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Don't disclose mind to materialistic people and Mayavadis- Srila Prabhupada Speaks

If a snake is given milk to drink, its poison simply increases. For a similar reason, we should not disclose our minds to the serpent Mayavadis and karmis. Such disclosures will never help. It is best to avoid association with them completely and never ask them about anything confidential because they cannot give good advice. Nor should we extend invitations to Mayavadis and atheists nor accept their invitations, for by such intimate intermingling we may become affected by their atheistic mentality.

It is the negative injunction of this verse that we should refrain from giving anything to or accepting anything from the Mayavadis and atheists. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has also warned, visayira anna khaile dusta haya mana: [Cc. Antya 6.278] "By eating food prepared by worldly people, one's mind becomes wicked.

Unless one is very advanced, he is unable to utilize everyone's contribution to further the Krishna consciousness movement; therefore on principle one should not accept charity from the Mayavadis or atheists."

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