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Do not chant mechanically……

There are ten offenses to the holy name which we recite every morning before beginning our japa period. It is very important to understand these ten offenses and very attentively and carefully guard them throughout the entire day. When we actually chant the holy name of Krishna, in a state of mind, in which we are pleasing Krishna, then Krishna manifests Himself within His name. The holy name has its own independent free will, because the Holy Name is Krishna Himself and Srimati Radharani Herself and They appear according to the particular state of consciousness we approach Them. Therefore we cannot chant mechanically. It is not just a program, our mind, just like a tape recorder and our mouth you repeat the sound vibration that we will get the same results. No doubt if we are doing it under the instructions of the spiritual master even if it is in a very clumsy way, there will be benefit. There will be purification. But it is gradual. We should come to the stage of sincerely aspiring to chant the holy name in a way that is pleasing to Krishna.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

guru-mukha-padma-väkya, cittete koriyä aikya, är nä koriho mane äsä

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