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Mind is fighting over the simplest things

What to speak of the mind, what type of battle is taking place in the mind, one day you think I like this and then the next minute - I do not like this; I want this, no I do not want this; it should be like this, no it can’t be like this; I want to go here, no you should go there, but I already been there, but you should not go again, but if I go there then I will miss what is here but if you go here then you will miss what is there (laughs). In this way the mind is always fighting, we need not convince you of this reality; it is a constant battle even of the simplest things. In the United States of America they are so highly advanced in materialism that if you go into a store there are so many varieties to chose from of the same thing, you want to buy toothpaste - there are 75 brands of toothpaste all saying we are the best and you are thinking which one. oh my god, maybe this one is a nicer colour but this one has a nicer package, but this one may taste better and your mind is fighting over the simplest things of brushing your teeth, this is the nature of the mind, it is always accepting, rejecting, hankering and lamenting and then the intelligence tested to do with this mind and the intelligence is battling against itself, so many nice ideas but then those ideas rejected.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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