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Taking Strength from Association of Devotees - HG RSP Speaks

Sometimes the mongoose and snake have a fight. Out of the two, snake is more powerful because it has the poison. Snake can hit the mongoose with poisonous teeth and the mongoose will be finished. Sometimes when they fight, nobody can say who will win. Actually the mongoose cannot digest the snake’s poison. As soon as it gets bitten by snake’s fangs, it goes to a vanaspati plant and smells it and eats some leaves and thus neutralizes the poison. And then again it goes back to the snake and attacks from behind, at the tail, and drags him to the vanaspati plant. By the time he runs to the vanaspati plant, the snake again bites him and again he goes to vanaspati plant. In this way little by little the mangoose takes the snake very close to the vanaspati plant and then once they are there, the mongoose bites the snake into pieces. Finally the mongoose was completely in vanaspati plant and then he tears down the snake to pieces. This is the mechanism adopted by mongoose in killing a snake.

The analogy here is – all of us while being in material world are attacked by snake bites of materialists. What we should do? We should come back running to the devotees’ association and by that nullify the poison. Then again we have to go back to the materialists because of our job and roles in the material world. One has to again and again take the strength of association. The meaning of taking the snake closer to the vanaspati plant is to gradually reduce the material life and increasing the direct Krishna-element. 

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