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His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada It is my firm conviction that this Krishna consciousness movement of Lord Chaitanya’s will be successful in all parts of the world if our students kindly continue their enthusiastic endeavors
to distribute this message freely to all persons. Our movement is now appreciated all over the world and is gradually coming to the attention of the important leaders of the present society. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to keep our spiritual strength by rigidly following
the regulative principles. Then we can deal adequately with all facilities offered by the Lord for expediting his holy mission. I am confident that all our sincere, intelligent young devotees like your good self will carry this program to a fruitful conclusion, namely delivering the holy name to all the fallen souls suffering in varieties of conditional misery and material happiness. Therefore, please execute your program for distribution of literatures and saìkértana with increased vigor, and may Krishna bless your sincere efforts to serve him faithfully.It is very good news that you are introducing courses in Krishna consciousness in the universities
and yoga institutes. As you know, this is the only real yoga, bhakti-yoga, and is the only practical means for God realization in this age.
Therefore, you are doing the greatest good for your countrymen and the world at large by introducing this sublime movement for regaining
our lost position as eternal servants of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna.Please continue to distribute our books; that is a very important business. Your idea for film distribution is also good, so do it nicely in cooperation with the GBC. I am very anxious that at the same time as you carry out all these outside activities you are maintaining a strict schedule of temple activities.
Such regular activities, like attendance at ärati, chanting of rounds, and study of literatures in the class, will keep you fit for effective outside preaching work. We must maintain our standard of purity, otherwise there will be a loss of spiritual strength and subsequent fall down. You should all be thoroughly convinced of the power of the Hare Krishna mantra to protect you in all circumstances, and chant accordingly at all times without offense. Then advancement will be swift and you will gradually come to see everything clearly so that you may act for the pleasure of the Lord without uncertainty. When one is spontaneously engaged in this way, always in the service of the Lord and anxious to avoid all mundane activities, he is actually experiencing the taste of bliss in Krishna consciousness. ·— Letter to Damodara Das, 10 January 1971.

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