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Ultimately time conquers everything

In the jungle the lion is not a afraid of any other animal, he just roars and everyone they either have to run or you have to be his food or if he happens to be satisfied that day then he would just cast his mysterious glance upon you and you think oh what will happen to me tomorrow, everyone is afraid of the lion and the tiger because they are the king of the jungle, they are the best survivors, so they are very proud, who can harm me. But then human beings come and they capture the lion, they bring him to the zoo and put him in a cage and here is this great, great powerful lion that has conquered the whole jungle and little children are standing in front of the cave, the lion is just fried up who is angry as anything; he is totally insulted and humiliated by these little children  which he can eat within a second but he can’t get to it, he is roaring and just pacing back and forth foaming at the mouth, conquered. And then we have the human beings even the greatest more powerful human beings, everyone is being conquered by someone else according to the Bhagavatam even the greatest most powerful kings in our history they are like little puppets in the hands of their queens, conquered by their lusty desires and ultimately some other person is there to try to tear them down. And ultimately time conquers everything.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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