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The Hawk Of Death - HH RNSM Speaks

I was speaking yesterday about my recent visit to the Himalayas, the pure Ganges water, the air and the blue sky. As I was sitting on the bank of the Ganges I saw a hawk way above the other small birds, he was circling above them without any fear just like the emperor of the sky. Gradually he came lower and lower until he was just a few meters above my head. I was observing him, his reddish brown feathers, his green eyes then suddenly he just plunged into Ganga and emerged as a victorious king with a foot long fish in his claws. The fish was fully bewildered while hawk effortlessly went up the sky. That fish didn't know anything in life except the river. Just like us he was born and raised in school of fish with friends and relatives, routine swimming in the current and suddenly this hawk rips him out of his comfort zone – tragedy.

Doesn't that happen to all of us?

Yudhistir was asked “What's the most amazing thing?”. Everyone sees so many deaths around but we don't want to believe what can happen to us next moment. Driving a car, sitting in class, you may get a call that the person you love the most is dead. Or your business can fail, your heart may stop beating. Crisis comes billions of times a day for all species of life and still we believe “everything is fine, that fish is not me!”

But the hawk of fate is waiting to strike with his glistening with green eyes on you and me.

We should not be complacent in our life. Jesus Christ said "Be hot or cold, but not Luke warm," and Srila Prabhupada told us to live everyday as our last day. If our car falls of a cliff we won't enjoy the scenery, and we won't be chanting inattentively. We will be so attentive to chant the holy names! Why do we have to fall from cliff to chant that way? It should be all the time because there is a cliff at every step.

That doesn't mean living in fear but living in bliss of taking shelter of Krishna.

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