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Sense Gratification makes us apathetic in KC- HG CCP Speaks

Sense gratification makes us apathetic in Krishna Consciousness. It means, “OK, let the Kirtan go on...” and we are lost in our own thoughts. We become apathetic to Krishna. Apathetic means no emotions. Sometimes we find people having apathy, no interest at all. This apathy is the result of continuous indulgence in lust. When one keeps indulging in lust, it can even make us averse to Krishna, that is having negative feelings about Krishna and his devotees. Even if we don't fall down to lust on the gross level, still there is the danger at subtle level. In association of devotees we are mostly saved from gross indulgence, but continuous indulgence in lust even at the level of mind results in losing the taste for Krishna Consciousness and our urge for practicing Krishna Consciousness goes away, and we become happy in this material world.

We say sarira avidya jala but then the sarira is captured in avidya. We not only forget our spiritual identity but also get trapped in our material identities and relations. In one sense, the maya is much stronger in kaliyuga and also Krishna conscious practices are also much stronger than other ages. It is up to us to choose which ‘strong’. Once Srila Prabhupada was just sitting on a chair and relaxing, he said, “Either you lean this side, or that side, as this chair does. We living entities can never be in a neutral state; either Krishna or Maya!” our position therefore is quite vulnerable. At the same time, if we take shelter, we have been given the weapons to win the war as HH BTSM says.

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