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Criticizing the devotees is very dangerous…....

You have so many faults, we all do. If the sadhus would only see your faults, would you have ever had the chance to become devotees? The sadhus see a little bit of goodness in you and try to fan that. But if you start finding faults with others, then Krishna is going to take away the privilege from you, He is going to take away the opportunity to make any spiritual advancement because what He has overlooked for you, to help you become a devotee, if you are not going to do that for others, He will withdraw His mercy. And therefore the No. 1 reason for falling down away from Krishna Consciousness is criticizing devotees. A person, who has such mentality, generally cannot last very long.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

guru-mukha-padma-väkya, cittete koriyä aikya, är nä koriho mane äsä

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