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The power of Prayers to Lord Nrisimhadeva by HG Pankajanghri prabhu

To All Vaishnava,

On 18th March,2008,Sri Maheshbhai Dhokia ,congregation member from
London called me and told me that His wife,Srimati Jayshree Dhokia is
suffering from acute uterine cancer and she is being flown to Frankfurt for
the last time.Maheshbhai asked me if the devotees in mayapur could do some
prayers for his wife. Doctors in London had given up the hope and claimed
that she may not last more then 3 months as the cancer had spread to most
parts of lower body that is Abdominal and pelvic area..
The following morning,I humbly requested HG Pankajanghri prabhu and
explained him the whole situation.We were both in the pujari room near Radha
Madhav Altar.I was dressing mahaprabhu at that time of the year and HG
Pankajanghri prabhu was making his final preparations for all the abhisekha
of Lord Nrisimadeva.HG Pankajaghri prabhu asked what is the name of the
mataji.I just gave the name of the mataji writing on the piece of paper.
Now in Germany,just during the same time the operation was going on
to save Srimati Jayshree mataji.After she gained her consciousness she told
her husband that she dream't of lord Nrisimhadev of Mayapur.Bhakta Pralad
maharaj was there to tell her the glories of lord Nrisimhadev.She also told
her husband that she completely feels like a new person and something evil
has left her body.
Now back in London,She was taken back to Doctors for a check up.During
the PET Scan,The Radiologist were shocked to discover that there was no sign
of cancer at all.They called up the hospital in Germany to confirm about the
the medical details of the patient.The German surgeons, who operated on her
could not believe what they were just hearing from the radiologist in
London.The German Surgeons were shocked to hear that there was no sign of
cancer at all.The German research medical unit is now deeply studying the
entire case.Now little do these Doctors know, that there is somebody by the
name of Lord Nrimimhadeva,Who protect his devotees.
While both HG Maheshbhai and his good wife Srimati Jayshree came back
to Mayapur to really have a close darshan of Lord Nrisimhadeva and come to
their senses and understand as to just what had happen .
Srimati Jayshreeben just cried and cried in front of lord Nrishmdeva.HG
Jananivas prabhu summed up the whole transcendental episode,While blessing
both the couples,HG Jananivas prabhu said " Lord Nrisimhadeva performs
operation with his transcendendal nails and the devotees just feel
Jayshreeben now chants 16 good rounds and with this new Krishna
Consiousness life,She thanks all the devotees of ISKCON and she feels very
proud to join the real spritual family of Srila Prabhupada.She vows to come
to Mayapur every year and be near Lord Nrisimhadeva.
She also thanks Both HG Jananivas prabhu and HG Pankajanghri prabhu for
having saved her life through powerful prayers to Lord Nrisimdeva .



Nandkishore das

From Fear To Hope

The 68th Prerana held on 27th December had the record high attendance of about 1200 participants. The lecture entitled, ‘From Fear To Hope’ was given by His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

On July 11th 2006, 7 blasts in 7 minutes left 209 dead, 700 injured and millions terrorized in Mumbai. A few days later when I was sitting in the Vrindavan forest, a family approached me. The husband had witnessed one of the blasts and the subsequent traumatic scene. He was shaken. The wife with her two little children asked me, “In this world of hatred and cruelty how does bhakti help us cope with it?” I was reminded of a story which His Holiness Sachinandan Maharaj had once narrated.

Hitler killed 12 million people in his concentration camps and most of them were Jews. His Holiness Sachinandan Maharaj’s uncle was also working under Hitler. A friend of the uncle observed something special in the room where the prisoners were kept. On the walls were beautiful drawings of butterflies flying upwards. Inquisitive, he asked a captive Jew as to why they drew such paintings before being sent in to gas chambers.

The man said, “The butterfly has to be wrapped up in a cocoon under painful situations before its beautiful colored wings come out. Then it can freely fly in the sky. Similarly we have the hope that our souls will also be free in the Kingdom of God after we go through these painful experiences inflicted by you upon us. We have faith that at death if we remember the Lord with devotion, we will be free for ever from all sufferings. And without your knowledge you are helping us attain perfection.”

Later the friend told this whole incident to His Holiness Sachinandan Maharaj’s uncle. Hitler had brainwashed his followers that the Jews were sub-human and they were evil inherently. But this incident changed the uncle’s perspective completely. He repented for the rest of his life for the wrongs he had committed.

If we have hope, we have life. It can give us the spirit of joy no matter what the situation. But misplaced hope can be the cause of the greatest fear. If we place our hope in the body and things connected with the body, it will be simply causes of fear.  The process of bhakti is about losing hope were there is no hope and see unlimited hope were there is unlimited hope.

The great devotees of the Lord have unlimited hope in the infinite love of the Supreme Lord. Because Draupadi placed her hope in the protection of the Lord, she was protected. If we take full shelter of the Lord, the Lord gives Himself in full. Hanumanji had hope in every situation and he was looking for service in every situation and so he found it in every situation. Similarly Srila Prabhupada had hope in every situation because he had taken shelter of Krishna’s love. In the beginning days when only two or three people would come for his program, Srila Prabhupada would still be hopeful. Once he wrote to his godbrother expressing his hope, “….they seemed to like the chanting.”

One of the things that is common between Hanumanji and Srila Prabhupada is that both had unlimited hope because of their implicit faith in the order that was given to them and in the holy names.

The program ended with kirtan and prasadam.

Humility Attracts The Attention Of Master- HG RSP Speaks

Srila Prabhupada was an epitome of humility.  Srila Prabhupada was once giving a class on Varnasrama. One person in audience asked Srila Prabhupada which class of society he belonged to, and Srila Prabhupada said, “I’m fifth class, servant of all these 4 classes!”

 Once (in an air port) a Devotee announced “All devotees have to go to other side because of airport problems!” Srila Prabhupada also went along with all the devotees. The announcing devotee came to Srila Prabhupada and said, “Prabhupada, it was not for you.” Srila Prabhupad asked, “Am I not a devotee?”

People who don’t think that they are smart or great and who don’t think that they are great and don’t want to come in lime light, they catch the attention of the master. For Example:- Sugriva and all other monkeys were sitting to be selected as that one monkey who can go to search Sita at Lanka. Actually every monkey was speaking of his qualities and qualifications, but Hanuman was silent. It was Jambavan who reminded Hanuman of his qualities and abilities which he had forgotten due to a curse. When Hanuman was reminded, he immediately grew in size. He was picked and chosen without his boasting.

If you give love, you will get love and If you give respect, you will get respect- HG RSP Speaks

There is a story of man who went to north to a place which is called valley of Gods. It’s a serene place. Whatever you speak will be echoed there. Very beautiful greenery, snow capped mountains! This person was told-If you go to that place, you will be welcomed very warmly.

This man went to top of mountain and saw valley of Gods. It’s completely serene and silent.


He shouted loudly “why don’t you say something?”

Sound echoed back “why don’t you say something?  Say something?.. Something…”.


He is wondering “I am asking to say something; this fellow is asking me again???”


He shouted again “How rude of you to hurt me?”

Sound echoed back “How rude of you?... rude of you...”


He again shouted “I hate you”

Sound echoed “ I hate you,  hate you…hate you”


He said “ I came to experience love here , but I experienced only hate”


When he came down mountain there was a village where a Sadhu is speaking to people how they are fortunate to be in a village where there is valley of Gods. When it came to Question & Answer session, this person asked “Swamiji!, why are you cheating people? That place(Valley of Gods) is full of hate and  rudeness”.


The Sadhu took that person to the top of mountain.


Swamiji shouted loudly “O lord, greetings to you!”

Sound echoed back “Greetings to you,,,, greetings …greetings”


Swamiji again shouted “I love you”

Sound echoed back“ I love you… love you…love you”


This man is surprised.

Then Swamiji told him that life is mirror. “Whatever you gave, you got that only back”. He gave words like rude n hate and he got them back…


The standard slogan is – “ If you give love, you will get love and If you give respect, you will get respect”. Very simple slogan.  Life is like a mirror. Whatever you give, you will get that back !!!


Triple S Formula for giving up Bad Habits- HG RSP Speaks

(To give up bad habits) The first thing we should do is– Starve the bad habits. This is called triple S formula – Starve the bad habits, Supplement good habits, Stay away from bad association – then you’ll Sustain and Abstain.

If you are in association, you are regularly and forcibly given Mangal Arati injection, Nrsimha Arati injection, Chanting injection and then Srimad Bhagavatam injection. Think about the conditionings you have – if you go to the environments where you had fed wrong things, your memories will arise and your conditionings may pull you back. For Example:- one boy and girl were having affair in college days but by will of providence, they were separated and they got married to other partners. But later,  when they met each other, the old vasana comes up. So old friendships and old habits are very dangerous. One has to have determination which comes by association(with Devotees) regularly. One should come in association and hear about the pure message of Srimad Bhagavatam.  

How to "Just Chant and Hear?"- HG RSP Speaks

Srila Prabhupad says “What is the difficulty in chanting? You have to just chant and hear”. Now if it’s such an easy thing, why should people be struggling?  Of course for a pure Devotee chanting and hearing is very easy. That’s why it’s said Japa is barometer of spiritual life. What it means? Depending on how much purity we have achieved in our heart, to that degree one will be able to very happily, blissfully and with great eagerness approach Holy name. And to the degree one is not purified, chanting becomes very difficult task, it becomes a great challenge. Based on our eagerness to chant the Holy names, eagerness to take shelter of Holy name, we can understand where I am standing in spiritual life. That’s why when we say “just chant and hear” that’s not so easy, it’s difficult. We have practical experience of this. Then what is the remedy?

When we understand the way Holy name acts on our system, we may be inspired to approach the Holy name with more sincerity. Rupa Goswami says kintu adarat anudinam… He is saying just as a jaundice person tongue is bitter and doesn’t have taste for sugarcane juice although its sweet, he has to keep  drinking that as medicine . Here lies the key, He says we have to approach (Holy name) with adarat means with great respect and anudinam means every day. Then it will uproot all misgivings and time will come when we can develop great attraction for Holy name. 

Worth reading !!!

While a man was washing his new car, his 4 yr old son picked stone & scratched lines on the side of the car. 

In anger, the man took the child's hand & hit it many times, not realizing he was using a wrench. 

At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures. When the child saw his father.... with painful eyes he asked "Dad when will my fingers grow back?"

Man was so hurt and speechless; he went back to car and kicked it a lot of times.

Devastated by his own actions..... sitting in front of that car he looked at the scratches, child had written….


The next day that man committed suicide…

Anger and Love have no limits… choose the later to have a beautiful & lovely life....

"Things are to be used and people are to be loved..." But, the problem in today's world is...

People are used and things are loved......

Chant Hare Krishna and Be Happy

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