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2 purposes of Repentance-HH RNSM Speaks

One who is serious must repent. Not just to live in depression...that repentance has 2 purposes.

1. It helps to prevent us from doing the same mistake again. Because if we take it lightly, we will do it again for sure because Maya is very strong. If we are repentant, it helps us to have determination for not to do again.

2. In our repentance we understand, I have let down Krishna for so many births. How should I take shelter of Krishna?

Real repentance doesn't cause depression, it helps us to take shelter of Lord through prayers and through really absorbing ourselves in devotional service, hearing Srimad Bhagavatam and chanting Hare Krishna and it humbles us so that we can actually do these things. Unless we have a humble state of mind we cannot take shelter of any aspect of devotional service. We can do that routinely, but cannot take shelter. And practicing routinely won't help you. To focus on mercy, greatness and love of Krishna and Vaishnava- to merge our consciousness into that, to understand the NEED to do that, and in this process we get a higher taste.

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