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If you give love, you will get love and If you give respect, you will get respect- HG RSP Speaks

There is a story of man who went to north to a place which is called valley of Gods. It’s a serene place. Whatever you speak will be echoed there. Very beautiful greenery, snow capped mountains! This person was told-If you go to that place, you will be welcomed very warmly.

This man went to top of mountain and saw valley of Gods. It’s completely serene and silent.


He shouted loudly “why don’t you say something?”

Sound echoed back “why don’t you say something?  Say something?.. Something…”.


He is wondering “I am asking to say something; this fellow is asking me again???”


He shouted again “How rude of you to hurt me?”

Sound echoed back “How rude of you?... rude of you...”


He again shouted “I hate you”

Sound echoed “ I hate you,  hate you…hate you”


He said “ I came to experience love here , but I experienced only hate”


When he came down mountain there was a village where a Sadhu is speaking to people how they are fortunate to be in a village where there is valley of Gods. When it came to Question & Answer session, this person asked “Swamiji!, why are you cheating people? That place(Valley of Gods) is full of hate and  rudeness”.


The Sadhu took that person to the top of mountain.


Swamiji shouted loudly “O lord, greetings to you!”

Sound echoed back “Greetings to you,,,, greetings …greetings”


Swamiji again shouted “I love you”

Sound echoed back“ I love you… love you…love you”


This man is surprised.

Then Swamiji told him that life is mirror. “Whatever you gave, you got that only back”. He gave words like rude n hate and he got them back…


The standard slogan is – “ If you give love, you will get love and If you give respect, you will get respect”. Very simple slogan.  Life is like a mirror. Whatever you give, you will get that back !!!


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