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Apply the knowledge in spirit of humble servant

So certainly it is very important factor of our devotional service to try to deeply understand with our intelligence, the philosophy of Krsna consciousness, carefully study our scriptures. (but) we shouldn’t think this is what is going to give us realisation; it is not what is going to really give us faith; (because) the knowledge that we get, we have to apply to the spirit of humble service to the spiritual master, to the vaishnavas and our parampara, we have to chant offenselessly that is what is going to bring about really faith and realisation. Srila Prabhupada quotes how mystically the process of Krsna consciousness is; in the sense; how it transforms people’s hearts. But the qualities of God and the demigods all manifest within the body of one who surrenders to Krsna. And Prabhupada gives an example of the hunter, what was his qualification? very deeply learned and renounced? NO, but because he just followed the instruction of Narada Muni, what a transformation of the heart, from a ruthless murderer to the most gentle loving sage.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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