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Devotees Indulging in Sin Receive Greater Punishment- HG RSP Speaks

Out of the two, visaya(sense object) is better than visayi(enjoyer of sense objects). If we indulge in kama-
vasana terrible punishments await one. If one is in Krishna Consciousness, and then if one indulges in kama-vasana then he will get severe punishment, because he is doing it knowingly. All of us have been nourished by so much knowledge, mercy and blessings. After getting all these doses of mercy, if one indulges in wrong things then terrible, specially designed yamadutas and hell await him, because it comes under the 7th offense – jaan bhoojkar paap karna.

Just like in companies, they have the smoke detectors – as soon as there is little smoke, there will be big alarm. Our intelligence should have a signal like that. As soon as you come across a dangerous visaya(sense object), immediately the danger signal should come. It is not that we can philosophize that as devotees we’ll not get animal bodies. King Indradyumna got elephant’s body, Bharata Maharaja got deer’s body. By right use of freewill, our freedom increases.

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