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Game of Love

Chetana, the festival of awakening was celebrated on Saturday at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir. Around 330 enthusiastic girls participated in the festival.

The lecture was presented by H.G. Sita Mataji. She introduced the topic by explaining the history of Valentine's Day. She said how the Roman Emperor Claudius II was impressed by Valentine and threatened him with his life to convert him to his faith.

St. Valentine refused and tried to convert Claudius to Christianity instead. Because of this, he was executed, on February 14th. He sacrificed his life to protect his faith and conviction.

However, today, she explained how Valentine's Day is just a gimmick for booming businesses. Even the word Saint has been taken out of the name. In all modern day festivals, God has been removed and only the enjoyment part is remaining.

She explained how in this world, everything revolves around love. She illustrated them by giving examples like love between man and woman, mother and child, between siblings, love among friends and Love for the country.

But she pointed in this material world, everything ultimately leads to frustration. She cited a recent example of a girl who was stabbed by her lover.

She explained that material love is temporary and cannot give us permanent happiness and satisfaction. According to the scriptures, the nature of the soul is to love and be loved. The soul is eternal and also has an eternal relationship with Lord Krishna.

She briefly explained how material love is temporary as the object of love is also temporary where as spiritual love is eternal as well as the object of love.

She said Lord Krishna is eternally waiting for us to return and is giving us his heart.  But the problem is we are too busy finding love in this temporary material world where everything has a beginning and an end.

She narrated life of Braj Gopis, who were completely surrendered to Krishna and did not have any selfish motive. She said although we are not on that platform but we can try to follow in their footsteps.

She said that on Valentine’s day we give our hearts to our beloved because the heart signifies the region where our soul resides.

She concluded by saying  that if we churn our hearts by chanting and hearing the holy names to become pure and soft like butter then  Lord Krishna will be tempted to steal it.

She asked all the girls to develop eternal love for Krishna and make Him our valentine.

The wonderful Chetana festival ended with an enthralling kirtan participated by everyone which was followed by scrumptious prasadam.

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