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Root Cause Of Our Pleasure Seeking Tendency- HG RSP Speaks

Single king - Hiranyakashipu became master of all three worlds, acquired seat of Indra, controlled rain, wind, sun, and everything. All demigods were saluting him, but still he was not happy. Because it is said that, person with uncontrolled senses cannot be happy. As long as one is afflicted by greed, selfish mentality and material desires one cannot be happy.

Sense gratification is like an itching sensation which can never be fully satisfied. Similarly senses practically drive a person to insanity and craziness. One will never be able to feed the senses sufficiently. So we have to go to root cause and find out, “Why our senses are like bottomless well? Where are these urges coming from?”

Vedic scriptures say that this material body is like a blanket on the soul. These senses are not real, these are superficially placed over the real or spiritual senses. In constitutional reality, we have spiritual ears, eyes, tongue, and spiritual body also, but material body is like covering upon the soul.

Sastras say that when soul misidentifies with the body, then the pleasure seeking tendency also comes to the senses. When this material body comes on the top of soul then this pleasure seeking tendency is transferred to the material body, with which we identify ourselves. This is called parthiva rasa – trying to find material enjoyment through the senses. More one tries to feed the senses with material enjoyment, more one identifies oneself with the material body. More one restrains the senses, more one realizes that he is not the body but the soul.

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