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Futility Of Material Life- HG RSP Speaks

In material life, if someone offers a birthday gift to you – nicely packed and ribboned, then you are extremely eager to see what is there inside. You tear off the packing cover and ribbon and find out what the gift is. Initial enthusiasm! Once you open the pack, you find a quartz clock; you turn it upside down. How long can you keep on seeing the gift? After a while, the enthusiasm and joy goes away. Then the clock goes to a corner of your room and you may rarely want to see it for the second time. Similarly when you are going for a picnic, you are so enthusiastic in the beginning – packing the bags and boarding the vehicles, then you go to the place… but after some days there you start asking, “So when are we going back?” we get bored with people, things and places. Mind always wants something new and refreshing. Point is that no object of this world can give us ultimate happiness; because all the material objects have three characteristics:

Firstly, all objects of world are changeable and perishable. Nothing of this world is unchangeable.

For Example:- Beauty

Secondly, everything of this world has duality associated with it. We only want happiness not distress. But if we want happiness, then distress will also come. Happiness and distress are like two sides of the same coin E.g. sukha dukha, maan apamana… you can’t just extract happiness (one side) and throw distress away (second side of coin)

Third, nothing is perfect in this world. Things are relative. By the time you achieve the so-called ‘best’ thing, there will always be something better to be achieved. E.g:- Miss Universe does not remain miss universe forever. Things Differ!

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