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Balancing our personnel and sharing of Krishna Consciousness- HG Bal Govind Speaks

We should always be careful to strike a balance between our own practice of Krishna Consciousness and our sharing of Krishna Consciousness. Varieties of problems can come if balance is missing. First problem is irritation, even if we do “services”. We are nicely sailing in Krishna Consciousness, and the moment the irritation comes we should understand that there is some problem. Srila Prabhupad said Krishna Consciousness is kevala ananda kanda; kevala is very important, it is not that Krishna Consciousness is ananda once in a while. If we are experiencing misery in Krishna Consciousness, that means we are un-Krishna conscious.

Another symptom of not keeping balance is competitive mentality. If one is full himself with Krishna Consciousness, he doesn’t envy others’ success in any way. Bhagavad Gita 2.70 says – a devotee is like an ocean, so many rivers come in, still ocean remains always full and never crosses its boundaries. Similarly a devotee is always full and fixed and not disturbed.

Why balancing is important? There is story of farmer having a hen which would lay golden eggs. He became greedy and mean-minded and therefore cut off the front portion which he had to feed, and then the hen died. Srila Prabhupad calls it as the logic of the half hen, or ardha kukkuti nyaya. Similarly when we give ourselves to others, it is in golden egg category, and nourishing ourselves is in feeding category. But we have to be careful to strike a balance between both.

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