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Material Comforts Make Surrender to Krishna difficult- HG RSP Speaks

Some people have great love for material comforts which they can get from the money they have. The material comforts pamper our senses and when we pamper our senses with those material comforts, our vairagya i.e. detachment goes down. You'll see that the more you pamper your senses, your strength and determination goes down in Krishna Consciousness.

 For Example:- Bumble bee has ability to make hole in the tree but if it sucks the honey and gets intoxicated then it loses all power and sometimes gets trapped even in the soft petals of the lotus flower... he can't even penetrate the soft petal in that intoxicated state!

Similarly by enjoying the material comforts, we become weak-hearted. By sleeping or eating too much, we don't feel strong in Krishna Consciousness. We put faith in our material possessions, relatives, society….etc instead of putting faith in Krishna. Srila Prabhupada says, "Some people go to Vrindavan while having kept some money in city bank, and even while chanting actual shelter is on bank only. So they cannot have full surrender and cannot completely depend on Krishna."

So the conclusion is, Krishna consciousness and sense gratification go ill together. If we want Krishna, we should rise above the chase after money, sex, power, skills, position and possessions. We have to calmly prayerfully beg Krishna to take us back in His service by chanting His holy names.

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