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We should not cheat our own soul………

So Krishna has come with this message. He has not come to teach people to be halfhearted religious aspirants. He has come to teach us how to become pure, how to truly direct every aspect of our life in His service. And it is not a difficult thing. When Krishna was living in Gokul, a fruit vendor came and she called out, “Is there anyone who would wish to buy some fruit? I have very nice fruit.” Krishna wanted to enjoy these fruits. So He picked up these little grains, which were falling from His little fingers. At this age, Krishna just recently learnt how to walk. Can you imagine God learning how to walk? Krishna says, “ I am the ability in man”. It is only by His power that anyone can walk. But He learns how to walk, just to give pleasure to His devotees. So He ran and came to the lady and said, “Here are My grains. Give Me some fruits.” And few grains remained in His hands. Nothing had any value. But His beauty charmed her so much that she took as many fruits of the best quality she had and filled His arms and she made Him happy. Krishna doesn’t need fruits. All the trees in the world, the fruits are growing by His direction. In Vaikuntha, there are fruits that are so delicious. They are filled with immortal nectar. Does He need the fruits of this world? But the fact that she just gave Him the best she had, for His pleasure, He was so happy. And we can understand that a simple fruit vendor is not usually a very wealthy person. She was probably taking a big loss by giving Him her best fruits, as much as she can. From the business point of view, she was not very intelligent, materially. But she did it for Krishna, to please Him. And He was happy. And when Krishna is happy, our life is perfect. She turned around and she looked into her basket and all of her fruits were transformed into the most precious celestial jewels. Her basket was overflowing with jewels. Gold, silver, rubies, diamonds. Rupa Goswami explains how whatever we give to Krishna, we are not the losers, but we gain millions and millions of times. This simple lady who was the fruit vendor, attained the treasure of Krishna prema, love of God. The fruits in her basket were actually symbolic that she attained the greatest treasure in her life, immortality, beyond birth and death, ecstatic bliss. That is the result of Krishna consciousness. So let us make Krishna our first priority in life. Let us focus and centralize every aspect of our life in a mood of service rather than in a mood of manipulation. There are hundreds and thousands of reasons, justifications, excuses, why to put Krishna second or third in our life. That is Maya. She is working through so many agents to give us an excuse, to give us some reason, to make other priorities. But there is no excuse to make Krishna first. That is - Krishna’s will. And it is the very longing of our soul to do. We should not cheat our own soul. We should give charity to our soul and give charity to the souls of others.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

guru-mukha-padma-väkya, cittete koriyä aikya, är nä koriho mane äsä

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