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A sincere soul is not trying to make a show. His enthusiasm is an act of service.

The joy of bhakti is experienced to the degree we are selfless in our efforts.

Fulfillment comes from reciprocation of Krishna being pleased within.

To the degree we expect respect; to that degree we will be quarrelsome.

In this world when we lament with separation from a lost loved one, we simply lament, because that person is not factually present within his remembrance. That person is gone. But the Supreme Lord can fully reciprocate with us in the very thought (Krishna) that enters into our mind, because Krishna is manifested within our heart.

Disappearance days of great acaryas are a great fortune to the devotees to cultivate sublime feelings of separation by longing to be in their divine association.

What is envy? Envy means, "I want to be seen as important and great” and if anyone is a threat to my own egoistic ideas, then there is negativity towards that person.

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