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Radhe Radhe, From Sri Caitanya Caritamrta

Radhe Radhe
from Sri Caitanya Caritamrita

Krsnera vicara eka achaye antare purananda purna rasa rupa kahe more
Once Lord Krsna considered within His heart: " Everyone says that I am complete bliss, full of rasas.

ama ha-ite anandita haya tribhuvana amake ananda dibe, aiche kon jana
All the world derives pleasure from Me. Is there anyone who can give Me pleasure?

ama haite yara haya sata sata gunas sei jana ahladite pare mora mana
One who has a hundred times more qualities than Me could give pleasure to My mind.

ama haite guni bada jagate asambhava ekali Radhate taha kari anubhava
One more qualified than ME is impossible to find in the world. But in Radha alone I feel the presence of one who can give me pleasure.

mora rupe apyayita haya tribhuvana Radhara darsane mora judaya nayana
Although my beauty defeats the beauty of ten million Cupids, although it is unequaled and unsurpassed and although it gives pleasure to the three worlds, seeing Radharani gives pleasure to My eyes.

mora vamsi gite akarsaye tribhuvana Radhara vacane hare amara sravana
The vibration of My transcendental flute attracts the three worlds, but My ears are enchanted by the sweet words of Radharani."

yadyapi amara sparsa kotindu sitala Radhikara sparse ama kare susitala
And although My touch is cooler than ten million moons, I am refreshed by the touch of Radharani."

ei mata jagatera sukhe ami hetu Radhikara rupa guna amara jivatu
Thus although I am the source for the happiness of the entire world, the beauty and qualities of Radhika are My life and soul.

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