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Chant with Absorption- HG RSP Speaks

While chanting the holy names if one is not absorbed in hearing, then our chanting will be watering the weeds which may grow in size bigger and bigger and may choke the devotional creeper and in this way one will not only loose taste for the Holy name but also one's heart will also become flooded with material desires like kutinati, jivhamsa, nisidhacar and many other anarthas.

 Somebody may say “why is like this? I have become a devotee, why should heart become filled with unwanted things? In fact, chanting of the Holy names should produce awakening”.  No, chanting of the Holy names will not produce awakening unless one does it with a certain level of absorption and attentiveness. 

It’s exactly like if somebody doesn't have a gas stove then they can’t cook. They have to be just eating whatever is available on the street side, the dirty food that is sold outside. But if you have your own gas stove then if you use properly and cook nicely, you can offer Bhoga and accept Prasadam. But the same fire has a connected danger associated with it. If it's not used properly it can create great fire accident, it can destroy so many things.

Similarly as long as we don’t chant the Holy name we are rotting in the material world not knowing the value of the spiritual life. But once the mantra diksa is obtained and one is taking shelter of Spiritual master and parampara and accepting the Holy name then one should develop one's consciousness enough to absorb oneself in the Holy name properly in order to see the desired results of softening of the heart, elevation of consciousness, attraction for Krsna and attraction for services-all these things. Otherwise chanting of the Holy names will be producing a negative effect like producing the weeds which will not only choke the devotional creeper which may also degrade the person (chanter) lower and lower by being callous to the Holy name.

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