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Indulging In Lust Prolongs Our Diseased Condition-HG CCP Speaks

Amongst all the diseases, lust is the only disease which is compared to the itch, because it is the only disease in which by aggravating the disease, one feels happy. No one feels that by aggravating the headache, I’ll be happy. HG Govind Pr calls it ‘Miserable enjoyment.’ Actually there is no enjoyment, but by little scratching we feel a little relief. An intelligent person however understands - that relief is cause of the increment in the sufferings. Srila Prabhupada writes in his 1st canto purports “Enjoyment in the diseased condition aggravates the symptoms and prolongs the duration of the disease.” In the same way, we have lot of lust in our heart from this and the previous lives, but indulging in fulfilling it, our mind will get agitated and we will find it difficult to control it in future too.

Srila Prabhupada says that sometimes a disease is neglected and then it becomes incurable. Similarly if we neglect to control the senses in beginning, it may later become very difficult to control. The sastras say that in this world there is no happiness. Whatever happiness seems to be there is nothing but covered misery. Ye hi samsparsa ja bhoga duhkha yonaya eva te... yoni means womb. So in the womb of material enjoyment is the child of material suffering, and abortion is not possible, delivery is guaranteed......

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