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How to "Just Chant and Hear?"- HG RSP Speaks

Srila Prabhupad says “What is the difficulty in chanting? You have to just chant and hear”. Now if it’s such an easy thing, why should people be struggling? Of course for a pure Devotee chanting and hearing is very easy. That’s why it’s said Japa is barometer of spiritual life. What it means? Depending on how much purity we have achieved in our heart, to that degree one will be able to very happily, blissfully and with great eagerness approach Holy name. And to the degree one is not purified, chanting becomes very difficult task, it becomes a great challenge. Based on our eagerness to chant the Holy names, eagerness to take shelter of Holy name, we can understand where I am standing in spiritual life. That’s why when we say “just chant and hear” that’s not so easy, it’s difficult. We have practical experience of this. Then what is the remedy?

When we understand the way Holy name acts on our system, we may be inspired to approach the Holy name with more sincerity. Rupa Goswami says kintu adarat anudinam… He is saying just as a jaundice person tongue is bitter and doesn’t have taste for sugarcane juice although its sweet, he has to keep drinking that as medicine . Here lies the key, He says we have to approach (Holy name) with adarat means with great respect and anudinam means every day. Then it will uproot all misgivings and time will come when we can develop great attraction for Holy name.

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