence of perfection. Lord Chaitanya said, this is alright, but still tell me more on the subject. Ramananda Rai continued, ecstatic love for the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the essence of all perfection. One cannot achieve such ecstatic love, even by great austerities, by many many lifetimes of pious activities, even by cultivation of knowledge. It can only be achieved by the intense greed to have that love. If you can get that love anywhere, you must purchase it. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was very satisfied. He said this is alright. But, if you know more, please tell me. Ramananda Rai continued that devotional service, spontaneous loving service, in a spirit of servitude, accepting the Lord as the supreme eternal master and accepting oneself as one eternal servant, that is the essence of all perfection. That, simply by chanting Krishna’s holy names one can be delivered of all sins and attain the perfection of devotional life. What to speak of being the servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Lord Chaitanya beseeched Ramananda Rai to go further. Spontaneous devotional service in a mood of fraternity or friendship is the essence of all perfection. That even the great Brahman, realized great rishis, the demigods, the great pundits, who has studied the scriptures very scrutinizingly, they are unable to understand how these simple cowherd boys are playing with the Supreme Lord of everyone as an intimate friend. Only after accumulating immense pious activities, have they attained such a perfection. Please go further, Lord Chaitanya requested. Spontaneous loving service in a mood of parental love is the essence of all perfection. That the Supreme absolute Truth, the controller of all the controller is living as the son of Nanda Maharaj, crawling like a helpless baby in his courtyard. And that same Lord, who is Vishvambhara, the nourished of all universes, He is crying to achieve the milk from the breast of Mother Yashoda. Please, go further, I want to hear more. Spontaneous loving service in the mood of conjugal love is the essence of all perfection. He explained how Krishna called gopis to rasa dance and how Krishna separated himself from them and how they became completely mad in such separation, longing for the association of Krishna. As we explained this morning, actually they are longing in separation from Krishna, was because they knew Krishna wanted to be with them. They were offering their body, their mind, their words, their lives for the pleasure of Krishna. Krishna appeared when he appeared to them. He brought them such unlimited bliss. It was at that time that Lord Krishna explained to gopis, that you have forsaken everything for me. Your love for me is of such an unparalleled quality that even in many many lifetimes, I am unable to repay you, for your love, devotion and your surrender. How Krishna is conquered by the loving gopis of Vrindavan.
Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he said to Ramananda Rai, this is certainly the essence of all perfections, but please be merciful to me and tell me if there is something more. Ramananda Rai was taken aback. He said, until this day, I do not know of anyone who could possibly enquire beyond this perfection. However, of all the gopis, the one who possesses the highest limit of ecstatic love is Srimati Radharani. She is top most in the loving devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Just as Radharani is supremely beloved by Krishna, similarly Kunda, Radhakunda is loved by Krishna. It is explained how in the rasalila, Srimati Radharani was in the assembly of many many gopis, but she understood Krishna’s heart, that he wanted to be with her. And all these other varieties of gopis were preventing him from fulfilling his innermost heart’s desire. So she left. Even though Krishna is in the assembly of the most loving beautiful concerts, it is described by our Acharyas that the most beautiful women of this world is insignificant compared to the ladies of the heavenly planets. The ladies of the heavenly planets, it is insignificant in comparison to the lakshmis of the Vaikuntha. And what is the love of lakshmidevi? What is the sweet surrender of their heart, but all the lakshmis of all the Vaikunthas together, their love and sweetness is not equal to one Gopi. Krishna is surrounded by many many Gopis, who had renounced everything for his pleasure, who were simply existing to please him. Ramananda Rai explained from Srimad Bhagvatam, Krishna left all of them in search of Srimati Radharani. He could not find her. He went to the bushes of Vrindavan, to the banks of Yamuna and was lamenting in separation from her. And then she appeared before him to fulfill all of his desires. Who is Srimati Radharani? That is the subject of Radhashtami. Srimati Radharani should be understood from Guru, Sadhu and Sastra. It is not the affair of a young boy and a young girl. Krishna is the absolute truth, the controller of all controllers. Great sages and rishis renounce everything of this material world to serve him. Krishna is not concerned with anything mundane. He is only attracted by pure spiritual love. Money does not attract Krishna, knowledge does not attract Krishna, severe tapasya does not attract Krishna, celibacy and controlling of the senses in and of themselves do not attract Krishna, even a person who has attained liberation does not attract the heart of Krishna. It is only love and what is the origin of that love? Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita describes that the absolute truth is one, Upanishads tell
(Verse) 21.11
The lord expands energies from Himself, just like the sun emanates rays. There are many energies, but the source of all energies, the essence of all the energies is the Lord’s allhadini (check) shakti. It is the ultimate purpose of all, Krishna’s energies to create an environment of Rasa or spiritual enjoyment, pure enjoyment. Krishna, the one supreme Lord is separated in two forms of Radha and Krishna. Krishna is the Supreme predominator and Srimati Radharani is the Supreme predominated. Krishna is the Supreme object of love and Sri Radharani is Supreme blessor (check) 22.30 of love. Her heart is unlimited in all love, in all of existence is eminting from her. Krishna’s love through is allhadini shakti is enjoyed by himself. This is lila, transcendental pastimes. These pastimes are very deep and very high and it takes very very great humility to be able to actually comprehend it. These spiritual subject matters cannot really be understood simply by our intellectual prowess. It can only be understood when Sri Radharani blesses us and reveals the truth of that love within our heart and She does that through Guru and the Vaishnavas for special representatives in this world. People sometimes quote the verse from Srimad Bhagvatam tenth canto that by hearing of the transcendental pastimes of Krishna with Gopis, one is free from one’s lusty desires. However, there is a particular word in that sloka. If I had the Bhagvatam here, I would recite it specifically. But Sukadeva Goswami explains that by hearing of these pastimes with faith, with a deeply faithful heart, that is the effect. But the question is, do we have that faith? If we do not, it does not apply to us. It is that faith that makes that subject matter digestible to our hearts. Otherwise, it can create indigestion. Even the best food, you do not have the capacity to digest it, it can make you sick. So it is faith, then a devotee is humble. Do we really have such faith? Faith means spiritual advancement.
(verse) 25.45
Sri Rupa Goswami tells us, that in the beginning there is a little faith and the whole process of devotional service is to nourish and purify our faith. The spiritual world is the land of pure faith. When our faith is pure, then we are in a perfect liberated condition.
(verse) 26.20
First, there is a little faith. In reciprocation to that faith, the Lord within our heart directs us to the association of the devotees. In that association, we begin to learn, what is bhakti, we accept a spiritual master, take initiation from the spiritual master and learn from the spiritual master, the process of Bhajan-kriya, the regulative principals of devotional service, to follow four regulative principals, to chant according to a particular vow, the names of Lord, to hear the Srimad Bhagvatam, Bhagvad Gita and the great literatures. We learn what is to be done and what is not to be done, how to engage our senses in Krishna’s service, to somehow or other protect them from the enemy of the desire for sense gratification. Through this process of very serious bhajan-kriya, serious chanting, serious hearing, serious austerity of controlling and engaging the senses in the service of the Lord by worshipping the deity, by preaching, by cleaning the temple, by making our home a temple, by serving the Vaishnavas, by prayer, gradually Anartha-nivritti. Hearts become pure. When our hearts come to a certain state of purification, then we develop Nishta, very firm faith. How many of us are actually on that platform? And usually, if you are on that platform, you are too humble to recognize it. That is the nature of a Vaishnava. From that faith comes Ruchi, the higher taste. From Ruchi comes very very strong attachment to Krishna, strong attachment to his names, his deity form, to his service, strong attachment to hear Hari-katha. Actual greed to hear Hari-katha, not the greed of curiosity, but the greed of the heart. Some people love to hear different things about Krishna. They think they are greedy, but actually they are just extremely curious. But when Rupa Goswami is talking about this Laulyam, this greed, he is talking about the awakening of this deep thirst inside in separation from the Lord, a deep desire, a deep longing, an urgent need, not just curiosity. When you are curious to see how something tastes, that is one category. But when you are starving, you need water, when you are willing to forsake everything for little water. That is greed. That comes by the mercy of the Lord. That comes when the Lord is pleased with us. We hear about the beautiful pastimes of Radha-Krishna, to some extent, but we should understand that to cultivate that faith, is actually the qualification to hear and understand. Ramananda Rai has revealed that highest limit of our aspirations, which a humble devotee keeps above his head and with great humility offers deep respect to that aspiration. Sri Radharani is the ‘mula ashaya vigraha’ of our sampradaya. She is the supreme most worshipable object, because through her mercy, we can be given pure love. That love is within our heart, because we are part and parcel of the Lord, but it is covered, it is forgotten. Only by Bhakti can we please Krishna. Only by Bhakti, by the energy of Radharani’s love, is Krishna attracted to our actions, our words and our thoughts. Krishna is Bhaktavatsala, he is always favorable to protect, to nourish his devotees. Love ??? 32.30 supreme when Krishna bows his head to Radharani at Mankutir at Barsana. Krishna reveals to the world that he has subjugated, controlled and conquered by pure love. Srila Prabhupada would sometimes say that impersonalist philosophers, they want to become God. But in that becoming one with god, there is no relationships, there is no rasa, there is no exchange of love. But by chanting the holy names of the Lord, one can conquer the Lord. Radhashtami is the day of glorifying Bhakti, Bhaktidevi. It is by the grace of Radharani that Bhaktidevi enters our hearts and what takes place then, Yashodamai, who is able to bind Krishna with rope by her love, Bhishma was able to cause Krishna to break his own promise by his love, Pralhad Maharaj, although just a tiny child, by his love caused the Supreme Lord to descend in a pillar, just to protect Pralhad’s word. Hiranyakashipu, they guess most powerful Asura, historically, he said to Pralhad, where is your God, is he in this pillar?. Pralhad said, he is everywhere, even in the pillar. So how Pralhad conquered lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, that now he promised, he is in the pillar, so now the Lord has to incarnate within a pillar, just to protect the word of this little five year old child, because of his love. It is our longing for that love, if we want anything else, we will never achieve it. It is only given to that person who exclusively has greed for that love. And that is not something that can be artificially imitated. That is something, that must be cultivated, developed through purification. Initially, we must have faith, faith in it’s supreme value and in the urgent need to achieve it. And that faith comes through hearing and the association of devotees and sincerely chanting the holy names, ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare’
Let us give some examples, of how the greatest personalities, how they longed for the blessings of Srimati Radharani in Vrindavan, to achieve that love. In Radha-Krishna’s eternal lila, Srimati Radharani is 14 years and 5 months old, eternally, nava youvana. And Krishna is 15 years and 9 months old, according to Srila Vishvanatha Chakravarti Thakur. In the Padmapurana, there is a beautiful story about Arjuna. We know, what a dear friend Arjuna was to Krishna. We do not have to speak on the subject very much. Such a dear friend, he used to lay down with Krishna. Krishna became his chariot driver. Krishna was so conquered by the love of Arjuna, that he became a menial servant. Being a driver, is a humbling relationship. Is it not? And in Mahabharta, what Krishna did for Arjuna? When Arjuna had to kill Jayadrata by sunset, the whole Kuru Army was in front between Arjuna and Jayadrata. Every single man in the entire Kuru Army, tens and millions of people, their only service, that they were blocking Arjuna. It was impossible, he was miles and miles away. Dronacharya, such great souls were there and Krishna, he was just… those horse were going so fast, so fast, so fast and Arjuna was fighting and fighting and Krishna was empowering him to fight and He was driving. Arjuna was getting all the glory and He was just a driver. And the horses were tired, Krishna was brushing the horses, giving them water, while Arjuna was doing the heroic work of fighting. What Krishna did, for Arjuna. And ultimately it was impossible to reach Jayadrata. So Krishna had to make a whole mystical illusion. Just to protect Arjuna’s life. Krishna was the menial servant of Arjuna, why? Because of Arjuna’s love.He spoke Bhagvad Gita. He gave all the credit of the greatest war in history to Arjuna. And here Arjuna was asking Krishna, I want to understand the love of Vrindavan, I want to understand the love of your Gopis, I want to understand the mercy of Radharani. So Krishna told Arjuna that this is an impossible subject to discuss. It’s too confidential for you to understand. His best friend, he cannot understand these things, who are we? Krishna tells Arjuna, you cannot understand, what is Gopis love, what is Radha’s love, what is Vrindavan’s love? You could only understand, if you have had experienced it. Then, he told him to go to Parvati, Tripurasundari. And you appeal to her and through her I will give you the means. So Arjuna expressed Krishna’s instruction to Parvati and she gave him mantra and told him how to do various types of tapasya. And ultimately she took him to a lake and he bathed in that lake for purification and he was met by a Gopi and that Gopi took him to a lake in Vrindavan. And he bathed in that lake of amrita and when he came out, he was not Arjuna, he was ‘Arjunia’. He had a female body of a Gopi. And he completely forgot his previous identity. There was no trace of recollection. So this Gopi took her into the assembly of other Gopis and they were very curious to see this new Gopi. They said please tell us who are you, where are you coming from, why have you come. And Arjunia said, I don’t know who I am, and I don’t know where I am coming from and I don’t know why I am here. The only thing I remember in my whole life is that I am coming out of a lake and I am a Gopi. So they taught her how to chant various mantras. And then brought her into a Kunja, where she was brought before goddess Srimati Radharani. And Arjuna, seeing the beauty, the mercy, the love of Sri Radharani, surrendered at her feet, feel at her feet in complete surrender and Sri Radharani presented him or her to Krishna. And Krishna sported with Arjunia in the forest. And then Sri Radharani said him to go to the lake and take your bath again. He took his bath and became Arjuna. But that he did not forget. So, even after Arjuna is longing to experience the love of Vrindavan. And what is the love of Vrindavan, the abode of Vrindavaneshwari, Sri Radharani, who is the Supreme goddess of Vrindavan. We read the story of Naradamuni, he met Gautam rishi and wanted to try to understand, what is this rasavrindavan. He sent him. Naradamuni, at the Kusumsarovar met with Vrindadevi, actually he met with Lalita Sakhi. And Lalita Sakhi told him you take your bath here, after he chanted mantras, offered very very deep prayers of sincere devotion. He took his bath in Kusum Sarovar and from Kusum Sarovar he came out and was Naradi. He was Gopi and she was brought by Sri Lalita devi to the lotus feet of Radharani, who presented her before Krishna. He was allowed to experience for a long time the loving service of Sri Sri Radhagopinath. Then taking his bath again, he became Naradamuni and compiled the Naradabhakti Sutras, to share his realizations of the topmost limits of divine love with the world. And then we have Lord Siva. Lord Siva is the Lord of Parvati. He is always absorbed in meditation. He is Ishwara. He is the controller of the universes. But Lord Siva wanted to participate in the rasalila, as the servant of the servant of the sevant of Sri Radhika. Vrindedevi, Lalita Sakhi informed him, he should do tapasya at Bramhakunda, which he did. Then they took him to Mansarovar. The power of Mansarovar cannot be calculated by any material intelligence. During one of the rasalilas of Radha and Krishna, when Sri Radharani was in separation to Krishna, she went to that place and filled the lake with the tears of her loving separation. What is the power of those tears, when Lord Siva, who is really a male figure, you see the Siva-iets, especially Nagababas, they are very, in America you call it macho, very man-like. I have told the story before, when I was living with Nagababas, 32 years ago. The chief of the Nagababas asked me, which was the holy place I worshiped. I said Vrindavan. And he began to ???47.25 Vrindavan. He said Vrindavan. Radhe Radhe, Radhe Radhe, Radhe Radhe. Nahi, You become Naga, Naga is man! I was really chanting Radhe Radhe. Because there was 20 other Nagas with tridents, who were his disciples, who were expecting me to surrender to his order. And who do they worship Lord Siva. And Lord Siva is longing to be the maid servant of the maid servant of the maid servant of Sri Radharani. He took his bath in the Mansarovar, in the tears of Sri Radhika and he came out as Gopeshwar, Gopi. And is eternally accepting the role as the guardian of the rasalila, as the servant of the servant of the servant of Radharani in her loving service to Thakurji, Sri Krishna. And there is a story of Uddhav. Krishna tells Uddhav in the Srimad Bhagvatam, you are so dear to me, you the dear most, you are really Haridas, such a servant of Hari. He said even Bramha, even Balarama, even Lakshmidevi is not as dear to me as you Uddhav. Of all the Yadu dynesty, which were Krishna’s personal relatives, Uddhav is the foremost friend. He was practically with Krishna throughout the day, everyday. Krishna would reveal his heart to Uddhav. He would even enquire submissively from Uddhav. They would eat together, they would laugh together, they would joke together, sometimes sleep together. Because Krishna loved Uddhav so much, he wanted to give him the highest benediction. From Mathura, he told Uddhav, that the brajabasis, especially the gopis, they are feeling intense separation from me. Take my chariot, dress in my clothes and give them my message. Uddhav went to Vrindavan, thinking he was Krishna’s best friend, doing a service for the brajabasis. But when he arrived, when he saw the love of Sridama, Subal, Stokakrishna, Ujjwala, Nadamangal, when he saw the love of the Gopas, he was taken aback. He felt insignificant. And then when he met Nanda and Yashoda and saw their total absorption in ecstatic separation from Krishna, he tried to pacify them, but he realized, their love is oceanic. And then he met the brajagopis and ultimately Srimati Radharani. When he witnessed Sri Radharani’s topmost limits of pure unalloyed loving surrender, Uddhava felt that he did not even have a trace of affection for Krishna in his heart, in comparison. He was utterly humbled. I came there to give them something, but they have given me the ultimate treasure of what I want to aspire for in my life. He read Krishna’s message to them, but when he saw the nature of their total absorption, in simply wanting to please Krishna, simply wanting to serve Krishna, there was nothing else in the entire creation that mattered to them. Lord Chaitanya, who is the best of the Gopis reveals in Shikshashtakam
Sunyaitam jagat sarvam…
The ??? of the side of govinda is the whole material existence, the whole cosmic manifestion is just a ????52.50 void. There was no substitute, there was no alternative. Their loving separation was not healing in time. It is said that time heals a broken heart. But with the gopis, the intensity of their affection for Krishna was ever-increasing at every moment. Uddhav wanted to be the servant of the servant of the Gopis, he wanted to serve the dust of their feet. But they were humble, they were simple village girls and he was the prince of yadus from the kingdom of Mathura. When he came back to meet Krishna, he explained his revelation and Krishna told Udhhav. He explained his inner heart of his intense longing to be with the residents of Vrindavan. How he enters into the heart of the residents of Vrindavan and remains there always. And because you are so dear to me Udhhava, I sent you there to learn, what is real treasure of spontaneous love. The great Uddhava, Haridas ??? 54.20 great great devotee. Uddhava prayed to become clump of grass in Vrindavan so that the maid servants of the maid servants of the maid servants of Sri Radharani may step on his head and he would achieve the perfection of the dust of their lotus feet. That is how he valued pure unalloyed devotion in brajabhakti. And just on the corner side of Kusumsarovar is where there is a deity of Uddhava. In that place he is eternally residing as a clump of grass. Servant of the Servant of the Servant. Mother Yashoda, when Krishna kills a demon, she is thinking that Krishna gained the power to kill the demon only because he is eating the food, what Radharani cooks for him. Every day, Sri Radharani comes to Nandagaon on the banks of Pavansarovar, Krishna wakes up, milkes the cows and then comes to take the wonderful bhoga offering, prepared by the hands of Srimati Radharani. Infact, because Durvasamuni gave benediction to her, because she served him so nicely that whoever tastes your food will taste only nectar and will always be in good health. Therefore, Yashodamai insisted that everyday she prepares for Krishna. And every evening from Yawat, she used to send Prasad for Krishna. So Yashodamai accredited Krishna’s power to Radharani’s love. Similarly, Krishna himself explained, that when he lifted Govardhan Hill for seven days and seven nights with the smallest finger of his left hand, He said I was able to do that because I was empowered by the loving glance of Srimati Radharani. How Krishna is conquered is described in Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita, where during the spring rasalila, Basantrasa at govardhana, Krishna left Gopis and they were searching for him and they saw him. He disguised himself as the four armed form of Narayan, the Supreme Personality of godhead. The Gopis know Narayan is the supreme Lord and they only know Krishna as their friend and lover. They saw Narayan. Where is Krishna? They offered obeisances. They were simply looking for Krishna. With his four arms, he went this way. When Sri Radharani came, despite all of his power to maintain his four arm disguise, two of his arms helplessly melted away. The power of love. There is a beautiful story told by our Acharyas of the purity of Radharani’s heart. Once Krishna was suffering very very deep separation from Sri Radha and He pretended to be bitten by a snake, with high fever. Purnamasi who is Guru of Vrindavan, disciple of Naradmuni, he explained with Gargamuni, that only if a perfectly chased women who is totally faithful with one-pointed love and devotion to her lover, only she could save Krishna’s life. And to prove her one-pointed love, she must carry water in a pot with one hundred holes and bring it form the Yamuna to Krishna. So who could that be? Kotila and Jotila, they were very proud of being the most chased ladies in Vrindavan. Naturally, they were approached first. Kotila said, Yes… No one is chased like me and my mother, I will do it. So, all the Brajabasis went to Yamuna, she took that pot with hundered holes, she put it in the water, filled it up, as soon as she took it out, shhh… before it even came out the water was out! Very embarrassing. Every one was laughing. When Jotila mother saw Kotila’s embarrassment, she was thinking, I don’t want to be a ??? 60.50 So she secretly secretly made a pot with fifty holes and went to a secluded place to test out how chased and faithful she really was. She filled it up and, shhh…, all came out. So, she decided to go into hiding. Meanwhile, Purnamasi was saying, it’s an emergency, someone has to come now. The only person who has this power is Srimati Radharani. They approached Srimati Radharani, she said, No no, I will not do, because Jotila and Kotila were always critisising me of not being faithful. So, I will not do. So, Purnmasi said to Kotila and Jotila, if Krishna dies, Nanda and Yashoda will die and I will die and you are responsible. So, they fell at Radharani’s feet and begged her, worshiped her. And Sri Radharani, she was given a pot with 100 holes filled with Yamuna water and lifted it, put it on her head, walked all the way from Yamuna to Nandabhavan in Nandagaon and not a single part of a drop came out from any of those holes. That is the absolute purity of the devotion of Krishna’s allhadini shakti. At Govindakunda, Krishna was coroneted as the King of Vrindavan. And Vrindadevi and other Gopis coroneted Srimati Radharani as the Queen of Vridavan at Imlitala and gave her the name Vrindavaneshwari. And Krishna personally came, bowed down to accept her as his Queen. In the same place of Imlitala, Krishna was once looking for Sri Radharani in separation. He sat under that tree and became so absorbed in chanting her holy names, so immersed in remembering her that his beautiful blackish complexion turned golden, like hers. That was his absorption. At that time Sri Radharani and her friends came. When they saw Krishna in that state, they were amazed. They spoke, when Krishna heard Radharani’s voice, from Gaurasundar he became Shyamasundar. And Srimati Radhrani asked Him, can you explain this incredible beautiful form that I have seen. He said, in separation I was so absorbed in you, I actually tasted your love and I was mad for that love. In the age of kali, I will descend in that form of Gaurasundar to experience the sweetness of your love and love that even I cannot comprehend. And I will distribute that love to the whole world through the chanting of the holy name, ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare’. Lord Chaitanya revealed to Sri Ramanda Rai, at the summit of the conversation, His true identity. Ramananda Rai enquired from the Lord, He said actually my Lord, whatever I am speaking, I am just like an stringed instrument, my tounge and you are like the expert musician playing it. Lord Chaitanya said, I am simply a Mayavadi Sanyassi, floating in the ocean in the Mayavadi philosophy. But, it is only because of your mercy that I am receiving this knowledge. This is their relationship. Ramanada Rai wanted to understand in truth, what was Lord Chaitanya’s essential (check)-66.05 mission. And Lord Chaitanya revealed to him what no one has ever seen. He reveled to him that He was Krishna. Krishna, who appeared with the loving sentiment and complexion of his beloved Srimati Radharani. And Krishna was entering into her heart to experience the fathomless ocean of her love. That is Lord Chaitanya. The ocean of compassion, the ocean of mercy, who is so freely giving the highest opportunities of pure unalloyed devotion to anyone. He does consider one’s sex, He does consider one’s education, one’s wealth, one’s nationality, one’s caste, one’s race. He only considers our sincerity. If we are sincere to simply receive it, if we are willing to reciprocate with the mercy that he is sending through his servants, then it is guaranteed. Srila Prabhupada guaranteed, if any devotees simply follows his vows of initiation sincerely and attempts to follow his instruction, then that devotee will go back to Godhead at the time of leaving this world. Where else is such a benediction, just to get a little mystic power, takes many many births of tapasya. Just to get elevation to heavenly planets, takes many many many births of pious activities and Lord Chaitanya’s messengers are telling us, in this one life you can surpass all mysticism, all liberation, all heavenly planets and actually enter into the eternal abode of the Lord. That is the mercy of Lord Chaitanya. During the Ratha Yatra, Lord Chaitanya was exhibiting his ecstasies of Sri Radharani’s Love for Krishna. And He was chanting prayers that no one could understand, except Svarupa Damodar Goswami and Rupa Goswami. Sri Rupa Goswami wrote a one-verse commentary of his prayers. And when Lord Chaitanya saw that on the palm leaf, he exclaimed that Rupa Goswami has understood the innermost essence of my heart. Lord Chaitanya empowered him, due to his humility and sincere devotion and empowered him to write books to establish by his example in his life, a sampradaya, in which the Lord’s mercy will be accessible, available to all fortunate souls. Srila Prabhupada at Radha Damodar temple resided, just beside the Samadhi and bhajan-kutir of Rupa Goswami. There he translated Srimad Bhagvatam, there he prayed for the spiritual power and grace to deliver us. If we want to understand properly the love of Sri Radharani, it will not be just by hearing, it will not be simply by our intellectual perceptions. It will only come through grace. Srila Prabhupada taught us the most dignified and beneficial means by which we can access that grace.
trinad api sunichena…
Humble like blade of grass, tolerant like tree, eager to offer respect to others and expect none in return. We must cultivate this spirit. We must be strict in our chanting of the holy names everyday. We must be eager to associate with devotees, eager to read. He wrote his books in such a way, that we could make real, tangible, dignified progress in the path of true Bhakti. He presented the highest truths in a balance, where we were not taking great things cheaply. He taught us how to respect the honour and value, the chanting of God’s names, service to the vaishnavas, preaching the message of the Lord and hearing according to the sensible presentation of Srimad Bhagvatam, Bhagvad Gita. Lord Chaitanya personally empowered Srila Prabhupada. It’s extraordinary. He empowered him to do something that was impossible, at such an age. To travel around the world 13 times, initiate thousands of disciples, open over a hundred temples, translate 40 volumes of literatures, open farm communities, schools, establish a mission, where today millions of people are chanting, millions of people have a proper understanding and faith in the mercy of Radha and Krishna coming through Lord Chaitanya. Srila Prabhupada taught the safe means of understanding Radha-Krishna’s Vrindavan lila is to understand the pastimes and teachings of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Such an empowered soul. And he was empowered, in this age, to present Krishna Consciousness in such a perfect, effective way. He is the personal associate of Srimati Radharani. He is the vessel of her compassion. On this holy day, let us pray,
Tapta kanchan gaurangi…
Let us pray to Sri Radharani, that She bestows her infinite mercy upon us, that we can, by her grace taste the real sweetness of Guru and Vaishnavas, of real honour and respect for Guru and Vaishnavas, of real compassion to suffering souls, that we can taste the nectar of the holy name and help our beloved Guru and the Vaishnavas to share the nectar of the holy name with whoever we come in contact with. Let us pray that all impediments will fall aside by her grace, when She bestows us within our heart the deep profound desire, to put everything else secondary and long to be the servant of the servant of the servant of her servants. Thankyou very much.

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