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RadharRani’s Aanxiety

His Divine Grace
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Even in Vrindavan there is anxiety.
Radharani is in anxiety that "Krishna is not here. How will Krishna come?" The gopés are also in anxiety, so much so that when Krishna used to go to the forest for tending the cows and the gopés remained at home, they were said to be thinking, "Krishna’s feet are so soft that we hesitate to take them on our breasts, but he is now walking in the forest where there are so many stones and pricks giving pain to his lotus feet." Thinking like this, they fainted. This is also anxiety. So much anxiety that they faint — but that is for Krishna. Therefore the gopés are exalted. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu recommends, ramyä käcid upäsanä vraja-vadhü-vargeëa yä kalpitä — "There is no better type of worship
of Krishna than was done by the gopés." [Srinath Chakravarti’s Caitanya-matta-maïjuñä
commentary on Çrémad Bhägavatam] So there is spiritual anxiety and material anxiety. Spiritual anxiety means you are advancing in spiritual life. Material anxiety means you are going downhill. ·
— From a lecture in Hawaii on 7 February 1975.

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