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What is better …....

What is better? What is better is that which is done with humility. You think the great acharyas who’ve started this movement to create efficient materialists? You go to so many training schools and colleges and institutions to learn to be an efficient materialist. This movement is to teach people how to be surrendered to humble devotees. So whatever your authority is telling you, it is the best thing to teach you how to be a surrendered humble devotee, it may not be the best thing to be efficient materialist. So therefore if you think you have a better way, it is your service to very humbly present your alternative, but then whatever the decision is, you should accept and surrender, and understand that I may not understand this but I will become purified if I just surrender. And Krishna ultimately wants that. He does not want your efficiency, He wants your humble devotion.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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