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The Needle and the Sieve- HH Gaur Govinda Swami Speaks

Bhakti devi completely disappears by committing Vaishnava aparadha. Vaishnava aparadha means to blaspheme, find fault, criticize or speak ill of devotees. Generally, this is done out of fear and enviousness.When Vaishnava aparadha is committed the offender will become very angry with that Vaishnava. He is afraid that Vaishnava because he is a very powerful Vaishnava. Therefore, he thinks, “He or She is making rapid advancement and I am not making such advancement.” He becomes afraid and envious of that Vaishnava.

Fear comes and therefore he criticizes, finds fault, and speaks ill of that Vaishnava and concocts stories. The sieve is full of a thousand holes and he is criticizing the needle: ‘Hey needle, there is a hole in your back’.

‘Are you perfect yourself? If you have some defects yourself, then why do you find fault with others? Sages say don’t see bad in others, but see the bad in yourself. If you have that nature or tendency to see bad, then see what bad is there in yourself. But see the good in others.

If you find something good in some person, then just accept that. Think, “yes, that is good in him. Let me accept that.” Close your eyes on the bad things, and open your eyes to the good things. Paramahamsas never sees anything bad. In their vision, everything is related to Krishna. Speaking ill of others is a great anartha for the sadhaka who has come to the path of bhajana.

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