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A friend in need is a friend in deed

Chetana, the festival of awakening was celebrated on Saturday, 4th October at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir. Around 200 enthusiastic girls participated in the festival.

The programme commenced with the topic for the evening given by H.G.Kalindi Mataji. She lucidly presented the lecture by first explaining how friendship is a wonderful relationship which happens without any barriers and class distinctions.

She said friends usually share the same values and have similar interests. But during testing times, they either turn their back against you or they are insensitive to your needs. And this is a very painful situation to be in, which questions the trust and foundation of our friendship. Therefore we see in few countries, they usually trust animals more as their closed ones. For example, in USA people generally trust their dogs more than even their family members.

At present, with the ubiquitous presence of technology and internet, there are various means to network, make new friends and meet interesting people. But all these dealings are on a very superficial level.

She beautifully explained citing examples from the Shastra, real friendship is based on tolerance and forgiveness. Whenever your friend hurts you should learn to forgive and forget, but when your friend helps you, you should be extremely grateful. Your true friend will always be concerned for helping your soul and support you in achieving your goal of life which is science of self realization.

To explain real friendship, a short skit was presented on the pastime of Krishna and Sudama, which graphically and emphatically depicted how Krishna is our real friend and doesn't make any distinctions. Sudama was a very poor brahmana, whereas Krishna was a King. Without his asking anything of Krishna, the Lord fulfilled all his desires because he was devoted to Him.

She said that Lord Krishna is our only dear friend and eternal well-wisher. She explained how when the Pandavas were in midst of difficulties and problems, Krishna never left them.

Quoting a shloka from the Bhagavad Gita, she said that even saintly persons are well-wishers of all living entities, as they see them equally without any distinctions. She concluded by saying, in the end we have to decide what we want to become and what we want out of the relationship. Relationships are the best when they are centered around the service of the Lord.

The Chetana festival ended with an enthralling kirtan, which was followed by scrumptious prasadam.

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