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It's Simple to Be Simple - HH RNSM Speaks

Some people think “I am not simple”. You have the choice at this very second to become simple. Krishna will help you, if you do those things that are favorable for being simple. Why are we not simple? Because we don't want it. We may say we want it, but we really don't want it. We want to hold on to these ulterior motives.

No matter how many classes we hear, no matter how many times we are kicked by Maya, no matter how many times we had anxieties, we want to hold on. But if we really want to let go, if we really take the medicine to let go and then Krishna will see the simplicity of that desire -“I want to be used for Krishna's purposes. I don't want to use Krishna for my purposes”.

That's the difference between complicating and uncomplicating in religion. As simple as that!!

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