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The power of Prayers to Lord Nrisimhadeva by HG Pankajanghri prabhu

To All Vaishnava,

On 18th March,2008,Sri Maheshbhai Dhokia ,congregation member from
London called me and told me that His wife,Srimati Jayshree Dhokia is
suffering from acute uterine cancer and she is being flown to Frankfurt for
the last time.Maheshbhai asked me if the devotees in mayapur could do some
prayers for his wife. Doctors in London had given up the hope and claimed
that she may not last more then 3 months as the cancer had spread to most
parts of lower body that is Abdominal and pelvic area..
The following morning,I humbly requested HG Pankajanghri prabhu and
explained him the whole situation.We were both in the pujari room near Radha
Madhav Altar.I was dressing mahaprabhu at that time of the year and HG
Pankajanghri prabhu was making his final preparations for all the abhisekha
of Lord Nrisimadeva.HG Pankajaghri prabhu asked what is the name of the
mataji.I just gave the name of the mataji writing on the piece of paper.
Now in Germany,just during the same time the operation was going on
to save Srimati Jayshree mataji.After she gained her consciousness she told
her husband that she dream't of lord Nrisimhadev of Mayapur.Bhakta Pralad
maharaj was there to tell her the glories of lord Nrisimhadev.She also told
her husband that she completely feels like a new person and something evil
has left her body.
Now back in London,She was taken back to Doctors for a check up.During
the PET Scan,The Radiologist were shocked to discover that there was no sign
of cancer at all.They called up the hospital in Germany to confirm about the
the medical details of the patient.The German surgeons, who operated on her
could not believe what they were just hearing from the radiologist in
London.The German Surgeons were shocked to hear that there was no sign of
cancer at all.The German research medical unit is now deeply studying the
entire case.Now little do these Doctors know, that there is somebody by the
name of Lord Nrimimhadeva,Who protect his devotees.
While both HG Maheshbhai and his good wife Srimati Jayshree came back
to Mayapur to really have a close darshan of Lord Nrisimhadeva and come to
their senses and understand as to just what had happen .
Srimati Jayshreeben just cried and cried in front of lord Nrishmdeva.HG
Jananivas prabhu summed up the whole transcendental episode,While blessing
both the couples,HG Jananivas prabhu said " Lord Nrisimhadeva performs
operation with his transcendendal nails and the devotees just feel
Jayshreeben now chants 16 good rounds and with this new Krishna
Consiousness life,She thanks all the devotees of ISKCON and she feels very
proud to join the real spritual family of Srila Prabhupada.She vows to come
to Mayapur every year and be near Lord Nrisimhadeva.
She also thanks Both HG Jananivas prabhu and HG Pankajanghri prabhu for
having saved her life through powerful prayers to Lord Nrisimdeva .



Nandkishore das

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