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We are not interested in imitation………..

One time a snake charmer, he was actually special person, he was chanting a particular prayer glorification how Krishna danced on the head of the serpent kaliya and as he was chanting there were many people gathering around him to hear. He was just like a mystic snake killer and when Haridas Thakur, he started, he couldn’t control his ecstatic symptoms; tears started coming through his eyes, his limbs started trembling, hair was standing on end, his body was changing colors, his voice got choked up and he was dancing like a mad man ecstatically and then fell to the ground in apparently unconscious state of trance. And the snake man was so impressed with devotion of Haridas that he started to touch his feet, circumblating him and worshipping him and all the people around started doing the same thing. So there was a learned Brahman, a scholarly brahman who was thinking, 'see what a fame and attention this person is getting.' So he started imitating exactly like Haridas Thakur; tears started flowing from his eyes, his hairs started standing on end, his limbs started trembling, he started dancing like a madman then fell down in an ecstatic trance apparently. Then the same snake man began to beat him, beat him until his every body and limb was very black and blue and he was beating and the man was shouting save me save me, he was beating and beating him until he ran away to save his life and then the people didn’t understand what’s happening. They said when Haridas did this you were worshipping him and praising him and when this man did the same thing you beat him and beat him. Why? This man is a learned brahman and Haridas is an untouchable by caste. But Krishna doesn’t care for one's caste, the fact is of the softness of his heart was exhibiting his natural love for Krishna which is worshipable by everyone but this person, due to envy and pride, was thinking, 'he (Haridas) is an untouchable why should he get this fame and reputation? I am a brahman, I deserve it more'. So he was imitating his own exploitative envious prideful reasons and it is explained that Anatha Shesha appeared in the body of the person to praise Haridas and beat the imitator. We are reading in today’s purport, Srila Viswatnath Thakur Chakraborty, Srila Prabhupada and other acharyas warn us against such imitators and India is full of such people, many actress in any given time began to cry; tears begin to flow from the eyes, they train themselves. You can train yourselves to do these things if you just try hard to cry then you can just at any moment make tears just pour out of your eyes. There are people you can do this. It is just a matter of practice. What to speak of sentimental ladies, any given thing and they start weeping, they are experiencing Bhava, some material anxiety. So you van actually imitate these things and so Viswanath Chakraborty Thakur say if you get some material power you can actually make your hairs stand on end, make your body changes colors, all these symptoms of ecstacy can appear on a person if he has practiced this art, he makes his body do these things. How do you know he is in ecstasy or not? You should know. So it is here, it is explained by acharyas you should know by the standard symptoms because most of the people who exhibit these ecstatic symptoms are worshipped by thousands of people like Bhagwan, Mahaprabhu or so many other great souls they have realistic relationship they are addicted to intoxication everyone. Srila Prabhupada said even at the holiest place, the Radha Kund, there are Babaji who exhibit all these ecstasy and they know all the scriptures so well and they cannot live an hour without smoking a bidi or chewing tobacco, they cannot have peace of mind. They know that their gopi’s are waiting for them in this way. What is the use? We can understand who is actually in the level of advanced Krishna Consciousness not by these symptoms but by the detachment from material activities and someone who is humbly serving the previous acharyas, by someone who is always anxious to hear about the glories of Krishna, someone who doesn’t waste his life in worldly affairs, these are things you see and understand. We are not impressed by what could be the imitation.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

guru-mukha-padma-väkya, cittete koriyä aikya, är nä koriho mane äsä

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