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Every second there is a battle

The nature of this material world is that the environment is always changing, the environment around us is constantly being influenced by the three modes of material nature therefore nothing is stable. This material world is created in such a way that there is always fighting going on. Within in your body there are white cells and red cells and there is so much fighting going on. The environment is full of disease everywhere. A healthy person has a good immune system; if you have a strong immune system that means that when the diseases come; you have different elements within your body different components which are like little warriors, tiny little warriors and they just fight against those diseases and therefore you are healthy. The fact is that the environment is full of disease everywhere in this world but if you have these good little warriors inside of you, they keep constantly battling and every second there is a battle and if your soldiers are weak then they lose the battle. When they lose the battle you become sick and when those soldiers lose the war then you die. There are many battles but ultimately it is a war. So life is a war and every minute there is a battle taking place in this war.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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