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Change Your Motivations- HG RSP Speaks

Once a thief entered into a very big orchard with lot of mangoes and  coconut trees - it was evening twilight time, and he thought that he will drink water from coconuts and drink malai. He saw from distance,  some servants of the Zamindar were coming. The thief knew that if they catch him stealing in their garden, they'll beat him. He immediately got down, put some ashes all over his body, wrapped a torn blanket and sat in a meditative posture. Those people came and thought that he was a great sadhu. They thought that by dint of his mystic power the coconuts have fallen down. Immediately they called the  Zamindar, their master, who came and saw the yogi, and was impressed. He  went back quickly and called his wife and children too. They all came  and gave lot of presents, money, charity, fruits etc to the sadhu, and washed his feet.

And the 'sadhu' in turn just blessed them, and said,  "Now it is evening time, so we'll meet tomorrow my dear child." So  they all went back; then this person thought, "I just had a simple  intention of saving myself by wearing this dress of sadhu. Just that  small thing i.e. dress of sadhu is giving so much benefit, better let  me try to become an actual sadhu!" and then he pursued spiritual life  and became a great devotee of Krishna. 

We all have come to Krishna Consciousness for  various reasons -- attraction of Prasadam, family culture,  intellectual titillation, improving communication skills, to become cheerful, to get peace of mind etc. But whatever be our interest, as we practice Krishna Consciousness, one day these motivations will become purified and what we will be left with will be pure Krishna Prema!

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