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Sri Radharamanji triumphantly rides on a very large silver elephant

Rama Vijayotsava or the day that Lord Rama killed Ravana,
popularly know as Dasshera. Every year on this evening in Radharama Mandir,
Sri Radharamanji triumphantly rides on a very large silver elephant. I am
sending a few pictures for you all to relish this wonderful once-a-year
of the Deity served by Gopal Bhatta Goswami.

For those who have never been to Vrindavan or are unfamiliar with Sri
Radharamanji, He was originally one of twelve Salagram Shilas that Gopal
Goswami accidently picked up when he scooped up water with his lota to take
bath in the Gandhaki River in Nepal and Muktinatha, the place where all such
shilas originate. He returned with Them to Vrindavan and was worshipping
and lamenting that the other Goswamis had beautiful Deities to worship with
clothes, crowns, and jewelry. Then one of the shilas known as Damodara self
manifest as the exquisitely enchanting Deity of Radharamanji.

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