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Yatha Drishti, Tatha Srishti- HG RSP Speaks

 Vedic affirm says “ yatha dristi, tatha sristi”. Dristi means our sight, sristi means creation. Whatever our vision is, accordingly whole world appears. It’s like glass with a tint, if I have glass with brown tint, everything looks brown. Similarly whatever my state of consciousness is , based on that I see the world. For example- One of you got distinction, but you expected only 1st class. Naturally you are in happy state. You feel “God is merciful and so kind”. You feel so festive and everything looks colourful. You don’t walk, just dance. Everything looks nice, you offer obescences to all! This world turns to spiritual world. When you are in this state of mind, even if someone scolds, we speak very nicely, because we are happy.




    On the other hand, if you get very poor results, barely you survived. You are looking at everyone with big face. Even somebody comes and says you “Prabhu, I have kept sweet rice for you”. You say “what sweet rice! Nothing is sweet in this world”. So we all go by mind in this world. State of mind reflects in everything. That’s why we shouldn’t become mentally situated. We should detach ourselves from mind. Mind will sometimes like something and sometimes doesn’t like something. But as soul we have to act on platform of intelligence which has to be strengthened by knowledge. Say we got poor results, we have to know whether we tried our best or not. If we have not studied properly, why to blame others for that. One should avoid identifying with mind and one should nourish intelligence by spiritual knowledge and not get swayed with mind. 

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