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Krsna manifests through Guru

Srila Narottamadas Thakura was such a maha bhagavata, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu personally, when he was just a child, He appeared before him and embraced him and invested in his heart the same love of God and the same power of kirtan that Caitanya Mahaprabhu personally had. Narottamadas was utterly detached from anything of this world, his father Krsnananda das was a king. As was the only son, Krsnananda Das wanted to offer him all great wealth, beautiful wife, & everything, but Narrotama Das Thakura was utterly detached. For him it wasn’t even a question of austerity, he experienced such higher taste of Krsna consciousness, he simply was not interested. There was no charm to anything of this world to him accept devotional service and he left home; not easy for a young boy like this to leave home, the protection of family, all money, wealth, walking through the jungles, no food to eat but yet such a self realised personality, when he stood before Lokanatha Goswami, his beloved Guru Maharaj, he presented himself to be completely ignorant. Lokanatha Goswami said I cannot initiate you, Mahaprabhu has appeared to you what do you need me for, He has given you His causeless mercy, you have achieved Krsna prema, I have never accepted a disciple, I cannot, I am too much of separation of Rupa and Sanatana to take this role. But Narrotama Das Thakura, in his most gentle and loving way, he presented to Lokanatha Goswami that I am helpless, I am ignorant, I am a fool, I am completely relying on your mercy to save me from maya. How a person like this is saying that? Do you think it is fancy poetic words just appear humble? Not at all. His words were springing from his very core of his heart and what is in your core of your heart; your soul; these words were coming right directly from his soul and how is that? He is such an advanced devotee because he has completely taken shelter of Krsna in helpless dependence condition knowing that there is no other way to sustain our devotional service except by the mercy of Krsna. He had realised that Krsna manifests through Guru, so therefore genuinely he is expressing his feelings that I am helplessly dependent on your mercy Guru Maharaj. If I do not hear from you what is my hope?

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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